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Terms and definitions related to library and media centers

Transcript of Library Words

  • 1. LIBRARY WORDS Check Them Out!

2. Browse

  • Browse: To look over
  • People browse for books, clothes

3. Shelf Helper

  • Shelf Helper :a plastic marker tohelpsave our place on theshelf
  • A book mark saves our placeINa book,shelf helperssave their place on the shelf

4. Order

  • Order :to arrange, to put in a group
  • We line up in ABCorderand so do books!
  • Books that do not stay straight on the shelvesget out oforder

5. Circulation

  • Circulate :to move; to pass from one person to another

Our Circulation Desk Your bloodcirculatesthrough your body 6. Check Out

  • Check Out : to take something with the promise of returning it
  • If you check out a book, you take it with you when you leave the library

7. Borrow

  • Borrow :to take and promise to return
  • Weborrowmoney, weborrowtoys,
  • WeborrowBOOKS!

8. Scan

  • Scan :to look over
  • Youscana book to see if it is just right for you
  • Thescannerbeeps your books

9. Barcode

  • Barcode :a code of numbers
  • We scanbarcodesto buy food and check in and out our books

10. Return

  • Return :To go back or give back
  • Wereturnclothes that dont fit
  • Salmonreturnto where they were born

11. Check In

  • Check In:toreturnyour book to the Media Center
  • Your scan it and put it on the cart

12. Overdue

  • Overdue:Late to return, not back on time
  • Your bus might be late in the morning, that makes YOU overdue for school!

13. Due

  • Due :Something expected
  • When your book needs to come back to the Media Center it isdue