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  • 1. 2007 ANNUAL REPORT
  • 2. Letter to our Shareholders Stuart A. Miller President and Chief Executive Officer Lennar Corporation Dear Shareholders, has given us cause to retrench, to reconsider and to reposition for another day. And thats Market conditions in 2007 resulted in exactly what weve done. We have: unprecedented challenges for the homebuilding industry. As the year unfolded, the market Reviewed our assets and impaired them contracted at a pace that few could have where necessary to reflect the full extent of anticipated. Our strategy throughout the year the current market conditions focused on our asset base as we strived to Curtailed land purchases where possible, convert hard assets into cash. Consistent walked from option deposits on land contracts with our long-standing strategy, we made our and wrote off pre-acquisitions costs balance sheet our top priority. That meant: Reconsidered and, where appropriate, restructured the composition and Reducing the value of assets on contribution of our joint ventures our books to current market value where necessary Additionally, the Company has remained Reassessing the value and risk of our focused on keeping inventories low by using joint venture partnerships incentives and price reductions to sell homes Generating cash from home deliveries and backfill cancellations, adjusting the rate of Negotiating innovative transactions such new home starts to the pace of sales and right- as our sale of assets to a joint venture sizing our operating Divisions to meet reduced with Morgan Stanley demand levels in the market. Our year-end results reflect the decisive actions We also generated cash by selling land assets taken by our Company to deal with the harsh that, because of reduced volume, would not be realities of the homebuilding economy and to needed for many years. While most of these stay ahead of the curve knowing that market assets sold below their original book value due conditions could remain soft and perhaps to the drop in market prices and the lack of continue to deteriorate in 2008. The results demand for land assets, we believe that the were as follows: cash value of these sales far outweighed the risk of holding the land assets on our books. Revenues of $10.2 billion down 37% Loss per share of $12.31 includes a We generated cash by selling a portfolio of assets $12.62 per share charge related to to a joint venture created by Morgan Stanley valuation adjustments and other write-offs and our Company. While these assets sold at a Homebuilding operating loss of $2.9 billion price below their original book value and while Deliveries of 33,283 homes down 33% we will be optioning some of the homesites back Homebuilding debt to total capital from this joint venture, we believe in this instance of 37.5% (net homebuilding debt to that the availability of cash generated from the total capital of 30.2%) and cash deal is far more valuable than keeping the hard of $642.5 million at year-end assets on our books. Tax refund of $852 million received subsequent to year-end Finally, and incidental to the execution of the sale of assets, we received substantial cash just While our year-end results are disappointing, after year-end by recovering taxes paid in prior we made meaningful progress preparing for years through realized losses incurred in 2007. 2008 and beyond. This challenging market
  • 3. Our balance sheet remains strong, with Executive Management meetings where the our homebuilding debt to total capital ratio same elements are scrutinized on a Company- standing at 37.5%. And while weve recorded wide basis. Overall our management team is a net loss of $1.9 billion for the year, this loss hands on and focused on our core operations is primarily the result of the reassessment of our on a daily basis. land positions, joint ventures and deals under option or contract and our cash generation From our quarterly Operations Reviews to our strategy designed to position us for the future. daily Plant Meetings in each Division, we are reviewing and re-reviewing the environment, As we look ahead to 2008, we recognize that adjusting our business and adapting our market conditions remain difficult at best, and operations to changes in the market as they are likely to remain weak for the foreseeable present themselves. future. We recognize that pricing and sales volume will be difficult to anticipate in this In conclusion, let me say to our Shareholders, market environment. And we recognize that our Customers, our Community and our rebuilding margins and profitability will require Associates we are thankful for your a hands-on, bottom-up focus from each of our commitment and support in 2007. While one Divisions around the country. might become disheartened by the hard numbers on paper that define our results for 2007, we Building homes is our core business, and we know there will be better times ahead. Market know well how to build homes profitably. distress will ultimately give way to stabilization In declining market conditions, profitability and recovery. Over-supply and credit market derives primarily from product adjustment and dysfunction will correct, and demand for new cost reduction. It requires the right price for homes in America will rise to meet the needs of the underlying land, the correct product on a growing population. that land, the lowest construction costs possible and SG&A expenses properly sized for the The Associates of Lennar will continue to work operation. And it requires a focus on the diligently to be properly positioned for that processes that drive costs and assess product. recovery. I am encouraged by the dedicated efforts put forth and the significant progress Throughout 2007, we have refined our business made by the many outstanding Associates of model in each of our markets and we have our Company. They have adopted a 24/7, mapped out a strategy to rebuild margin in assess and adapt approach to revitalizing 2008. We have revamped product offerings in our business in the most difficult of market many of our markets. Weve aggressively re- conditions. Their tireless efforts, their conviction bid construction costs and weve lowered SG&A and their love for this Company will drive the expenses by reducing our workforce by more future successes of Lennar as we build on the than 50%. Weve reviewed each Divisions foundation of the progress that has been made business plan and have made meaningful in 2007. progress in repositioning each individual Division to regain profitability as market conditions stabilize. Our strategy overall has Sincerely, been recalibrated to match existing conditions in each market. As always, our focus on process continues. Each Lennar Division starts the day with a morning Plant Meeting where sales, starts, Stuart A. Miller closings, inventory and asset base are carefully President and Chief Executive Officer monitored. This review dovetails with regular Lennar Corporation
  • 4. FORM 10-K
  • 5. LENNAR CORPORATION FORM 10-K For the Fiscal Year Ended November 30, 2007 Part I Item 1. Business 1 Item 1A. Risk Factors 9 Item 1B. Unresolved Staff Comments 15 Item 2. Properties 17 Item 3. Legal Proceedings 17 Item 4. Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders 17 Part II Item 5. Market for Registrants Common Equity, Related Stockholder Matters and Issuer Purchases of Equity Securities 18 Item 6. Selected Financial Data