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Lenormand - Combination

Transcript of Lenormand - Combination

Titanias Fortune CardsMarch 12, 2012 / faerygodmother

This is the deck I use most often. Based on the Leonormand deck, the images are very simple but easy to read. I find that this is an easy deck to learn and its user friendly- meaning its the sort of deck thats less confronting for people unused to having their cards read. It does take practice. This deck is all about reading combinations. On their own the individual cards arent very helpful (with one notable exception, the Harsh Truth Spread) but they do combine very well to make sentences. Context is everything with these cards. Youll notice that meanings vary depending on the combinations. Some cards have similar meanings or sub-meanings that reinforce each other or contradict each other.

Please note that these are the meanings that work for me. You may find that the meanings vary for you and only time and practice will sort that out. I have found that the cards will often eventually mean what you think they mean which is why youll find so many variations of meanings out there. Just keep working with them and journaling until youve got the meanings that suit you.

1. Rider

Key words- a visit or visitor, a car, transport, news received in person

The Rider is one of the cards that indicate something is happening or going to happen. Its movement is fast but not unexpectedly sudden. Its about visitors, either expected or unexpected or short trips. You can expect news when you see the Rider. It may not be life changing news but it news that will have a bearing on your current situation.

In combinationRider/ Clover- a lucky visitRider/ Ship- a long visit or visit to somewhere outside your normal areaRider/ House- someone coming to visit youRider/ Tree- someone coming to stay for a whileRider/ Clouds- thinking about a visitRider/ Snake- an unexpected visitRider/ Coffin- an expected visit delayedRider/ Flowers- a very happy visit, someone you really want to seeRider/ Scythe- a sudden visit, needing to leave immediately or someone showing up with no noticeRider/ Whip- an unwelcome visit, visit that causes dramasRider/ Bird- someone bringing unwelcome newsRider/ Child- a visit from or to a child, a very short visitRider/ Fox- a visit from or to someone untrustworthyRider/ Bear- an important visitRider/ Star- a hoped for visitRider/ Stork- an unusual visit, the sort of visit youll remember and talk about for a whileRider/ Dog- a visit from or to a good friendRider/ Tower- a long planned visitRider/ Garden- a meeting in a public place, catching up with friends over coffeeRider/ Mountain- a visit that has been or will be troublesome- a visit that takes a lot of effortRider/ Road- travel, a trip either for work or holiday- you can expected to be away for some time with this comboRider/ Mouse- a visit that costs you something- either actual money or pride (like a critical mother in law or someone who criticises)Rider/ Heart- a visit from or to a lover, or an offer of loveRider/ Ring- a regular visit, something that happens often, or a visit to or from a family memberRider/ Book- a visitor youve never met (like a meter reader or something) or a visit to a place youve never beenRider/ Letter- definitely news, important news, you are about to find out something you really need to knowRider/ Man- a visit from a manRider/ Woman- a visit from a womanRider/ Lily- a visit to someone unwell, or to the doctorRider/ Sun- a very enjoyable visitRider/ Moon- a visit at night or overnightRider/ Key- a visit that provides the solution to something, or a visit youve been trying to get or do for agesRider/ Fish- when the Fish and the Rider face each other money is coming in, when they face apart its going outRider/ Anchor- someone coming to stay or going to stay with someone elseRider/ Cross- a visit to more then one place or multiple visits

2. Clover

Keywords- luck

The Clover is a lovely card. It softens the negativity of other cards. Sometimes its about turning bad luck into something good. Its influence is short but sweet, often indicating that its companion cards influence is fleeting.

In combinationClover/ Ship- your ship has come in, things are about to improveClover/ House- luck at homeClover/ Tree- long lasting luck, a lucky streakClover/ Clouds- negative thinking, seeing the worst in everything, can be depressionClover/ Snake- keeping something lucky to yourself, luck because you kept something to yourselfClover/ Coffin- delayed luck, or a delay for a very good reasonClover/ Flowers- a win, luck that makes you happyClover/ Scythe- a lucky breakClover/ Whip- an argument that clears the air, or an argument with no residual bad feelings, a heated discussionClover/ Bird- nervous excitement, something both hoped for and worried aboutClover/ Child- a little luck, luck for a childClover/ Fox- a lucky escapeClover/ Bear- important luck, luck in an important matterClover/ Star- very good luck, luck that answers a wishClover/ Stork- a lucky eventClover/ Dog- a lucky friend, or luck at finding a new friendClover/ Tower- luck from the past, past actions working out well in the present (ie; it was a good thing you )Clover/ Garden- luck while out and about (like finding a parking spot somewhere crowded)Clover/ Mountain- a challenge you can easily overcome, mixed luck- you win some you lose someClover/ Road- a lucky trip, a stroke of luck that changes things for youClover/ Mouse- small bills, finding a problem before it becomes too bigClover/ Heart- lucky in loveClover/ Ring- continuous good luck, luck of birthClover/ Book- luck you dont know about, something good happening that you are unaware ofClover/ Letter- good news, news of a win or gain, news youve been hoping forClover/ Man- a lucky manClover/ Woman- a lucky womanClover/ Lily- good fortune at identifying a health issue, good health, if ill, it will only be for a short timeClover/ Sun- happiness and optimism, great good fortune, good timesClover/ Moon- a proposition that makes you happy, something you may not have expected, an invitation, having a really good nightClover/ Key- success due to good luck, being in the right place at the right timeClover/ Fish- being lucky with money, money arriving very soonClover/ Anchor- solid luck, the effects of the luck staying with you for a long timeClover/ Cross- someone doing something nice for you without being asked, benevolent intervention, someone standing up for you

3. Ship

Keywords- business, financial affairs, travel, movement

The Ship has always been about business for me, be it your job or whatever it is you spend most of your time doing, whatever you consider yourself to be. Its movement and travel with the right combination. Its a positive card that suggests things are happening slowly but surely.

In combinationShip/ House- moving house, moving on in general, can be working from homeShip/ Tree- growth in your business, moving up the ladderShip/ Clouds- thinking about your business, instability or uncertainty about your businessShip/ Snake- something isnt what it seems in business, double check your facts and figures, a hidden mistake, sometimes outright deceptionShip/ Coffin- nothing much is happening in business, a necessary lullShip/ Flowers- enjoying your job or businessShip/ Scythe- a sudden turn in business, an unexpected development in your working lifeShip/ Whip- a period of difficultly at work, tension and wariness about businessShip/ Bird- work gossip, word getting around rather fast, worry about workShip/ Child- a new job or promotion or role at work, a small change at workShip/ Fox- keeping to yourself at work, keeping your own counsel, not sharing an ideaShip/ Bear- important work, a position of leadership, a boss or other person who has influence or control over your businessShip/ Star- good work, a business wish granted, a job you likeShip/ Stork- a trip you may choose not to return from, moving on altogether, leaving the past behindShip/ Dog- a workmate or colleagueShip/ Tower- a job or business you have had for a long time, or returning to an old job or position, past work influencing you nowShip/ Garden- a pleasure trip, can be combining business and pleasureShip/ Mountain- someone from overseas or very far away, communication with overseas/ far away, can be a trip to the mountains literallyShip/ Road- travel, a holiday, taking time offShip/ Mouse- small annoying tasks that must be performed, can be someone undermining you at workShip/ Heart- a job or business you love, working for the love of it rather then the money, sometimes a love affair at work or working with your loverShip/ Ring- a repetitive job or task, a task that you have to start again as soon as youve finishedShip/ Book- a new job or business, a task youve never done beforeShip/ Letter- a work contract, the fine print, discussions regarding your business or work conditionsShip/ Man/ Woman- a male or female bossShip/ Lily- a professional position or person like lawyer, doctor etc,Ship/ Sun- good times at work, easy work, working during the dayShip/ Moon- enjoying your job, working at nightShip/ Key- work or business success, your greatest happiness coming from work at this time, achieving a long held goalShip/ Fish- financial gains, a well paying job, money earnedShip/ Anchor- staying in the same place at work, lack of desire to move on or up, being content with what you haveShip/ Cross- a job or business you were destined for, being noticed by others or higher up, other people having an influence on your position

4. House

Keywords- the home, something stable, immediate family

Not surprisingly, the House is just that- your home, things that are close to you and your immediate family, those you share your home with.

In combinationHouse/ Tree- a home you will be staying at for a long time, slow but steady improvement at homeHouse/ Clouds- wishing you were home, h