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  • 1.www.guidedinquiry.ning.com Guided Inquiry - Dr. Ross J. Todd, Carol Kuhlthau Using wiki to facilitate the process ofGuided InquiryLee FitzGerald Loreto Kirribilli

2. What IS Guided Inquiry? Developed by Dr. Ross J. Todd and Professor CarolKuhltau Working with teachers, teacher librarians: share the work of guiding inquiry plan and scaffold research tasks, using the Information Search Process seek feedback from students at critical points carry out planned and unplanned interventions on an individual and group basis, and take responsibility for the successful achievement of information literacy outcomes Guided Inquiry relies on communication with and between students. Wiki is perfect for this. 3. GI Researchers wiki: A working tool 4. GI Researchers wiki: Communicating with Ross Todd 5. GI Researchers wiki: Individual school page 6. GI researchers wiki: Communications 7. Year 9 PDHPE Aboriginal health and wellbeing: Showcase wiki 8. Showcasing student products 9. 11 Ancient History wiki: close collaboration on process of a Guided Inquiry 10. 11Anxiety wiki: Structure of the assignment 11. Information Search Process is the work of Professor Carol Collier 12. Example of a student page on the wiki 13. Reflection sheet 1 example 14. Reflection Sheet 2 example 15. Reflection sheet 3 example 16. Reflection sheet 4: example 17. Peer assessment and self reflection 18. Notetaking grid example 19. Teacher and TL feedback: Continuous!