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Link Up A Program of the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall for Students in Grades Three through Five


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Link UpA Program of the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall for Students in Grades Three through Five

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Link Up Overview

Professional Development

Curriculum & Student Assessment

Interactive ConcertsOnline Resources

Program Components

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• Provides program information

• Models Carnegie Hall Professional

Development approach

• Provides a structure and many activity

ideas for local Professional Development

Professional Development Webinar

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Local Professional Development Workshops

Following the Carnegie Hall Webinar, Lead Teachers host a local workshop.

Link Up teachers receive:

• Teacher Guide with Student Workbook pages(via download)

• Audio CD & DVD

• Access to Online Resources

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Offers Easy-to-Follow Lesson Plans

Curriculum includes activities,

learning standards, and outcomes.

Curriculum: Teacher Guide

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Offers Extensions:

Students compose their own

music through the Creative


Teachers share student work

in the online community.

Curriculum:Teacher Guide

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Curriculum: Student Workbook & Assessment

Offers Assessment Tools:

Students can:

• document their learning throughout the year.

• assess and reflect on their work.

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Explores Repertoire Through

A Composer’s Lens

Composer Thomas Cabaniss introduces the

musical concept of the year and challenges

students to create their own compositions.

Students also study orchestral works and

prepare repertoire in the classroom.

Curriculum: Approach

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• Students explore and make musical choices.

• Teachers share compositions online.

• Link Up concerts may feature


Curriculum: Approach

Students explore orchestral repertoire and create original music.

Students Apply Knowledge By Composing

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Interactive Concerts


• perform during the concerts as audience members.

• listen to the orchestra perform selections.

• may be selected to perform onstage with the orchestra.

Concerts fully integrate classroom learning in the concert hall.

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Online Resources

Link Up Beginnings, a supplemental resource, is available online and has more information about:

• Carnegie Hall

• singing

• note and rhythm reading

• recorder skills

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Online Resources: The Online Community

Teachers view and share video clips of student work and connect with other Link Up participants.

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What Our Partners Are Saying...

“The Link Up program is quite fantastic, and I came back completely revitalized, re-energized, and re-dedicated to the importance and significance of arts education within our school systems.”– Mississippi Arts Commission

“I absolutely love the program and feel it has pushed me to have my students perform at a much higher level. Link Up is really a great opportunity for the kids in this area to learn recorder skills and to become familiar with our concert hall and symphony.”– Omaha Symphony

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Carnegie Hall Provides at No Cost:

• Curriculum guide, CD & DVD for each teacher

• Student workbooks

• Professional Development for lead teachers and orchestra administrators

• Concert script, repertoire list and concert visuals

• Access to the Link Up Online Community

•Access to Carnegie Hall’s Online Resource Center

• Ongoing support

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• Produce final concert with orchestra and conductor

• Lead Professional Development Workshop for local teachers

• Provide recorders

• Recruit and support participating schools

• Communicate with Carnegie Hall staff

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For More Information

Contact Carnegie Hall:

[email protected]

Telephone: 212-903-9628