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  • 8/8/2019 Lets Learn Vedic Worship


  • 8/8/2019 Lets Learn Vedic Worship


    Kindly review What does Agniveer stand or to

    understand the overall perspective behind any article

    on Agniveer site. Thanks.

    We shall continue rom previous summary on Vedic

    God where we had briey described benefts o

    worship o Ishwar as ollows:

  • 8/8/2019 Lets Learn Vedic Worship


    Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 1

    Q: Should we worship

    Ishwar or not? Why?

    Ater all He never


    A: Ishwar should be

    worshipped and He alone

    should be worshipped.

    It is true that by worship

    o Ishwar, you will notreceive any shortcut pass

    certifcate when you have

    actually ailed. Only lazy

    and cheaters desire such

    unscrupulous means to


    The benefts o worship o

    Ishwar are dierent:

    a. By worship o Ishwar

    one is able to understand

    Ishwar and His creationbetter.

    b. By worship, one is able

    to better understand His

    properties and adopt

    those in his own lie. This

    enhances ones personality,

    annihilates the source o

    uture sins, encourages

    virtues o truth and

    compassion and comes

    closer to truth and bliss.

    c. By worship, one is able

    to hear inner voice better

    and get constant clearer

    guidance rom Him.

    d. By worship, one

    eradicates ignorance,

    gains strength and is able

    to withstand toughest

    challenges in lie with

    confdence and aplomb.

    e. Ultimately, one is able

    to remove ignorance

  • 8/8/2019 Lets Learn Vedic Worship


    2 agniveer.com

    completely and achieve

    Moksha or salvation with

    ultimate bliss.

    I would like to add one

    more reason or worship.

    - Ishwar has done so much

    or us and continues to do

    so endlessly. And hence it

    is natural or us to thankHim in same manner as we

    thank our mortal parents

    or their blessings. Only an

    unortunate selfsh person

    would not demonstrate

    his gratitude and lose

    opportunity to puriy his

    or her heart.

    Please note that worship

    does not mean some

    mechanical recitations or

    blankness o mind. It isa proactive approach to

    imbibe wisdom through

    actions, knowledge and


    Q: How should we worship


    A: Basically worship o

    Ishwar lies in each act

    that we perorm in our

    lie. True worship implies

    ollowing the inner voice

    on a continuous basis. This

    is called living lie o Yajna

    seless acts dedicatedonly to noble purposes.

    This is called worship

    through actions. However

    to ensure that one

    conducts his lie purely in

    a noble manner without

    deviations, one has to

    practice on two more


    a. Seeking knowledge

    b. Contemplation on the

    knowledge to imbibe

    the same as part o our


    The trio o Knowledge-


    go hand in hand and are

  • 8/8/2019 Lets Learn Vedic Worship


    Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 3

    ruitless in isolation.

    For this lesson, we shall

    ocus on specifc aspects

    o Contemplation. But

    please note that this

    assumes that the rest o

    the two components

    Knowledge and Actions

    are also being utilized in

    sync. Henceorth, whenwe reer to worship in this

    lesson, we would imply

    only the component o

    contemplation or ease o


    Q: What are the key

    components o Worship?

    A: There are three major


    - Stuti or Glorifcation

    - Prarthana or Prayer

    - Upasana or Yogic


    In this article, we shall

    mainly ocus on Stuti and

    Prarthna. We shall also

    cover Upasana in brie.

    However this science

    would demand greater


    Please note that these are

    not exclusive o each other


    Q: Explain Stuti in moredetail.

    A: Stuti or Glorifcation

    means stating the correct

    attributes/properties o

    any entity in most truthul

    manner. Hence alse

    buttering (makhanbaazi)

    o anything as well

    as unreasonable

    condemnation are both

    not Stuti.

    The purpose o Stuti o

    Ishwar is to understand

    the properties o Ishwar

    and attempt to model our

    own nature and actions

    in sync with Him. For

    example just as Ishwar is

    just and kind, we should

  • 8/8/2019 Lets Learn Vedic Worship


    4 agniveer.com

    also be just and kind.

    Ishwar never gives up, and

    hence we should also not

    give up.

    One who merely sings the

    virtues o Ishwar like a

    drama artist but does

    not put eort in changing

    his or her own character

    is simply wasting time.Because Ishwar is not a

    narcissist dictator who

    enjoys being praised.

    Whatever Stuti we do is

    solely or our own beneft

    by improving our own sel.

    There are two types o


    Saguna Stuti

    Glorifcation byremembering and

    understanding those

    attributes o Ishwar that

    are present in Him. For

    example, He is eternal and


    Nirguna Stuti

    Glorifcation by

    remembering and

    understanding those

    attributes that are NOT

    present in Ishwar. For

    example, He has no orm

    and He is never born.

    The dierence is merely

    o semantics and not the


    Q: Can you present some

    mantras rom Vedas

    having Stuti o ishwar?

    A: Ishwar is the main

    subject o Vedas. Hence a

    large number o mantras

    having Stuti o Ishwar

    are part o Vedas. For


    Yajurveda 40.8:

    He is present in everything,

    astest and most powerul,

    pure, omniscient, knows

    everything, master o all,

    eternal, sel-sufcient

    and guides us all with

    knowledge o Vedas. (This

  • 8/8/2019 Lets Learn Vedic Worship


    Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 5

    is Saguna Stuti)

    He is without body, never

    takes birth, has no nerves

    or gaps, does not conduct

    sin, is separate rom pain

    and miseries. (This is

    Nirguna Stuti)

    Atharvaveda 10.8.1 and


    He knows what has

    happened in past, what is

    happening currently and

    what can happen in uture

    in most perect manner. He

    manages the entire world

    through this knowledge

    and is master o us all.

    He is bliss Himsel and

    completely away rom

    sorrow! He is the greatest

    and we bow to Him!

    He created the earth

    where we dwell and the

    universe as well as all

    those bodies which give

    us light. He is the greatest

    and we bow to Him!

    He creates the sun and

    the moon in every cycle o

    creation. He also creates

    the fre or our beneft. He

    is the greatest and we bow

    to Him!

    He creates the air we

    breathe in and the air we

    breathe out. He creates

    the light through whichwe see. He has created

    and managed everything

    in all the ten directions

    in a marvelous integrated

    ashion so that we are

    benefted utmost. He is the

    greatest and we bow to


    Yajurveda 25.13

    He provides the power o

    knowledge to our souls.He provides us all true

    wisdom and bliss. All

    scholars worship Him and

    Him alone. The intelligent

    ones ollow His directions

    as provided in Vedas to

    obtain continuous bliss

    and achieve salvation.

  • 8/8/2019 Lets Learn Vedic Worship


    6 agniveer.com

    Surrender to Him alone is

    reedom rom miseries and

    deviating away rom Him

    by indulging in misdeeds

    alone is reason or being

    trapped in cycles o death

    again and again. Hence

    we should worship Him

    and Him alone who is the

    very defnition o Bliss and


    Q: What do you mean by

    Prarthana or Prayer?

    A: To request or support

    rom Ishwar ater we have

    put our best eorts or

    a noble purpose is called

    Prayer. Neither is it a

    prayer when we request

    help or a sinul purpose

    nor it is a prayer when

    we request so withouthaving put the best we

    can. Prayer is neither or

    the wicked nor or the lazy



    1. Whatever we pray rom

    Ishwar, we should adopt

    the same in our lives as

    well. For example, i we

    pray or knowledge, we

    should also put the best

    eorts to seek knowledge.

    Prayers make sense ONLY

    AFTER due eort has

    been put. Expecting ree

    lunch is mark o beggars,

    not worshippers o Godwho Himsel never lazes

    even or a while. Hence,

    make the due payment and

    then request your lunch.

    2. Wicked prayers bring

    opposite results because

    they pollute ones mind

    and cause him to invite

    even more miseries. For

    example, Ishwar rejects

    prayers like -

    O Ishwar, destroy my

    enemy and make me

    the most powerul and

    glorious. Because i both

    the enemies would pray or

    the same, should Ishwar

    destroy them both?

  • 8/8/2019 Lets Learn Vedic Worship


    Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 7

    I someone argues that

    one who prays more

    sincerely out o two should

    be heard by Ishwar, then

    by this logic, one