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how to remove a duplicate profile from LinkedIn

Transcript of Linked In Secret Twin

  • 1. or How to remove a duplicate profile on LinkedIn Hey! Thats my secret twin!

2. It Happensand it can be fixed

  • Has this happened to you?Youreworking on your LinkedIn profile, look at thePeople You May Knowbox and your name is there!How did this happen?andWhat do you do?

3. Relaxand research

  • First, click on the name and review the profile.Could it be a coincidence - someone with your same name?Is it asecret twin ? It happens in soap operas!(remember Viki Buchanan and Niki Smith?)
  • Okay. Kidding aside, you realize it is you. Most likely you accepted an invitation to join LinkedIn and never touched the profile again.

4. Solution #1

  • You can close yoursecret twinLinkedIn profile on your own if you remember your email address and password connected to that profile.Click onSettings , thenClose Your Accountlocated in the Personal Information section.

5. Still need help?

  • Because most people cannot remember the password and email address for thesecret twinprofile they are in a bind. Not to worry, gather a little information and LinkedIn can close yoursecret twinprofile.
  • Theres a few easy steps to follow that I have mapped out with pictures. Hang in there, well get this done

6. Solution #2: Ask LinkedIn for help

  • Look up yoursecret twinprofile on LinkedIn and make note of the web address in the Public Profile section.


  • Armed with your info, click onHelp
  • In the search box type close account then click thesearchbutton
  • When the results appear so will a second tab titledAsk Customer Service . Click on it.


  • You are now on the Submit Your Question page.Fill in the required fields as follows:
    • Email: enter theemail addressyou use for your active LinkedIn account
    • Subject:enter duplicate account
    • Question: enter please close duplicate account created in error:
    • ClickContinueat the bottom of the page.

9. Success!

  • A confirmation screen will come up with a tracking number. Save this number.I expect it will take LinkedIn a week to complete your request.
  • LinkedIn continuously updates their website - If the steps have changed please let me know.
  • If you are successful shedding yoursecret twinplease share your story with me!
  • If youre stuck Im here to help:Staci Daley:[email_address]