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Does Second Life provide an environment in which EFL can be taught and learned?

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  • 1. Does Second Life provide an environment in which EFL can be taught and learned? Slightly edited version forSlideshareof: Presentation made at IATEFL BESIG 2007, 16-18 November, Technische Fachhoschule, Berlin [ 1 of 3] Dennis Newson, formerly University of Osnabrueck, Germany

2. Do you know what Second Life is?

  • Isnt that where the German police found a lot of child pornography?
  • Do you know what I think? People who spend a lot of time on the Internet are socially inadequate in real life.
  • My first life is complicated enough, I cant handle a second one.
  • I visited SL and I could see how I might get addicted, so Ive not been back.

3. 4. DoesSecond Lifeprovide a suitable environment for learning and teaching TEFL? Do you know whatSecond Lifeis? 5. 6. How real is SL? An actual, unrehearsed conversation Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...Connected Front Door whispers: Osnacantab Nesterov is at the door * Front Door whispers: Jean Wingtips is at the door Basic Chair: Right click me and choose 'Sit Here' to sit down Jean Wingtips: hello Jean Wingtips: Osnacantab? Jean Wingtips: Do you own this place? Jean Wingtips: Are you a member of Edunation III? Jean Wingtips: I'm thinking about renting a spot, and I could use a testimonial if you have one Jean Wingtips: Do you speak English? You: Sorry. I was sending a message and you were covered! How can I help? Jean Wingtips: I'm new to SL, but I want to "ramp up" fast on delivering training here. 1 7. You: What sort of training? Jean Wingtips: I'm considering renting/buying a place on this island. Are you an owner? You: No. But I know one Gavin Dudeney, the owner of this island, and two others. Jean Wingtips: I have developed courseware and consulting offerings to help IT experts learn to be billable consulants Jean Wingtips: I have spoken to Gavin, but am wondering if there are any current tenants Jean Wingtips: It's always good to hear from "the customers" don't you think? Jean Wingtips: Is this the sample office? 2 8. You: Absolutely. Afraid I'm not a tenant, though - but he has some impressive tenants. Jean Wingtips: Have you spoken to any? Jean Wingtips: What is your purpose here? Are you a trainer? You: Did you know a Dutch MP visited this island to give a speech in election campaign? Jean Wingtips: No I didn't. That's interesting.... Jean Wingtips: I don't know what MP stands for. Please advise. .. Jean Wingtips: I am formal, by nature, as you can see - I'm comfortable in a suit and chose the name "wingtips" (formal shoes.) 3 9. ( JW mentioned that she had been to Germany.) Jean Wingtips: I loved the way the German people speak their minds - here in US that is often politically incorrect, but I liked it very much You: I tried to make my avatar look like me. Other people indulge their fantasies. Jean Wingtips: Nice talking with you. Thanks for the info Jean Wingtips: I like the way you look. Like a smart, casual man [We then switched to speech, of which there is no automatic log.]4 10. Purpose of this presentation

  • To acquaint you with some aspects of SL and to invite you to consider if SL is worth using as a resource in the area in which you work.

11. Virtual handout http ://besig2007sl.wikispaces.com List For those who want to remain in touch with colleagues interested in exploring the possible use SL in the context of learning and teaching Business English: BESIG20072L To subscribe, send an empty message to: [email_address] Stop press Excellent wiki on the educational uses of SL (Thanks to Gavin for reference) : http://sleducation.wikispaces.com/educationaluses 12.

  • Press Cuttings
  • Some firms trying out interviews in SL(2007)
  • BBC hires island in SL for pop concert
  • BBCs first in-land broadcast on SL a money programme (2007)
  • CNNs new presence and news-gathering and presenting scheme (2007)
  • IBM probably has largest SL presence
  • Society of Jesus (2007)
  • Irish government sponsoring tourism in SL Ireland in 2008
  • Dutch politician visited EduNation as part of campaigning tour
  • A SL credit card has been introduced. (2007)
  • British Councils on-going project for teenagers (Graham Stanley)
  • National Health Service hospital project
  • Australian project for young, unmarried mothers with babies

13. The essence of the SL experience Presence - you feel there Trees swaying in the breeze Birds flying overhead The noise of surf breaking on the beach You can walk, fly, sit down, stand up,talk, hear, write, read, watch videos and films, listen to music, record sounds and images (with help of other programs), dance (with a special script), dress up, change your appearance For me the quintessence of the appeal is:Visual colour, depth and space.You can walk around. You can talk to people. Nonetheless, feeling of privacy you are probably the only person at your monitor. 14. SLIDE SHOW 15. Video clips In the presentation there were 2 links to short SL sequences made with a screen capturing program. Since you must be connected to the internet if you are reading this, though, if you havent yet visited SL, you can do so by going to: Second Life