Les Misérables

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Fame Curriculum Summer Term. Les Misérables. Les Misérables. Les Misérables- The Musical Napoleon Bonaparte The French Revolution Crime and Punishment The Homeless and the Poor. Quiz. Question 1. Who wrote the musical ‘Les Misérables ’? Victor Hugo. Question 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Les Misérables

The Island

Les MisrablesFame CurriculumSummer Term

Les MisrablesLes Misrables- The MusicalNapoleon BonaparteThe French RevolutionCrime and PunishmentThe Homeless and the Poor

QuizQuestion 1Who wrote the musical Les Misrables?

Victor Hugo

Question 2What are the dates of the French Revolution?Question 3What was stormed during the French Revolution?

On July 12th, 1789 the King dismissed his very popular Minister of Finances, Jacques Necker.Question 4Who wrote the book, Les Misrables?

Victor Hugo

Question 5When was Les Misrables written?Victor Hugo

Question 6Where is Les Misrables set?

18451862; Paris and the Channel Islands (English possessions off the coast of France)

Question 9Which French King was executed in 1793?

A) Louis 16th the last

Question 8Which French Military Leader died in exile?

C) Louis 16thQuestion 7The Central male character in Les Misrables is: Ex convict

Question 10In Les Misrables, which is the rebellion led by the students?

C) June RebellionQuestion 11Does France have a Monarchy today?

A) Yes

Question 12Which is the French Flag? A)



15Question 13Which city is the capital of France?

A) St. TropezQuestion 14Which of these famous landmarks can you find in France?

CABDQuestion 15What would you have to pass if you wanted to work with Children or Vulnerable adults?

A) Sanity CheckB) Health CheckC) Criminal Records Bureau checkD) Criminal knowledge checkQuestion 16What other famous book did the author of Les Misrables- write?

A) The Three MuskateersB) The Hunchback of Notre DameC) The Red and the BlackD) The Charterhouse of Parma

Question 17Which is NOT a character from Les Misrables?

A) FantineB) JavertC) MariusD) Aramis

Question 18Susan Boyle sang which song from Les Misrables at her audition for Britains Got Talent?

D) On My OwnQuestion 19When was the French Revolution?

D) 1900sQuestion 20In Les Misrables , the Thenadiers are what?

A) Lawyers