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Read about what we have learn while running a natural hair care line and soon to be skin care business. CarmellaMarie.com

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    3TWOyearsLATER HOTsummerTIPS

    Running a successful

    business is not as easy

    as it look. See where we are

    now! 2HOT hair, fashion, DIY home and more to

    make your summer more pleasurable







    CM Curl & Loc AmbassadorsMeet our 9 Ambassadors! May was the start of the CM Ambassador Program. The aim is to mentor small to medium size bloggers.

    Flaunt your CurlsNew campaign aimed towards helping all women: locd, curly, kinky, coily, wavy or straight love their mane. Check out the new t-shirt!

    The CM 10 Day ChallengeIf you are interested in jump starting your life, this 10 Day Challenge is just the power surge you will need.

    How to start living Dont wait for others to do for you, what you can do for your self.

    Modern Skin CareSkin care products that are truly natural and healthy for your skin.

    From hobby to businessThe process of STARTING; changing mindset, writing it down, putting into action.



  • TWO years laterEverything always starts off as fun in the beginning, but the true sign of dedication is apparent when all the fun goes out the window. Carmella Maries first samples were distributed July 4, 2013, and the first Lets Talk Hair session occurred July 27. Ever since then, my love for my business has been tested, tried and I have found it to be true. I have learned that there are no failures, only experiences and lessons and for that I am grateful. The beauty industry, like most, is cutthroat, but Ive learned not to take it personal; its just business. Once I accepted that, it was easier to move on and focus on being an excellent health and beauty company.

    When starting this business I did 97% of the work. I did it because I felt like no one else would aid me in starting a journey that I, myself, had no idea where it would lead to. This insecurity was stopping me from taking Carmella Marie to the next level. Once I injured and almost killed myself due to the lack of sleep and stress, I decided that delegating tasks was the best decision I ever made. Huge lesson, dont be afraid to ask for help and dont be afraid to delegate tasks to those who are willing and capable of doing the work. An African proverb says, if you want to go fast, travel alone, if you want to go far, go together. Although I still struggle with asking for help, I feel the uneasiness and I do it anyway.

    lessons LEARNED

    Being in business is a humbling experience Carmella M. Williams

    From a financial standpoint, and experience, I strongly suggest starting small. By starting small it allows you to learn from small mistakes; thus saving you money and heartache over the long run. Part 2 of this lesson: its easy to have huge ideas, but when you see that your idea cost too much money ask yourself, how can I scale this back? do I really need that? After some prayer, a team meeting, and 72 hours if you still feel the need to implement the idea, do it. A note from the wise, dont let pride break your bank and bankrupt your business; you want to be in business for a lifetime, not just one day.

    If your business is done correctly no one can copy what you have done. Your brand, your business model, your business DNA is unique. No one can duplicate that, at all. If they can, you havent fully thought your business through, nor kept true to self. I suggest that you find what separates you from others in your field and focus on that. It doesnt come over night; it takes time. It took me forever and I believe I am still going through that process as Carmella Marie grows. What you want to focus on is the bigger purpose of your business. When I refer to purpose, I mean the reason people want to be in your presence. When a company has purpose beyond a product and character that goes unmatched you no longer have a customer; you have family. Family does not quit on family and no two families are the exact same. As a result no one can fully duplicate you or your business. Disclaimer, get the paperwork that you need to protect your company and brand, but dont let not having the paper work scare nor deter you from implementing plans and going after your dreams, goals. C.M. Williams

    Its okay to be you, because you are a GEM. No two gems are identical.

  • B3

    M2 Moisture Mist is a vitamin packed mist that can revive your hair after a speanding time at the beach. Rehydrate your hair using M2 Moisture Mist. It helps to repair hair after youve been in the sun all day. Use B3 Natural Hair Cream to add softness and shine. These products work well with other products.

    HOT SUMMER TIPSBody-Drink more water!!! Use this awesome pinterest find as a way to motivate yourself. (Pictured left)

    Summer time is when your body needs water the most because you dont have to be moving at all just to sweat.

    -Drinking two glasses of water in the morning helps activate internal organs.

    -Drinking one glass of water before a meal will help indigestion.

    B3 Natural Hair Cream is great product to shield your hair from the summer sun, made with cocoa and shea butter.



  • Beauty-Less is best for the summer. Try using a sheer foundation, tinted lip gloss (Konfidence by Ray, right). Besides, you are beautiful and you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities more if you are not worried about your makeup.

    -Try buffing your body on dry skin and then following up with a soap, rinse and then some lotion. Your skin will feel completely different, more tight and smooth. Stay tuned for the CM body buffer, it will be oh so delicious; to be released Winter 2016.

    Creamy CleanserExfoliate your scalp: Our Alabama Mix Creamy Cleanser has tangerine essential oil in it and this is an excellent natural way to exfoliate your scalp.

    Konfidence by Ray has cute tinted lip gloss along with other


    Protective styling for kids-Protect your childrens tresses over the summer by using aloe vera for a hydrated scalp, vitamin E additives and it also combats hair loss. Substitute aloe for water, use CM treasure for a styling cream and my gel to create a simple faux local or mini twist style that lasts all summer long! Want refresh ideas? Follow CM Ambassador Paula Bland for refresh tips using Carmella Marie and plus shes a mom!

    Home:Natural and inexpensive ways to repel bugs

    For large areas mix 10 drops of essential oils, TSP of dish soap, and 8oz of water in a spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

    -For stink bugs use: Lavender essential oil (inside)Mint essential oil (inside/outside on plants)

    -For ants use: Peppermint essential oil

    -For mosquitoes use: Citronella, peppermint, basil, cloves, or thyme

  • DAILY moisturising wash1. Coconut oil-Helps keep your skin moisturized, soft, and youthful

    2. CucumberHelps reduce the loss of water from skin and remove pore clogging dirt with a cooling sensation.

    FOAMING facial cleanser1. Pink Himalayan Salt -Helps draw toxins from skin.

    2. African Black Soap-Helps fight ache, premature aging skin and inflammation.

    Carmella Marie wants to give you skin care products that are truly natural and healthy for your skin. We want to provide high end skin care for women and men of color and those who desire to enhance their skin care regimen without breaking the bank.

    INTRODUCING: the CM body line

    body lotion hand cream face refresher

    Use Code CMsummer get 15% offCarmellaMarie.com

  • Here is how our Curl and Loc Friends are flaunting their curls this summer. Follow @CarmellaMarie30 @Letstalkhair @Flawlessnbrowndotorg to see more naturalistas.

    Visit CarmellaMarie.com to purchase and get hair lotion



  • The Ambassador program is a mentoring project designed specifically for small to medium sized bloggers. When CM was born, there was a lot about graphic design, social media, and the health and beauty space that was unknown to us. We eventually met Curl Friends who informally became our mentors. The relationships grew organically and aided in our growth. The CMA projects intention is to pass on that same opportunity to those we see potential in. Interested? Send us your information Info@CarmellaMarie.net.


    CM LOC & CURL Ambassadors


    Spring 2015



  • The term life coach is thrown around so frivolously now. Individuals certified or lack there of are manipulating light seeking persons into investing in their coaching company rather than investing in themselves. The CM 10 Day challenge was a personal eye opener for me. It released the lever that I often explain to my clients as autopilot and created a space for me to be emotionally and mentally vulnerable to my needs and shortcomings. When this idea was introduced to myself and the Carmella Marie Ambassadors it was... well; a challenge! Asking one to dig deeper than the surface can bring about so many questions. One of the questions that came to myself and many of the ambassadors was: Who am I? How do I build a challenge around myself? What do I want out of life? [I urge you to ask yourself those same three questions]

    The #CM10daychallenge appropriately named by Carmella Marie herself encouraged me and the FlawLessNBrown tribe to release the autopilot lever on muted feelings and triggers that cause feelings of doubt and unfavorable circumstances. In my own challenge I dug in deep about my life as a single mom, the effects of being raised without biological parents, letting go of parties that dont bring joy to your life etc.This challenge provided the opportunity to unhinge the emotions behind these experiences and it also engaged my fellow Life Mavens by

    The results