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COSMOS PROFILECosmos Group is a leading International Business House from India, having several offices and representatives in India and abroad. We integrate global markets by means of Exports, Imports, Manufacturing, International Tendering, Financing and Distribution. The Group is headed by Mr. Anil Kumar Agarwal - President. He has been President of ASSOCHAM - the National Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India. ( ) Mr Agarwal has been a Director on the Board of ; IL&FS Engineering & Construction Company Limited - (, the largest infrastructure & housing construction company of India, and Power Grid Corporation of India Limited ( the largest power transmission utility in India.

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What is Licorice? Licorice is native to southern Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean. Licorice Roots are used in: Pharmaceutical Industry Food Processing Industry Cosmetics Industry The main taproot used for medicinal purpose is : Bright Yellow Interior Soft Fibrous9

CONSTITUENTS OF LICORICE Chief component is Glycyrrhizin (6-8%) Sugar Starch (29%) Gum Protein Fat (0.8%) Resin Asparagin (2-4%) Tannin Yellow coloring matter Volatile oil10

Licorice Extract (Substance) It is an essence Very sweet in taste (30-50 times sweeter than sugar) Light brown in color Taken from the roots of the plant by the means of extraction Available in liquid as well as powder form Can be concentrated into sticks11

Medicinal properties and uses Cough Alleviates muscular pain Heals cuts and wounds Treatment of myopia Chronic viral hepatitis Anti- cancer formula Used as a herbal supplement Remedy for reliving pain, discomfort and other symptoms caused by acid mater in stomach. Heals corns12

Other UsesFood Processing Industry Candy Sweet Drinks Cakes Mouth Freshener Tobacco Preservative Cosmetic Industry Antioxidant Smoothes the skin13

Licorice Extract ProductionLicorice roots are harvested in the month of autumn, they are then dried, cleaned and cut into smaller pieces so that they can be easily grinded, the roots are then crushed by the grinding mills to a pulp. This pulp is then transferred to the boilers and boiled in water. Thereafter the extract is concentrated by allowing a portion of water to evaporate. The licorice extract can also be filtered to eliminate some impurities found in the Licorice extract feed. It can be in a dried or thick black mass form.14

Process Flow Chart of Licorice Extraction







Machines / Equipment used for Licorice Extraction


Root cutting Machine

Root grinding Machine

Industrial Boilers


Membrane Filters16


Other names: Glycyrrhizin ; Glycyrrhizinic acid ; Glycyrrhizic acid Properties: Molecular formula Molar mass C42H62O16 822.93 g mol117

Glycyrrhizin Glycyrrhizin is chief component of Licorice root Obtainable in the form of sweet, white crystalline powder Consisting of calcium and potassium salts of glycyrrhizin acid It is used in pharmaceutical industry (substance) as a bulk drug:-

As Injectables As Tablet / Capsules18

Process Flow Chart Glycyrrhizin AcidFine grind raw herb Aqueous extraction Precipitation

Mixing with Alcohol

Washing with Water





Carbon Bleaching19

Machines / Equipments used for forming Concentrate of Glycyrrhizin acid



Vacuum Filter

Short Path Distiller



Pictorial Presentation of the Output




Mr. Anil K Agarwal , President Cosmos Group with Dr. Manmohan Singh, Honble Prime Minister of India

Mr. Anil K Agarwal , President Cosmos Group with H.E. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Past President of India

Mr. Anil K Agarwal , President Cosmos Group with Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Chief Youth Congress Party

Mr. Anil K Agarwal , President Cosmos Group with Mr. P. Chidambaram Honble Home Minister of India


Mr. Anil K Agarwal , President Cosmos Group with H.E. E. M. Primakov, President RFCCI and Ex-Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Mr. Anil K Agarwal , President Cosmos Group with King of Jordan

Mr. Anil K Agarwal , President Cosmos Group with H.H. Mr. Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Makotum Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai

Mr. Anil K Agarwal , President Cosmos Group with King of Qatar


Mr. Arun K. Agarwal, Director Cosmos Group with H.E. Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Honble President of Maldives

Mr. Arun K. Agarwal, Director Cosmos Group with H.E. Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Hon'ble President of the Republice of Iceland

Mr. Arun K. Agarwal Director, Cosmos Group with H.E. Mr. John Dramani Mahama, Vice President, Republic of Ghana

H.E. Mr. Tibamanya Urban, Hon'ble Minister of State of Urban Development is introducing Mr. Arun K. Agarwal to H.E. Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, Hon'ble Vice President of Uganda

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