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  • 1. Like, Poke, Tweet, etc.How Smart Brands Use SocialMedia to Recruit Rock StarsWednesday, May 29th 2013Dave SaundersChief Idea Officer,Madison+Main

2. The Classifieds 3. The Classifieds2008Media Cost: $454Production: $01 Week Print.15 days OnlineResult: 3 resumes 4. Online 5. Online2008Media Cost: $0Production: $1251 Week OnlineResult: 100 resumes 6. Linked In2008 PresentLinked In Group675 membersLinked In Page452 followersLast job postingover 100resumes 7. Facebook2008 Present2,165 LikesLast post forinternshipreceived 175resumes 8. Topics What kind of brand are you? 1, 2 or 3 Where have we been? A History of the Web Where are we now? The Age of Convergence What does the future look like? 7 points on the future How do you find rock stars today? 9. What Kind of Brand Are You?There are only 3 kinds of Brands.1. Brands you know and love.2. Brands you know, but dont love.3. Brands you never heard of. 10. What Kind of Brand Are You? 1) 2) 3) River City ____________? 11. Where have we been?From PC to 4.0 in 35 years 12. Where are we now?The Age of ConvergenceThe literal definition of convergence is the act ofmoving toward union or uniformity.governments, politics, trade, markets, currencies,communications, media, transportation, logistics,energy, education, healthcare, manufacturing,professional services, supply chain, technology,research, tourism, banking, non-profits, wholesale,retail, military, hospitality, aviation, utilities, mining,agriculture, etc. 13. Where are we now? In 2012 the amount of social media users exceeded the amountof email users. Facebook has 1,200,000,000 users. (1.2 Billion, with a B) Fortune 2500 companies now average more than 50% ofmarketing spend digital. The average web user spends 3.5 minutes on The average web user spends 35 minutes using Facebook. 63% of the US population watches online video. The average web user spent 23.2 hours watching videosonline. (approximately 45 minutes a day) 14. What does the future look like?1. Physical and digital world becomes more highly connected.(Geo-location)2. Our perception of reality will be altered by technology.(Augmented Reality)3. Web users will have more rights and less privacy. (Governmentv. Google)4. Human relationships will become more dependent on digitalcommunications. (Mobile)5. In the future, we wont search for information. It will find us.(Semantic Web)6. We, as consumers and citizens, will become less passive andmore engaged. (hyperlocal and buy local)7. Everything will be connected on one platform? 15. How do you find rock stars today? 16. Depends on what kind ofbrand you are1. Brands you know and love. ENGAGEMENT.2. Brands you know, but dont love. PROACTIVITY.3. Brands you never heard of. AWARENESS. 17. Engagement Content marketing Encourage front-line employee use of social media Post everything Use social media to demonstrate your culture 18. Proactivity Perform the Mea culpa and apologize for breakingthe brand promise Change your name and/or rebrand Change the sales and distribution dynamic Focus the entire organization on proactivecustomer service Outsource your recruitment 19. Awareness Enhance your brand; imagery, messaging, brandpromise, brand story, etc. Institute a balanced inbound and outbound marketingstrategy Build large social communities on Facebook, Twitter,Linked In and niche sites, then leverage thoseaudiences Turn your employees into brand champions Tell the brand story over and over again 20. Call me.Madison+MainDavid SaundersChief Idea Officer1313 E. Main St.Richmond, Virginia 23219(804) 521-4141(877) 21. Parting advice: follow me on Twitter @madmain