Lesson Eleven

Lesson Eleven English II


Lesson Eleven. English II. elixir. Definition. Example. (n) a supposed remedy for all ailments syn : medicine; panacea. The old woman had a secret elixir that she claimed would cure a cold in a day. desiccated. Definition. Example. ( adj ) dried up. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson ElevenEnglish II

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elixirDefinition Example• (n) a supposed remedy for

all ailments• syn: medicine; panacea

• The old woman had a secret elixir that she claimed would cure a cold in a day.

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desiccatedDefinition Example• (adj) dried up • When she opened the old

scrapbook, a desiccated rose fell to the floor.

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cessationDefinition Example• (n) a stopping; a

discontinuance• syn: ceasing; end• ant: beginning;


• There was a cessation in the battle, but everyone knew that the shooting would begin again.

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juxtaposeDefinition Example• (v) to place side-by-side

for comparison• syn: measure; examine

• To weigh your options, juxtapose the good things with the bad.

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kineticDefinition Example• (adj) pertaining to motion • To demonstrate kinetic

energy, he threw a steel ball across the lab.

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garrulousDefinition Example• (adj) talkative• syn: loquacious; verbose• ant: taciturn

• We didn’t think that the garrulous salesman would ever leave.

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fetishDefinition Example• (n) an object that receives

respect or devotion• syn: charm; talisman

• The totem pole was a fetish of the tribe.

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scintillateDefinition Example• (v) to sparkle; to twinkle;

to sparkle intellectually• The lights scintillated

throughout the otherwise drab room.

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lachrymoseDefinition Example• (adj) tearful, weepy • It was time for Debbie to

get over her lachrymose behavior and start smiling again.

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fissureDefinition Example• (n) an opening; a groove; a

split• The earthquake created fissures that swallowed cars and buildings.

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epitomeDefinition Example• (n) a typical example• syn: embodiment;


• As she attended to the comfort of her guests, she was the epitome of Southern hospitality.

The epitome of a languid person

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languidDefinition Example• (adj) sluggish; drooping

from weakness• syn: listless; feeble;

drooping• ant: robust; vigorous

• The hot summer day made everyone languid.

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delineateDefinition Example• (v) to describe, to depict • The politician delineated

his disarmament proposal in great detail.

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legerdemainDefinition Example• (n) sleight of hand;

deception• The magician’s act was an

extraordinary feat of legerdemain.

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libertineDefinition Example• (n) one who leads an

immoral life• syn: hedonist; glutton;


• He pretended to be righteous during the day, but he was a libertine at night.