Lesson 9 Christ-Likeness The right Path The right Process The right Person

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Transcript of Lesson 9 Christ-Likeness The right Path The right Process The right Person

  • Lesson 9Christ-LikenessThe right PathThe right ProcessThe right Person

  • Sanctification is the process God uses to produce Christ-likeness in the daily life of a person who has been transformed by the power of God.

  • Sanctification is not accomplished in a set period of time, but in a lifetime. The method God uses to accomplish this is reading, studying, memorizing, and meditating upon His Word, the Bible.

  • Process of Sanctification

  • Looking at addictions the way God looks at them is essential in freeing the addict from the bondage that holds them firmly in its grip.

  • Gods way of dealing with sin in our life is for us to repent of our sin and confess our sin to Him.

  • We also acknowledge that this repentance is the only way we can have a right relationship with God. This humility brings Gods grace to our life. Grace is Gods unmerited favor.

  • Once the addicts mind has been changed, and he is convinced that the path he is currently on is the wrong path, he must go in a different direction. This does not mean that there is never a failure or a mistake made.

  • The addict will either flip a coin every day, leaving it to chance whether or not he will live life free from life-controlling habits, or he will decide to spend time in Gods Word and in prayer each day, gaining the strength to live free from bondage.

  • If the addict will live according to the Word of God, recovery will take care of itself.

  • Sanctification is the process of being made Holy that God uses in our life to bring us closer to Him and to help us walk in the Spirit. It takes time for the addict to reach a place where they are strong enough to resist the things that have controlled just about every aspect of their life for such a long period of time.

  • Christians who are strong in the faith also have the same battles everyone else has. The difference is in allowing the Holy Spirit of God to have complete control of ones thoughts, desires, and actions.

  • The right process is found in following the right person, Jesus Christ. When we study the Word of God and memorize verses of Scripture, we find they enable a process of cleansing that has never been experienced before by the addict.