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  • 1.LINK REMOVALS AND AVOIDING THE WRATH OF GOOGLE Kirsty Hulse SEO Strategist DigitasLBi @kirsty_hulse When should we think about removinglinks How should we do it? How can we stop ourselves being in the same position again?

2. When Should We Think About Removing Links?You are the weakest link 3. If Your Site Has Any Of The Following A GWT Link WarningOr This. Or This.A PenaltyLinks on sites like thisOr This. 4. Removing Links Isnt Easy Or Cheap Make Sure Its The Right Choice For Your Site 5. Look holistically at the landscapeConsider anchor textConsider ratios of good/badALWAYS check onsite first 6. MAKE INFORMED JUDGEMENT CALLS BASED ON YOUR USERS AND YOUR EXPERTISE 7. Identifying the links Start by using tools to identify the worst linksUse Excel to search for dupe IPs, conditional format text containing, 301s & parked domainsDONE If it has malware, is sitewide, or the URL is then theres no need to manually review 8. Goodbye!What Should The Process Look Like? 9. DONTThreaten site owners/blogger s with site disavowPay?Lie 10. DOEnsure the link is actually removableOffer to give SEO or Social advice in exchangeSuggest adding no followBad links can be on high quality sites (advertorials etc), use this as an opener.Include the link in question in the emailPICK UP THE PHONE 11. AND WHEN ALL THAT FAILS. 12. How To Avoid The Wrath Of Google 13. Matt Cutts said in his most recent Webmaster video A page with more links pointing to it has higher page rank [] and if it has higher page rank then we might think that its a better match for users queries. 14. WE NEED TO KEEP BUILDING LINKS, AT SCALE, FOR OUR CLIENTS 15. AND THE SEO WEAPON OF CHOICE ISDIVERSITY 16. FOLLOW VS NO FOLLOW 17. Questions?!