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the journey made by lego characters

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    I wanted to experiment with lego to use them as im-ages. The Man with the box is a figure that looks very unreal, so i wanted to use something unreal and put it into a story situation. I chose the story to be something stereotypical where theres two brave soldiers rescuing their team and theyre trapped somewhere and they have to forage for the hideout. I like the selection of pictures i have chosen as it re-ally shows off the environment in the story and also the bright lego blocks. I like The process you see the charscters go through which is what i want. Also you can tell whats going on even without any speech in-volved. In order to take this to the next level, i may want to include speech bubbles or typical words used like POW or KAPOW to show a humerous side to my weork and also have a stronger relevance to comic book style. I should prehaps include more close up of the faces, and to take thst to the next level, manipu-late the images to show different expressions as a way of portraying ho they feel and what theyre thinking.