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  • What is Legal Brokers?

    Legal Brokers is a two-sided, demand-led marketplace.

    An online platform that enables customers to compare and test lawyers in the market to find an appropriately skilled and experienced lawyer.

    A service thats free for customers with proven demand.

    A digital marketplace that enables customers to find professional services the way they want to ONLINE!

    A marketing service for lawyers.

  • Why Use Legal Brokers?

    Legal Brokers is a reward-based marketing channel for

    lawyers. No upfront costs, just pay as you grow.

    Lawyers can compete on a level playing field in an

    open digital market place against larger, better

    resourced firms.

    Lawyers get a FREE Social Business Profile that

    communicates their professional approach, personal

    qualities and points of difference in the market.

    Legal Brokers Social Business Profile are yours, free to use

    for other marketing and brand building as you wish.

  • Benefits of Joining Legal Brokers

    Market your brand to pre-qualified customers in a high-

    traffic market place.

    Manage spare capacity and yield to improve margins

    without brand devaluation.

    Selectively develop new services and lawyers.

    Measure the cost of marketing and new business


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