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  1. 1. Factual entertainment series following the eccentric and aristocratic Fulford family at home on their 800-year old country estate. As the children grapple with coming-of-age. Fly on the wall type documentary. Follows the children and chaos of their events they regularly put on, each week the family have a main focus of the show, from introducing the First Born to putting on murder mysteries and regular house tours. Wide range of camera angles as the programme is unscripted all movements are unpredictable. The mid shot is probably the most frequently used shot as the programme does focus a lot on what the family say and their opinions. Small communication with documentary filmer, the occasional question is heard. No interviewer on screen, think this is much better as family are main and only focus. The documentary style is majority Reflexive however there are some features of a Observational too although there is no script or structure like a classic Observational. Whats it all about?
  2. 2. We are introduced to the first character in the documentary. He gives an introduction to the programme and what its all about. He is on the screen for 10 secs. This text is then shown introducing who the previous man on screen was, whilst this text is shown Arthur carries on narrating the programme. Arthur carries on narrating whilst we then start to see a clip of the programme, this small clips shows what to expect from the programme. This small clip gives no identities away as no faces or names are shown. We then return back to the shot of Arthur alone, where he carries on talking about the documentaries focus. This shot shows more of the house giving it a grander appearance. Following the previous shot looking quite grand, this shot of the manor shows its scale and how grand the land and home is. Again no faces are shown. We meet our first character, Arthurs father. We meet him first as hes the eldest of the family and considered the most important. Arthur is back on screen again, now he is talking about his twin sister, Tilly. We see short clips of her up to her usual antics in between Arthur talking. After briefly hearing arthur talking about Tilly we finally meet her and hear her opinions and a bit about herself. We then meet our second youngest child, he is shown doing what he likes and then briefly stops doing what hes doing and talks to the camera, Tilly in the middle is shown and describes him. Now on to the youngest Edmond, he is with Arthur who is showing his brother up and making him appear the most vulnerable and unaware of life. He seems very likeable instantly. After meeting all the family individually and accompanied with Arthur, we see all the family together for the first time. We then for 30 seconds see how chaotic the family are together. Finally we then see the documentary title which introduces everything and informs the audience its about to start.
  3. 3. born