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  • 1. Company Pages and FollowersRelationships That Drive Results5 Steps to Engaging Followers on LinkedIn | 1
  • 2. Table of contents i STEP Intro 03 03 Engage Followers 08STEP STEP01 Establish a Company Presence 06 04 Amplify Through the Network 11STEP STEP02 Attract Followers 07 05 Analyze and Refine 14 | 2
  • 3. LinkedIns premium audience at a glance1Relationships countmore than ever $86k average household incomeRelationships mean more today than they ever of a LinkedIn memberhave for companies.Consumers are in control of their onlineexperience and can easily tune out irrelevant orpromotional messages. On the other hand, theyare increasingly interested in connecting withcompanies that can provide useful information 93%and engaging content. more likely to be college graduatesFor years, LinkedIn has helped marketers forgemutually beneficial relationships with the worldslargest community of business leaders andinfluencers. These relationships build brandequity and convert social actions into newbusiness opportunities. 3 4 OUT OFMembers also benefit as these relationships members use LinkedIn towith companies offer actionable insights and keep up on business news orsolutions that enhance members careers and research companiesprofessional decision-making. LinkedIn Audience 360 Study, August 2011 | 3
  • 4. Build relationships A proven model for successthat drive business Our research shows that leaders in social media are embracing a high-level, 5-step model for establishingresults relationships with customers and prospects. They are attracting and engaging a community of company followers by giving them the information and actionable insights theyOur research indicates that members are nearly seek.50% more likely to purchase from a company After reading this guide, youll understand how to apply thisthey engage with on LinkedIn.1 Further, nearly 5-step model to your social media strategy on LinkedIn.80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with Proven Model for Social Media Successthe companies in their lives.2 By tailoring yourconversations with members according to their 1. Establish a Company Presenceprofessional interests, youll improve the image 2. Attract Followersof your brand and fuel purchase intent for your 3. Engage Followersproducts and services. 4. Amplify Through the NetworkIn this guide, well show you how to use your 5. Analyze and RefineCompany Page and other tools to attractfollowers and turn them into passionate brandadvocates. LinkedIn U.S. survey-based Follower report, January 2012 LinkedIn member surveys, January and February 2012 | 4
  • 5. Organize your teamfor success Dont go it alone!Whether youre a company of 2, 10, or 100,000employees, its important to establish clear roles The key to building relationships is continuousand responsibilities for managing and optimizing communication and relevant content. Get help managing this process to ensure your company always has engagingyour Company Page. content to share.Here are some different strategies to consider: Enlist colleagues who understand customers needs or have specific skills in content creation (e.g., video production,Centralize infographic design). What expertise can they offer?Appoint a single social media champion to coordinate Create a spreadsheet calendar with campaign themesall page content and track performance globally. This and posting timelines, and work with colleagues to decidechampion should work with individual product or brand what they can best contribute and when.managers to reflect the variety of interesting things your Break up large themes into a series that you publish at fixedcompany is doing. intervals, to get followers into the routine of tuning in forScatter new content.Rotate ownership of the Company Page between Highlight company or industry milestones to grab memberseach brand or business unit with a central or global attention with timely lead setting and managing the schedule.Divide & ConquerSplit ownership between a global social media team andyour companys HR or recruiting department to addressmarketing and hiring needs equally. Leads from eachteam should work together to manage posting schedulesand shared goals. | 5
  • 6. Step 1: Establish a STEP 01company presence Showcase Products & ServicesBefore you build your follower community, itsimportant to lay the groundwork of a great Weve found that marketers who build out their free Products &Company Pageyour companys home on Services Page tend to have twice as many company followers.LinkedIn. Heres how to get started. Located as a tab within your main Company Page, Products & Services allows you to showcase everything your company does best and, most importantly, gives members a compelling reasonCraft a compelling story to follow you.Provide a great narrativeClick the Admin tools button in the upper right of Connect members with solutionsthe page to edit your company description, specialties, After youve added products to your page, youindustry, website, and more. Use rich, descriptive language can design multiple configurations based onthat helps readers understand your vision, purpose, and one or two of the following criteria: membersthe value you offer. What makes you unique? Make sure geography, company size, seniority, job function,the spirit of that story lives within all the content and or industry. With this feature, you can select to feature relevant products to a specific audience.conversations you publish on LinkedIn.Include a description, 1-2 paragraphs long Go beyond productsCompany Pages are very SEO-friendly, and your You can link to just about anything on your LinkedIn Company and Products & Servicesdescription and company name are prominent data for pages. Give members a reason to follow you bysearch engines. Google search engine results pages show