Leveraging Fundraising Event Sponsors to Build Long-Term Partnerships

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How Children's National Health System in Washington, DC, is leveraging sponsors from its $10.9 million Children's Ball through creative communications and stewardship strategies. Learn how the corporate, event, and communications teams worked together to engage donors in new and innovative ways to increase the event from $2 million to more than $10 million while carefully managing financial and staff resources.

Transcript of Leveraging Fundraising Event Sponsors to Build Long-Term Partnerships

  • Your Fundraising Event is the Beginning, Not the End: Leveraging Event Sponsors to Build Long-Term Partnerships The 2014 Childrens Ball Mark Miller and Julie Butler, Childrens National Health System
  • Childrens National Health System Founded in 1870. Only freestanding childrens hospital in Washington, DC metropolitan area. Ranked among top childrens hospitals in every specialty area measured by US News & World Report. Raised $56 million in philanthropy in FY14.
  • Unrestricted Revenue Unrestricted revenue is increasingly important to close the gap between paNent revenues and expenses. Many specialty services that are parNcularly important at a childrens hospital are not covered by insurance. Important sources of unrestricted revenue include fundraising events, corporate partnerships, and annual giving (online and mail).
  • Donors and board members Bret and Amy Baier, with their sons at the 2013 Race for Every Child, which raised money for Childrens NaNonal.
  • Abeer and Yousef Al Otaiba, UAE Ambassador to the United States
  • The Baiers and Al Otaibas, grateful families and co-chairs of the 2014 Childrens Ball
  • Challenges How do we meet the expectaNons of our chairs, commiee members, and sponsors while managing our budget and sta resources to maximize our net revenue? How can we engage new sponsors in our mission, demonstrate impact, and inspire them to conNnue their involvement? What are ways we can begin recogniNon and stewardship immediately, even before the Ball?
  • Sponsors
  • What We Did AcNvaNon phone calls with the 25 top sponsors -- introduced new partners to our mission, and learned about their needs and expectaNons. Follow-up calls to plan external communicaNons together (with the foundaNons communicaNons team and the appropriate representaNve of the sponsor usually an internal PR team or a PR agency). Exclusive dinner with the co-chairs and our CEO for the top 25 sponsors one month before the event. Signage opportunity for top donors ($250,000 and up).
  • Sign unveiling for execuNves from the four $250,000 corporate sponsors, with Bret Baier, Ambassador Al Otaiba, and President and CEO Dr. Kurt Newman.
  • With our help, ENhad Airways leveraged its sponsorship to include the unveiling event, and their Flying Nannies at the Ball and a play date with children at the hospital.
  • Communica4ons Two communicaNons plans US and UAE Goal was to build buzz, show our graNtude to co-chairs and partners, and elevate the reputaNon of Childrens NaNonal as a charity. In UAE, goal was to leverage the ambassadors involvement to demonstrate the impact of our longNme partnership. Plan included adverNsing, media outreach, social media, and on-site recogniNon. 13
  • Capital Business, April 14 Washington Post, half page, April 11
  • Washington Life, full page, May 2014
  • Select Media and Online Coverage
  • Feature on Amy Baier and Abeer Al Otaiba in Washingtonian Mom. Full-page arNcle in ENhad Airways in-ight magazine, in English and Arabic
  • Editorial: For parents of sick children, the partnership means they can obtain world-class care while staying where they ought to be close to home, with the support of their wider families around them and making a scary process a little less intimidating. Sheikh Zayed would approve.
  • Social Media 33 million impressions
  • ExxonMobil (85.5K followers) leveraged the Childrens handle and sponsor video on TwiFer.
  • On-Site Recogni4on PaNent video: The Al Otaibas story Sponsor thank-you video: hp://bit.ly/sponsorvideo14
  • Follow-Up Partnership plan for every sponsor Impact report Customized photo books Private, tailored tours and visits
  • What We Learned The value of a fundraising event is not just in the dollars raised in one night, but in the rela5onships and engagement it can inspire. Dont underes5mate the passion and commitment of your grateful families. Your supporters want to help you. Ask what your partners want. Follow up.
  • Thanks! Julie Butler Associate Vice President, Corporate and Community Giving Childrens Hospital FoundaNon Childrens NaNonal Health System jbutler@childrensnaNonal.org 301-565-8508 Mark Miller Associate Vice President, CommunicaNons Childrens Hospital FoundaNon Childrens NaNonal Health System MRMiller@childrensnaNonal.org 301-565-8507