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Choice Store Digital Discussion

Link building in 2015Lunch and LearnGerald Murphy

Thursday, 05th March 2015

ContentsBriefly look at what is a good SEO link

Quicker link building wins

Longer term link building wins

Using social media to gain links

Quick overview of best link building practice

Briefly, what is a good link?

Types of link building

4Quick winsBroken links, new link monitoring, Google Alerts

Brand mentions

6Google AlertsTurn brand mentions into brand links

New link monitoring

8Easy engaged blogs?Using Linkdex to monitor new links

Broken links

10Fix broken links

Longer termQuality guest blogging, skyscraper

Quality guest blogging

13Reciprocal tacticFinding linksIdentify untapped blogs from competitors

Finding linksIdentify untapped blogs from competitors

Link analysis:

Domain authorityFreshness

(previously discussed)17Email elementsIm a copyrighter/digital marketer

I love your blogGive example of an articleBackground

So much so I have wrote a piece of content that would fit well with your audienceWould you like to see it? Its aboutWould you like to keep us in mind for future opportunities

KISS your emails

Backlinkos Skyscraper

19SkyscraperEmail exampleHey [name],

I was searching for some articles about [your topic] today and I came across this page [url].

I noticed that you linked to one of my favourite articles -- [article title].

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I created a similar article. Its like [name the article] but more thorough and up to date [url].

It might be worth a mention on your page.

Either way, keep up the awesome work!



22Infographic link building

Infographic link valueMeaningful links come form short paragraphs not by Gerry

Term location

Yakata occurs so many days before Christmas. It is (ex)clusive to Nigeria. Konga has their most successful Yakata ever.

Resource pages

25Resource pageHow to guidesIllustrating tipsHintsLife hacksBehind the scenesMake sure its on a sub folder

Client blog posts

27Advise a new content

Organic social media: Discovery

29But first !Social media itself does NOT impact rankingsDont waste time helping clients with their social media accountsSimply use the ones they have to reach out and communicate with people

Get content foundNew blog post: Difference between foundation and concealerCheck this out

CommunicateJump in with current tweetsEmail equivalent?

Social bloggers?963 more leads?

Social analysisAnalyse the clients current social media platformAre any of their followers bloggers?Nice! Another link bank

Paid social media: Discovery

35TargetingProduced content?Target ads for journalists

Other link building tactics

37Link building ninjas

Quick optimisation masterclass tips

39SEO updatesPenguin penalty triggersPropose to Googles Penguin LocationGo local and and .com

Appropriate audienceEncourages shares (even more links)

Suitable content

Link positionTowards the top is better than in the footer

Never ever alter anchor text43Types of anchor textDiluteA range of stylish Samsung smartphone

BrandKonga Samsung smartphones


In preferred orderPointing to appropriate pagesDresses content > dresses category page

Especially important for ecommerce websitesCategory browse and search transferConversion rateMore opportunities


Link building ninjasWrapped up with best practiceAffiliate + SEO = bloggersAffiliates send through a list of ideal bloggers#TeamSEO will analyse and get a list of their backlinksLimit of 1 per week

Questions / discussion


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