lifetime learning - Newton Community ... A lifetime of Lifetime Learning Lifetime Learning was...

lifetime learning - Newton Community ... A lifetime of Lifetime Learning Lifetime Learning was founded
lifetime learning - Newton Community ... A lifetime of Lifetime Learning Lifetime Learning was founded
lifetime learning - Newton Community ... A lifetime of Lifetime Learning Lifetime Learning was founded
lifetime learning - Newton Community ... A lifetime of Lifetime Learning Lifetime Learning was founded
download lifetime learning - Newton Community ... A lifetime of Lifetime Learning Lifetime Learning was founded

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Transcript of lifetime learning - Newton Community ... A lifetime of Lifetime Learning Lifetime Learning was...

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    VENUE Temple Shalom, 175 Temple Street, West Newton, MA 02465

    Highlights Fall 2018

    Newton couple Allison Eldredge and Max Levinson perform Richard Strauss’s romantic Sonata for Cello and Piano and Michael Daugherty’s Tales of Hemingway.

    Dr. Sanjiv Gupta asks the question “Is Success the Key to Happiness or Is Happiness the Key to Success?”

    Join fellow senior citizens for mornings of inquiry, entertainment, and community

    Lifetime Learning is 40 years old and we’re still going strong! Our program of inspirational courses, engaging speakers, and classical music performances by local professional musicians returns this Fall at the beautiful Temple Shalom in West Newton. In addition to ample space for classes and a big, bright performance/lecture hall, we will offer coffee and tea to enjoy before and between events. We look forward to welcoming new students and seeing old friends.

    A lifetime of Lifetime Learning

    Lifetime Learning was founded in 1978 by a group of intellectually curious senior citizens. Beginning with meetings in private homes, it quickly outgrew those venues and went on to run at several local institutions. The first of those was Temple Shalom, to which it returns this fall.


    Lifetime Learning would not exist without our speakers and teachers, many of whom have volun- teered their time. We also wish to thank Temple Shalom for providing rental space for our program.

    About NCE Newton Community Education is dedicated to your lifelong learning. We offer programs for everyone eager to explore—from toddlers to seniors—from Newton and beyond. We are a self-sustaining arm of the Newton Public Schools. We aim to inspire or nurture your passion with quality programs provided at a reasonable cost.

    Lifetime Learning Staff Karen O’Neill NCE Director Brenda April Program Coordinator Clara Chan Music Coordinator Jessica Lipnack Speakers Coordinator Ed Hauben Program Volunteer Jan Hauben Program Volunteer

    SIX MONDAYS October 15 — November 19 10am — 12:30pm

  • 10/15: TALES OF HEMINGWAY Newton couple Allison Eldredge (cello) and Max Levinson (piano) perform Richard Strauss’s romantic Sonata for Cello and Piano and Michael Daugherty’s sweepingly dramatic and poetic Tales of Hemingway, which premiered in 2015.

    10/22: HIDDEN GEMS OF THE PIANO TRIO Omar Chen Guey (violin), Rafael Popper-Keizer (cello), and Melinda Lee Masur (piano) perform music of Haydn, Chopin, and Jalbert, giving a taste of the beauty and breadth of the piano trio repertoire. The Haydn is richly sonorous and harmonically adventurous, the Jalbert both dynamic and meditative, and the Chopin reflects the composer’s love and intimate knowledge of the piano

    10/29: SOUNDS OF THE RENAISSANCE Known for their deeply researched programs and illuminating performances exquisitely attuned to text and structure, the singers of Convivium Musicum will perform a cappella works exploring the sacred and secular polyphony from the Renaissance, before modern systems of evenly tempered scales came to dominate musical production in Europe.

    11/5: A FANCIFUL FEAST Carol Cybulska (soprano), Anne Smith (mezzo-soprano), Michael Tabak (flute), Sachiko Murata (oboe), Shu Satoh (bassoon), Dawn MacGarveym (piano), and Caroline Mellott (harp) will present vocal and chamber music ranging from baroque and classical arias to beautiful pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries.

    11/12: TRIchrO JAZZ WITH OBOE Eriko Yamaki Mercure (piano), Mark Fairweather (drums), David Mercure (bass), and special guest, Joel Bard (oboe), will perform original jazz compositions of Mercure, spotlighting each of the performers and showing the influences of Latin, swing, ballad, classical, and modern jazz.

    11/19: SLAVIC MASTERPIECES FOR PIANO TRIO Needham’s Orion Ensemble, consisting of Peter Zazofsky (violin), Ronald Lowry (cello), and Randall Hodgkinson (piano), will perform two masterworks of the piano trio literature– Dmitri Shostakovich’s elegiac and haunting Piano Trio in E minor and Antonin Dvorak’s profound yet lyrical Piano Trio in F Minor.



    THE SEVENTIES: A PIVOTAL DECADE Where were you, or better yet, who were you as you lived through the decade of the 70s? We’ll revisit the end of the Vietnam War and the drama of Watergate and Nixon. We’ll examine the decade of “All In The Family”, stagflation, long gas lines, the Equal Rights Amendment, Roe v. Wade, pet rocks, Wounded Knee, and more. This was the “Me Generation” ... or was it? You’ll gain insight into today’s political and social environment with the world’s best history teacher, Dan Kunitz.

    WORLD RELIGIONS: AN EXPLORATION OF AGE-OLD DEBATES Join us for thought-provoking discussions on major controversies in world religions. We’ll look at the concept of Judaism, “the chosen people” and “the promised land”; Christianity and the death of Jesus; Islam, Mohammed the “final messenger” and jihad; Buddhism “emptiness” and nirvana; and Hinduism’s maya, or illusion, and the oneness amidst polytheism. With Larry Lowenthal, Ph.D., New York University.

    CHAIR YOGA Yoga is for everyone! Chair Yoga is safe, gentle, and particularly suitable for beginners. Learn traditional yoga postures while supported in a chair. You’ll work your muscles and joints from head to toe, reaping the physical benefits of increased range of motion and strength, as well as the mental benefits of a calm mind and spirit. Barbara Perlo, Certified Yoga Instructor, will leave you with a renewed vitality, and enhanced strength, balance and levity. Barbara teaches with light-hearted wit and compassion.

    POETRY WORKSHOP Aspiring poets, share your words with us in this engaging and entertaining class. All writers’ work will be critiqued non-judgmentally, with the goal of turning your self-expression into art. We’ll discuss the craft of poetry, work on generating new ideas, and review the work of contemporary poets. For the first class, bring six copies of an original poem (if you have one), and paper and pencil, or your laptop if that’s how you prefer to write. Our instructor guarantees a few laughs along the way. With Matthew Sisson, author and poet.


    Session 1 • 10:00am–11:00am



    10/15: IS SUCCESS KEY TO HAPPINESS OR IS HAPPINESS KEY TO SUCCESS? Sanjiv Chopra, M.D. explores the philosophy, psychology, and scientific research on happiness. Is happiness the sum of happy moments? Or does it arise from finding one’s purpose? Ten-time author, Dr. Chopra is co-director of Beth Israel Deaconess’s Continuing Medical Education Division and a Brigham and Women’s Master Clinician Educator.

    10/22: CLIMATE CHANGE: WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT AND WHY WE MUST Climate change’s devastating potential is increasingly evident, yet most of us do little to address it. Organizational leadership experts and Harvard Ph.D.s Grady McGonagill and Michael Sales, Massachusetts Chapter of Elders Climate Action leaders, will engage a positive conversation and offer seven actions steps, grounded in hope, that you can take to mitigate the threat.

    10/29: GALÁPAGOS—ENCHANTED ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC The Galápagos Islands, home to tortoises, iguana lizards, sea lions, and exceptional birds may inspire you to think differently about the world. This pristine showcase of biodiversity, which inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, is 600 miles west of Ecuador’s Pacific coast. Lecturer/photojournalist, Barry Pell presents this splendid, fragile ecosystem through photos and lecture.

    11/5: AGING WITH WISDOM: EXPLORING LIFE’S MOST HEROIC PHASE How do we find beauty and meaning and cultivate a resilient inner life that handles the vicissitudes of older age, a time rich with opportunity for reflection, growth, and resolution? Mind/body medicine pioneer, psychologist, and Buddhist practitioner Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle offers new perspectives drawn from her book, Aging with Wisdom: Reflections, Stories & Teachings.

    11/12: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: WE’RE NOT THE ONLY SMART THINGS ON THE PLANET! Artificial Intelligence has been hailed as the breakthrough that will change everything. Now it’s true thanks to technology innovations – from hardware and software to conceptual designs – resulting in real “Machine Learning.” John Landry, Boston’s long-time tech visionary and angel investor, explores the future of super intelligence where computers behave increasingly like humans.

    11/19: THE MOST FORMIDABLE KENNEDY? In Eunice, the Kennedy Who Changed the World, Brandeis University Journalism Program Director Eileen McNamara contends we should remember Joseph and Rose’s fifth child as the architect of one of the 20th centuryís great civil rights movements, on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities. Former Boston Globe columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winner, McNamara covered, among other subjects, the Catholic Church clergy sex abuse scandal.

    SHARPEN YOUR INTERNET SKILLS Get more Internet savvy. We’ll go over the basics of how to keep you and your computer safe on the Internet. We’ll explore browsers and some essential settings and learn how to shop safely on the Internet. Learn loads of search tips and tricks and how to refine search terms so you get the results you want. Find out all you can do from Google search and become familiar with other Google services such as Maps, Play, Google+ and Google Drive. We’ll a