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Transcript of LibGDX: Cross Platform Game Development

  • cross-platform game development

  • mature project, at 1.7.1 release snapshots built on every commit fork us, push to us!

  • Overview game development framework written in java, c/c++ and js framework - !engine fast development and prototyping use any JVM language you want (with some caveats) super fast multi-layered API target multiple platforms with a single codebase extensive community of developers

  • Platforms

  • Languages typically java any JVM language with java interoperability clojure, kotlin, python, ruby, scala, groovy. caveats including 'support' and loss of html

  • Development environment setup tool generates gradle scripts use any IDE you like

    Intellij IDEA Eclipse Netbeans chuck norris

    do most developing testing and running with the desktop platform, abuse hotswapping deploy to all platforms with one task

  • Gradle? dependency management, build automation open source use it to build use it in the background dont use It at all trivial to keep up to date with the latest release of LibGDX, or even the bleeding edge

    extend provided scripts to automate almost every boring task you have to do in production deploy to multiple app stores using their api with a single task keep descriptions/assets on multiple store pages up to date with a single task push your project onto CI with no additional configuration, (build live html version also)

  • The backends and tech Android, GLES 2.0 Lwjgl (2.x) (Win, Linux, MacOS), OpenGL 2.0, 3.0

    3.x in development!

    RoboVM, iOS, GLES 2.0 bytecode native ARM|x86 code super fast wizards

    GWT HTML/js, WebGL java source code js reflection magic


  • API Levels

    Low LevelMid LevelHigh Level

  • Features and API levels

    graphics (OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0 interfaces) input, keyboard, mouse, touch, accelerometer audio, read/write, Open AL, Android Pools networking, tcp http file I/O handling lifecycle reflection wrapper

    Low Level

  • Features and API levels

    Mesh, shaders, textures, sprites... batching sprites/polygons fonts, textureatlas assetmanager custom collections json/xml serialization util classes, math, shapes

    Mid Level

  • Features and API levels

    extensions, box2d, bullet physics 2D scene graph + UI toolkit. all the widgets maps api 3D API I18NBundle

    High Level

  • 3D API

    environment, cubemaps, reflection, specular, normal mapping etc directional lights, point , spot, shadow mapping node tree, including animations gpu skinning decal batching model batching with cache particles (probably) the most complete java bullet wrapper for 3D physics

  • Extensions Box2D and Box2D lights Bullet Physics Ashley, Entity component system Tools Collection Controllers extension GDX-AI

    pathfinding A* path Smoothing

    Decision making state machines, behavior trees

    messaging movement

    steering formation motion


  • Tools texture packer model converter (Fbx-Conv) freetype convertor, ttf to bitmap font 2D and 3D particle editors

  • Third Party


    Open source game UI, level and content editor

    VisUI ->

    Open source UI toolkit extension, extra widgets and skin

  • Quick start

    check your dev environment is setup download project generator supply info, choose extensions generate import Run

  • Documentation and Source


    Wiki ultimate guide for everything

    Starting point for docs

  • Licensing

    apache 2 completely free, no strings attached we love to get credit in case you do release a game using

    LibGDX, but its not mandatory

  • ExamplesAlchemist's Awakening, Osaris Games

  • ExamplesIngress, Niantic (internal startup at google)

  • ExamplesHalfway, Robotality

  • ExamplesSpine, Esoteric Software

  • ExamplesSpace Grunts, Orangepixel

  • ExamplesDelver, Priority Interrupt

  • LibGDX game jam

    18th Dec - 18th Jan Prizes! Mac Mini, iPad, iTouch halfway steam keys shirts! taking part (if you dont


  • cross-platform game development



    #libgdx on

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