Likeness: Portraits of Artists by Other Artists, 2004, 71 ...· Durant, Nan Goldin, Felix...

download Likeness: Portraits of Artists by Other Artists, 2004, 71 ...· Durant, Nan Goldin, Felix Gonzalez-Torres,

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Transcript of Likeness: Portraits of Artists by Other Artists, 2004, 71 ...· Durant, Nan Goldin, Felix...

  • Likeness: Portraits of Artists by Other Artists, 2004, 71 pages, Matthew Higgs,0972508031, 9780972508032, CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, 2004


    Over 40 years ago, Andy Warhol promoted the concept that artists are celebrities, just as portrayalas other cultural icons. "Likeness Portraits of Artists by Other Artists begins where Warhol let off.Presenting visually striking and conceptually diverse works in a range of mediums, "Likeness is thefirst exhibition and catalogue to propose a recent history of artists' representations of otherartists--of friends, peers, and idols. While any portrait is both a document and a personal record ofthe relationship between the artist and his or her subject, blurring distinctions between public andprivate, portraits further enrich the situation; they commemorate and concretize the intimate socialdramas of the art world and the economies of exchange. Selected here are over 50 works createdby a loose network of artists primarily active in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin duringthe past three decades, including by AA Bronson, Bruce La Bruce, Chuck Close, Tacita Dean, SamDurant, Nan Goldin, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Mike Kelley, Robert Mapplethorpe, Dave Muller,Elizabeth Peyton, and others.


    David Wojnarowicz A Definitive History of Five Or Six Years on the Lower East Side, SylvreLotringer, Giancarlo Ambrosino, 2006, Art, 231 pages. Artist David Wojnarowicz on his work, hisaspirations, his personal history, hispolitical views; Wojnarowicz in dialogue with SylvreLotringer, along with personal accounts.

    Selections from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mayer An Exhibition Organized by theMuseum of Contemporary Art, David H. Katzive, 1968, Art, Modern, 24 pages. .

    Portraits of artists reflexivity in Gidean fiction, 1902-1946, Arthur E. Babcock, Jul 1, 1982, LiteraryCriticism, 127 pages. .

    The British Art Show 5 , Pippa Coles, Matthew Higgs, Jacqui Poncelet, 2000, Art, 155 pages.Published on the occasion of the National Touring Exhibition organised by the Hayward Gallery in2000..

    Easy field guide to Mungo Thomson , Matthew Higgs, United States. Bureau of Educational andCultural Affairs. Cultural Programs Division, California State University, Long Beach. University ArtMuseum, Jan 1, 2004, Art, 36 pages. .

    Portraits of artists photographs, John Waggaman, La Jolla Museum of Art, 1967, Artists, 52 pages..

    Frank Stella An Illustrated Biography, Sidney Guberman, 1995, Art, 247 pages. A friend andcolleague of Frank Stella's for forty years, Sidney Guberman presents a unique view of this seminalfigure of contemporary American art. Undaunted by Stella's.

    Portraits of Artists Warriors in the Novels of William Kennedy, Vivian Valvano Lynch, Jan 1, 1999,Literary Criticism, 277 pages. In this fascinating study, Vivian Lynch examines the distinguishedcareer of novelist William Kennedy, placing particular emphasis on the Irish and American themesin his work.

  • Pleading in the Blood The Art and Performances of Ron Athey, Dominic Johnson, 2013, Art, 248pages. Ron Athey is an iconic figure in contemporary art and performance. In his frequentlybloody portrayals of life, death, crisis, and fortitude in the time of AIDS, Athey calls.

    David Wojnarowicz brush fires in the social landscape, David Wojnarowicz, 1994, Photography,83 pages. .

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  • The New Uncanny , A.S. Byatt, Christopher Priest, Ramsey Campbell, Etgar Keret, Hanif Kureishi,Sara Maitland, Alison MacLeod, Jane Rogers, Gerard Woodward, Frank Cottrell Boyce, NicholasRoyle, Ian Duhig, Mathew Holness, Adam Marek, Dec 3, 2013, Fiction, 226 pages. ** Winner ofthe 2008 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Anthology** In 1919 Sigmund Freud published an essaythat delved deep into the tradition of horror writing and claimed toEl rastro de tu sangre en lanieve; El verano feliz de la seora Forbes , Gabriel Garca Mrquez, 1982, Fiction, 74 pagesStopping Anxiety Medication , Michael W. Otto, Mark H. Pollack, 2009, Medical, 152 pages. Millionsof people are prescribed medication for anxiety and panic everyday. One of the most commonmedications prescribed are tranquilizers which can be addictive and habit download Likeness:Portraits of Artists by Other Artists Matthew Higgs "Lively photographs celebrate both individualityand community" John Connor and his mother Sarah face a squad of Terminatorsfrom another timeline who are determined to start the war John is trying to forestall, but they getan unexpected. The second edition of this Old Testament reference source focuses on the variousbooks of the Bible, reflecting on each in terms of its own cultural and historical relevance.

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    download Likeness: Portraits of Artists by Other Artists CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, 2004

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    Likeness: Portraits of Artists by Other Artists

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