Lighting in Post-Apocalyptic film openings

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Transcript of Lighting in Post-Apocalyptic film openings


  • I AM LEGEND In this films opening, the protagonist is seen driving through abandoned New York City. As this is during the day, the lighting is fairly bright. This is unusual for a film of this genre as it is common for Post-Apocalyptic films to begin in a dark, dull, eerie and bleak setting.

  • The Terminator In contrast to I am Legend, The Terminator's lighting in the opening sequence is very typical to that of the Post-Apocalyptic genre. For example, when the scene opens, it is set in a future 2029 Los Angeles and setting is that of a dark, dull, eerie , tense and a dreary atmosphere. The director's intention for this is to perhaps create mystery surrounding the future of our planet but it also creates tension for the audience as we are unsure of the exact events that are taking place within the openingscene.

    are unsure of the exact events that are taking place within the opening sequence.

  • The Road Alternatively, in The Road, the lighting can be seen to have almost a water washed effect; where all the setting is a dull brown and looks bleak. This is because the director wants to create the post-apocalyptic world in which the film is set-where everyone and everything has vanished.

  • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior In this fourth film, the opening scene is based in daylight on a desert road. Despite this factor, the director still creates a tense and climatic atmosphere by incorporating a car chase into the sequence. This sets the tone of the film, making the audience wonder what exactly is happening, keeping them on the edge of their seat.