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  • We really love signage.

    I guess !


    9 - 12 13 - 16 17 - 2223 - 2627 - 3031 - 34 35 - 4041 - 44 45 - 5555 - 5859 - 62 63 - 6667 - 7071 - 74 75 - 78 79 - 8788 - 92 93 - 96

    Farnborough Business Park(IWM) HMS BelfastCardiff University (Business School)Goldsmiths University LondonThales Group East Berkshire CollegeColumbia Pictures (Golden Square)Royal Shakespeare Company (Internal)Royal Shakespeare Company (External)Coulsdon Sixth Form CollegeSouthsea LibraryBrunel UniversityUniversity Hospital LewishamSouthern RailwayGreat Ormond Street HospitalLee Valley Regional Park AuthorityMonarch Aircraft EngineeringGlaxoSmithKline

    Beacon Centre for HealthRoyal Welsh College of Music and DramaGuide Dogs for the BlindOne Chapel PlaceRegent HighschoolFarnham Road HospitalUniversity of BedfordshireThe Forum Southend On SeaEast and North Hertfordshire NHS TrustGuys and St Thomas NHS Foundation TrustCity of WestminsterOxford Brookes UniversityMicrosoftBangor UniversityThe National GalleryMorgan StanleyNottingham Trent University

    97 - 102103 - 106107 - 110111 - 114 115 - 118119 - 124125 - 130131 - 134 135 - 138139 - 142143 - 146147 - 150151 - 154155 - 160161 - 164165 - 168169 - 172


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  • long time no hear. Apologies. We have been working on too many things, so we thought we would compile the last twelve months here for you.

    It is a reflection of the enormous amount of work WE had done up till this point. It is also the first time we have looked back. The first quarter of the year was taken upwith a lot of tenders, sign design and specifying for a number of large signing projects. Some we won and some we lost... We also spent time investing in new technology, and more importantly becoming the only sign company to hold all three of the national signageframeworks; ESPO, YPO and NEUPC

    welcome to our world


    The compilations have involved many hours of hard work in different locations around the Country. They are the our personal choices and were not intended for media use. It is as much our clients book as it is ours. It is also something that we feel is long overdue. We hope you agree that the wait was worth it !

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  • A brief period of rejoicing

    I. decided to write, by hand, comments throughout the book to give the reader an insight of sorts.These comments are not gossip, they are at times informative and at times lightweight nonsense but you have to make your own way through it all.


    As the title suggests, this is a collection of signing projects taken over a period and that is unique in itself. The book contains all the signsyou'd expect to find (internal, external and illuminated for instance), but also

    a lot of out-takes, private and random photos that are previously unseen.


  • Farnborough business park


    each of these monolith totem signs required an anodised orange finish, with a router cut face detail to match the buildingarchitecture

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    The clients brief was simple, these signs need to look great and last forever....

    No pressure then!!!Your brand is one of your most important business assets and WE work with you to make sure your signage meets corporate objectives and the needs of your premises.


    The wrong method with the wrong technique!Our first attempt was to match the signage to the buildings cladding, but soon discovered Zinc wasn't the most suitable sign making material...

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  • corporate


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  • cardiff university (Business School)

    one project leads to another...we have now worked on a number of large projects for the University, from new

    builds, to updates and refurbishments.


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  • education


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  • goldsmiths university London


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  • education


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  • Thales group


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  • corporate


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  • east berkshire college

    Inspirational sign design is a key investment that shapes our schools, colleges and universities and enriches the lives of the students, residents and the local businesses which interact with them.

    Our educational sign solutions are designed to enhance institutions and their landscapes and help students, teachers and visitors engage with their facilities and each other more instinctively.We have a passion for refining educational environments through tailored, exciting signage solutions and its underpinned by a commitment to invest in their capacity to inspire, connect and share with the wider communities these institutions serve.


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  • education


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  • Columbia pictures (Golden Square)

    When we started this project the walls were not just blank, they were magnolia... aaarrgghhhNow, new bespoke designs cover the dormant wall space, with each meeting room

    themed by a movie title... obviously! but the designs and their meanings are fairy subtle.


    We are increasingly involved with environmental graphics, as our clients requirementschange. Any sign company can produce digital wallpaper, but not all can craft bespokedesigns from scratch, unique to clients requirements needs.

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  • corporate


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  • royal Shakespeare company

    We selected a few images of the internal elements.

    including cast zinc benefactor walls, and large interchangeable graphic images.The signage was a real challenge, with so many different requirements, bespoke applications


  • internal42

  • 43


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  • royal Shakespeare company

    The Royal Shakespeare Theatre Tower rises 36 metres above the River Avon


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  • Theatre Square is the main signage location, with a cluster of six of the larger double-sided signs proposed to respond to the scale of the square.

    The signs are sized to be visible above theheads of pedestrians from a distance whilst allowing detail to be presented at close range.



  • sign locations (Theatre square)

    The signs will have twelve interchangeable faces and gentle internal illumination is proposed for the six

    faces orientated North. This will illuminate the spaces between the signs whilst minimising light pollution.


  • day


  • night


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  • Location E: Bridge Link

    The signs are proposed as interior signs, to reduce the impact of the sign on the architecture. The main sign has been scaled to be legible for people walking along Waterside.

    Daytime visualisation Low-light visualisation


  • coulsdon sixth FORM college

    As part of this new build project, all the signage incorporated a cut-out section of the

    logo. The external monolith sign challenged conventional manufacturing techniques as the

    clients vision was to see through the logo section..


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  • education


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  • southsea library


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  • government


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  • Brunel University


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  • education


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  • University hospital Lewisham


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  • healthcare


  • 70



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  • corporate


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  • Great Ormond Street Hospital


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  • healthcare


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  • Lee valley regional park authority


    the signs for Lee Valley were all manufactured

    in-house. The construction method allows for

    each face to be interchangeable, future proofing

    the signs. Each sign was finished using Durable-One

    anti-graffiti coating throughout.

    The lockable noticeboards were also a bespoke design,

    with hinged fronts and magnetic back boards.

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  • government


  • 82

    thought you might like to seethe construction drawings

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  • R150 R150



    Detail Of Panel Joints A & B



    5 5200

    2 2

    This sign has a structural sub frame of rolled steel or similar which will be connected to appropriate foundations located below ground level. The nature of the sub frame and foundations of this sign are not detailed on this drawing.

    The aluminium frame which surrounds the graphic panels on each side of the sign is 200mm wide and is formed to follow the contour of the graphic panels with 150mm radiused corners as indicated.

    In terms of construction, the front and rear of the sign should be identical. Both sides feature graphic panels and depending on how the sign is articulated on a specific site, both sides may be used to communicate to visitors.

    The aluminium frame and the 300mm skirt at the base, which is a visual continuation of the frame, have a powder coated paint finish to match : RAL 9006.

    The graphic panels on each side of the sign a