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  • 1. Link Building Basics

2. Link Building is as important as ever - Penguin and Panda are anti-spam updates - Automated link building is dead 3. Quality over quantity - Link directories and link exchanges are the dinosaurs of the SEO world - Webmasters must earn good links 4. What makes a good link? - Search engines see links as votes for your content - What kind of voter do you want to attract? 5. Links should be relevant - Relevant means more than just in the same niche - Seek links on pages that you know readers of your site will like 6. Links should be on content-rich pages - A single link in a long list is not valuable - Good content adds context to your link 7. Target links that will attract clicks - Do not put search engines first - Aim to reach users and the search engines will find you 8. Never buy links - Google is clamping down on 'Links for PageRank' - If the seller is caught, your links will be worthless 9. There are many ways to get links - Guest blogging. Infographics. - Press releases. Sponsorship. 10. Givepeopleareasontolinktoyou - Be newsworthy - Be awesome 11. OcereLtd. Eagle Tower Cheltenham Glos GL50 +44 (0) 1242 525557 @ocere