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  • Learning is the adventure of a lifetime.

    November 2017


    Ms. Beverly, Principal

    Dates to Remember:

    NOVEMBER: 2 – Building Renovations Ceremony 6:00 PM 3 – Kinder Field Trip 4 – PTA Carnival 10:00AM – 2:00PM 7 – PTA Board Meeting 6:30 PM 9 – Fall Picture Retakes 9 – PTA General Meeting 6:30 PM 10 – Veterans’ Day Celebration 13 – 14 – Thanksgiving Lunches 14 – School Board Meeting 15 – Progress Reports Posted in Skyward 20-24 – Thanksgiving Break

    With gratitude in our hearts, we hope you will join us for our November events and give thanks with us for our students

    as well as the school community and facilities.

    • Thursday, November 2nd – Building Renovation Celebration (6:00pm)

    • Saturday, November 4th – PTA Fall Carnival (10am-2pm)

    • Thursday, November 9th – PTA Meeting (6:30pm)

    • Monday, November 13th or Tuesday, November 14th – Thanksgiving Lunches

    On Friday, November 10th we are honoring our Veterans and Active Duty Military. We invite Veterans and Active Duty

    Military to join their Carleston Cub for breakfast and our flag raising ceremony. We are encouraging, if possible, our

    guests to wear their uniform.

    Safety Reminder:

    For safety reasons, parents driving their children to school in the mornings are requested to use one of two drop-off lanes for

    students: the front porch drive and the gym circle drive. Both drive entrances are accessed from Fite Rd. Adult supervision will be at

    each drop off location. Additionally, please remember to form one single line of traffic and stay to the right in the drop off lanes.

    Dress Code Reminder:

    • The following is NOT dress code approved

    o Graphic design t-shirt/sweatshirt (exception: PISD spirit wear or College spirit wear)

    o Spirit wear supporting professional teams o Plaid o Shoes with lights or wheels

    • Please remember:

    o Solid color – Pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and jumpers o Solid color – shirts, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts, and vests

    Note: Stripes are allowed if shirt has a standard collar. o May have a single logo – shirts, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts, and vests

  • Counselor’s Corner

    Faith Flowers, flowersf@pearlandisd.org

    A VETERAN’S DAY TO REMEMBER Friday, November 10, 2017

    7:15 – 10:00AM

    Breakfast with a Veteran 7:15 – 8:00AM in the Gym

    We will be having breakfast in the gym starting at 7:15AM. Veterans are

    encouraged to wear their uniform at breakfast, if possible. Please come with, or

    meet, the child you are planning on eating with.

    Raising of the Flag 8:15 – 8:30AM

    Veterans that come to the breakfast are welcome to stay for the raising of the flag.

    Stories with Soldiers 9:00 – 10:00AM

    We need volunteers to read to our classes!

    If you are a Veteran or know a Veteran, and would like to volunteer to read, then

    please send the form back stating the time you would be available and if you want

    a certain class or grade level. We will do our best to fit everyone’s requests to the

    best of our ability. Each reading will last about 30 minutes and we may ask that

    you read to more than one class if needed. Veteran’s that come to breakfast are

    more than welcome to read to a class. We ask that if you are interested that you let

    us know as soon as possible. If you would like to volunteer, please send an email

    to flowersf@pearlandisd.org. Please include your name and if you have a

    preference of grade or class you would like to read to.


  • Library News Ms. Marcoux Hello from the Carleston Library!

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Carleston Library!

    I am always thankful for the opportunity to hold our Book Fairs. Most

    importantly, I am thankful for the people:

    Parent volunteers who help in a myriad of ways to get the Book Fair off

    the ground and running.

    Teachers & Staff who work around the Library’s crazy schedule (seeing

    every class twice in 6 days!)

    Parents & family who support the Book Fair by purchasing books for

    their Cubs and for their Cubs’ classrooms.

    Also, I thank you for recognizing the importance of reading, and the

    importance of allowing your Cub to read JUST for the fun of it! 😊

    Book Fairs and school breaks are always a scary time for Library books.

    Please be sure to keep track of your child’s books by following the best

    practice of returning them to the backpacks every single night.

    We are reading some really great books in the Library – be sure to ask

    your child about them!

  • Art with Ms. Peters

    Hello Parents & Students!

    The 4th & 3rd grade students are all working on designing and assembling the

    different parts of their Art sketchbooks. The sketchbooks are something new

    that I am trying with my upper level Art students this year and I am very

    excited to see how it works for them!

    The 2nd & 1st grade students are in the middle of their “About Me” project.

    They are working to use images to show different aspects of themselves, the

    things they enjoy or love.

    In Kinder, we are working on our ability to work with a pencil like an artist.

    We are practicing drawing lines and shapes and use those things in our art

    work that we create!

    Pearland ISD has rebranded The Progress. The formerly biannual

    newspaper publication is now published as a quarterly magazine in digital

    and print formats providing parents and community members a glimpse

    of what’s happening throughout the district. To view the online format,

    visit http://www.pearlandisd.org/progress.

  • D E V E L O P I N G W O R L D

    C L A S S L E A R N E R S

    W H O M E E T O R

    E X C E E D

    I N T E R N A T I O N A L

    S T A N D A R D S O F

    A C A D E M I C

    P E R F O R M A N C E .

    We have completed processing all K-4th

    grade GT nominations. Assessments will take

    place on campus or at the ESC as detailed


    Kindergarten: Students will be assessed at the ESC on a Saturday in January or February. Information detailing how to register for a testing date will be sent to parents in November.

    1st-4th Grade: Students will be assessed at

    their home campus, during the school day.

    Make up assessments will be scheduled on a

    Saturday, at the ESC, in January or February.

    K-4th Grade President’s Day Riddles

    Q1: Which side of the Turkey has the

    most feathers?

    Q2: What kind of music do Pilgrims


    Q3: What smells the best at a

    Thanksgiving dinner?

    Q4: What did the baby corn say to the

    Mama corn?

    Answers: Q1: The OUTside Q2: Plymouth Rock Q3: Your nose Q4: “Where’s POPcorn?”

    GT Academy Parent Information Night

    Parents of current 4th—7th grade students are invited to attend the GT Academy Parent Information Night on Thursday, November 16, 2017. GT Academy Specialists will give an

    overview of the GT Academy and answer any questions regarding the program.


    ROBYN OLSEN, K-4th SPECIALIST olsenr@pearlandisd.org

    JENIFER HILL, 5-6th SPECIALIST hillj@pearlandisd.org

    DAMON RAYBURN, 7-8th SPECIALIST rayburnd@pearlandisd.org

    CHRISTINA PAIR, 9-12th SPECIALIST pairc@pearlandisd.org

    COREY COGSWELL, 9-12TH SPECIALIST cogswellc@pearlandisd.org

    Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented


    National Association for Gifted Children






    Pearland ISD Advanced Academics


    NOVEMBER 2017

    mailto:olsenr@pearlandisd.org mailto:hillj@pearlandisd.org mailto:rayburnd@pearlandisd.org mailto:pairc@pearlandisd.org

  • What’s going on in the

    General Meeting

    November 9th at 6:30 PM in the Carleston Cafeteria

    Join us for the 2nd PTA General Meeting of the year!

    How did the Fall Carnival do? We’ll have the numbers!

    Get to know the Principal Mrs. Beverly! Ever wondered what lead her to a career in education,

    or what she likes to do when she’s not watching over our Cubs? Come find out!

    Meet Mandy Benedix leader of the RISE Mentoring program in Pearland ISD. Find out how just

    30 minutes a week can impact the life of a child here in our district.


    It’s never too late to sign up to lend a hand to the PTA. If you would like to receive volunteer

    opportunity emails, please send your name, email address and phone number

    to CarlestonVolunteers@gmail.com. If you plan to volunteer on campus, please be sure to

    complete a Pearland ISD background check athttp://www.pearlandisd.org/Page/261.