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Transcript of LIFETIME LEARNING SPRING 2016 - Newton Community · PDF file · 2016-08-08LIFETIME...

  • LIFETIME LEARNING SPRING 2016 HOUR 1: 10am-11am CLASSES Chess With a Masterful Teacher with Larry Eldridge With a simple board and 32 pieces, chess requires memory, problem-solving skills, abstract thought and creativity. All you need is a basic knowledge of how the pieces move, some good concentration and insight, and you can be a viable chess player. Andresearchers have determined that chess is uniquely well-suited to exercising the brain. All levels of experience are welcome. Western Gunslingers: The Good Guys with Dan Seligman, PhD. The course consists of a series of Powerpoint seminars on the life and times of five western gunslingers who lived in the American West in the late 19th century and are well known in American popular culture. The American West has been portrayed extensively in western movies and other media and subjected, on the one hand, to broad exaggeration, and, on the other, to a more recent tendency to uninformed debunking. The intent is to present the unvarnished truth, as far as it can be ascertained from historical records. Seminars on the following five figures will be fit into six hour sessions:

    Wild Bill Hickok Wyatt Earp Bat Masterson Buffalo Bill Cody Annie Oakley

  • Writing a Memoir with Judith Poole The focus of memoir is on eliciting meaning, a theme, an emerging pattern, or a noteworthy incident, from a section of one's life. The specificity of this focus sets it apart from autobiography, which spans ones entire lifetime. Autobiography requires greater historical accuracy and follows a more linear progression starting with early years. We'll identify important turning points, and use them to launch our stories. Then we'll give thought to the audience we aim to reach, and the impression we wish to leave with our potential readers. You'll read published memoirs of your choice and discuss in class what qualities appealed to you (or not!). The instructor will offer writing cues to keep your pen moving, and all will be encouraged (but not forced!) to read their stories aloud in class. Maximum 8 HOUR 1: 10am-11am CLASSICAL MUSIC SERIES 9/19: Charles Overton: United Classical and Jazz Harp

    Charles Overton is a Boston based musician and recent Berklee College of Music graduate. Charles had his Scullers Jazz Club debut April 2016. Charles can be

  • found playing with regional orchestras and with jazz groups around Boston.

    9/26: Kalliope Trio presents Poulenc and more!

    Sachiko Murata studied with her father, Principal Oboist of Sapporo Symphony, and later at Tokyo College of Music and Longy Music School. She is a winner of the Ralph Gomberg Oboe Merit award from Boston Woodwind Society. Natalie Zemba studied bassoon performance at Eastman School of Music and Carnegie Mellon University, and is the 2015 winner of the Sherman Walt Bassoon Merit Award from Boston Woodwind Society. Stephanie Mao holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and New England Conservatory, and is a pianist for Boston Ballet School, NEC Preparatory School, and Opera Hub in Boston.

  • 10/17: Sophie et Adam: Sous le ciel de Paris

    Sophie Michaux, voice and accordion; Adam Simon, voice and guitar

    Singer Sophie Michaux and Guitarist Adam Simon perform a variety of songs from French "Cabaret" style (Piaf, Brassens), to Romanian, English and Yiddish folk tunes. They also perform originals by Adam Simon.

  • 10/24: Around the world with Duo Cello e Basso

    Two outstanding virtuoso artists have joined forces to form an exciting and eclectic chamber music ensemble, Duo Cello e Basso. Founded in 1993 originally as the Axiom Duo, cellist Emmanuel Feldman and double bassist Pascale Delache-Feldman have performed internationally and have been called by NPR's Ron Schachter "a musical Lewis and Clark, opening up new musical territories" pioneering a new and unexpected chamber music experience.

  • 10/31: Laurie Gould & Rick Travers

    Laurie Gould is a songwriter and humorist. She performs regularly with her acapella group, BroadBand. She has released three albums, Songs of Domestic Bliss (2010), Anxiety Dream (2015), and Dont Check the Box (2016).

    Richard Travers, piano, holds degrees in Choral Conducting from Boston Conservatory and in Music Education from Berklee College of Music. A teacher in the Newton Public Schools for 35 years, he took Newton Norths award winning choirs on 12 European tours, has led the Newton Community Chorus since 1998, and the Fine Arts Chorale in Weymouth since 2009.

    11/7: Castle Trio: Romantic Piano Trios

    Violinist Ken Stalberg, winner of the Joseph Silverstein prize at Tanglewoods Berkshire Music Festival, has soloed with Boston Classical Orchestra, Boston

  • Landmarks Orchestra, Waltham Philharmonic, and Sharon Community Orchestra and performs regularly with Boston Ballet and Boston Lyric Opera Orchestras. Cellist Steve Laven is Principal Cellist of Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra and plays regularly with the Boston Pops Esplanade and Boston Lyric Opera Orchestras, and is a prolific and awardwinning composer and teacher as well. Pianist Shaylor Lindsay has performed concertos of Mozart and Beethoven with the Concord and Carlisle Chamber Orchestras, has been on the faculty at the Longy School, and is an accomplished vocal accompanist and chamber musician.

  • HOUR 2: 11:30am-12:30pm DISTINGUISHED SPEAKERS SERIES September(19:!History!at!Eye!LevelFrom!The$Red$Tent!to!The$Boston$Girl,!Anita(Diamant(has(written(about(women(whose(lives(were(lived(off(the(main(stage(of(history(books.(Focusing(on(her(newest(novel,(The$Boston$Girl,(she(will(discuss(how(and(why(she(shapes(her(historical(fiction.( September(26:!The$Madhouse$Effect:$How$Climate$Change$Denial$Is$Threatening$Our$Planet,$Destroying$Our$Politics,$and$Driving$Us$CrazyClimateGchange(deniers(twist(logic(to(explain(away(clear(evidence(that(human(activity(has(changed(our(climate.(AwardGwinning(climate(scientist(Michael(E.(Mann(discusses(the(lessons(he((and(PulitzerGPrizeGwinning(cartoonistGcoGauthor(Tom(Toles)(have(learned(studying(the(manipulation(of(the(media(by(business(and(political(interests(and(the(partisanship(that(prevails(on(issues(that(affect(the(wellGbeing(of(billions.( October(17:!Race!and!Other!Four:Letter!WordsRace,(love(and(hate(have(formedand(continue(to(formthe(institutions(that(serve(as(pillars(for(everyday(American(life,(with(unremitting(impact(on(the(lives(of(citizens(young(and(old.(Boston(Public(School(teacher(and(youth(mentor(Kandice(Sumner,(M.Ed,(is(a(frequent(public(speaker(and(consultant(leading(difficult(conversations(about(race,(education,(gender(and(equity(as(the(sole(facilitator(for(the(RACE((Race(Achievement(Culture(and(Equity)(Professional(Development(Series. October(24:!Georgia!to!Maine!on!Foot:!An!Appalachian!Trail!Thru:HikeIn(2014,(Newton(resident(Jim(Klumpp(resigned(from(his(software(engineering(job,(boarded(a(plane(for(Atlanta,(and(set(out(to(walk(the(length(of(the(Appalachian(Trail.(Precisely(142(days(and(2,185(miles(later,(he(fulfilled(a(lifelong(dream,(summiting(Maines(Mt.(Katahdin.(Share(in(Jim's(adventure(through(pictures(and(words(and(learn(why(hiking(the(A.T.(is(lifeGaltering. October(31:!The!Songs!of!Our!LivesEveryone(has(a(soundtrack(for(their(lives.((Music(and(memory(are(inextricably(linked:(We(hear(a(song(and(are(transported(back(to(a(specific(place(and(time(steeped(with(emotions.(Acclaimed(leadership(coach(and(former(Secretary(of(Consumer(Affairs(and(Business(Regulations(Priscilla(Douglas,(youngest(of(six(raised(on(a(farm(in(Bedford,(MA,(

  • shares(her(songs(and(invites(you(to(examine(the(ones(that(are(touchstones(of(your(life. ! November!7:!Grit!vs.!Grace:!How$Using$(Not$Suppressing)$Emotions$Leads$to$More$Resilient$Success::Whether(we(call(it(selfGcontrol(or(grit,(many(agree(that(the(ability(to(delay(gratification(is(a(good(predictor(of(prosperity.(To(grow(this(trait,(cultivating(the(right(emotionsnot(willpower(and(suppression(of(emotionsis(the(answer,(according(to(Northeasterns(Professor(of(Psychology(David(DeSteno,(author(of(the(forthcoming(book,(Emotional$Success.$ HOUR 2: 11:30am-12:30pm CLASSES Getting the Most out of your iPhone with Howard Loewenger Did you know your iPhone can do virtually all the things your computer can do? Plus, of course, make calls. We will look at the various options in calling such as recent calls, favorites, and how to manage and share your contacts. We will also take a look at how to customize your screen and the various settings, like how to figure out how much storage you have left and how to delete apps you no longer use. We will go over how to use the camera for still pictures and video and how to manage your photos. We will also go over how to use apps like Messaging, email and Google, how to install new apps, how to give voice commands and some tips and tricks for using that pesky screen keyboard. We will also talk about syncing your contacts, calendar, reminders and other data to your iPad and Mac. Bring your questions and iPhone to class! This class will focus on iOS 9 but most of it will apply to all versions of iOS and older iPhones. Maximum 8 Masterpieces of French Literature with Ingrid Kisliuk "Pre Goriot" by Honor de Balzac, Signet Classic. Translation and Afterword by Henry Reed.

  • In Search of Lost Times, Volume I, "Swann's Way" by Marcel Proust. We will read Part Two: "Swann in Love." Translated by Scott Moncrieff and Terence Kilmartin. Introduction by Richard Howard. Modern Library Paperback Edition 2003. The Portable Voltaire, "Candide" Introduction and Notes by Ben Ray Redman. Penguin Books, 1977. For the first class, students should come prepar