Learning Design/Instructional Design

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A practical approach to learning design within the context of productions for online learning.

Transcript of Learning Design/Instructional Design

  • 1. Instructional Design Learning Design Feb. 28 2006 Samantha Slade
  • 2. !quot; Delineate playing #eld $quot; Analyze what you have on hand and take position %quot; Stretch techno&pedagogical mindset Produce design 1,2,3 go!
  • 3. Curriculum DE model: cohorts' pacing' teacher student ration' teacher time' delivery systems etc Clientele Organizational vision Organizational standards Technological realities Budget and deadline realities Climate of change 1. Delineate the ID playing eld
  • 4. the program: particular challenges? existing resources: what(s reusable or inspirational? pedagogical strategies: what(s appropriate? evaluation: how will it function? communication' sharing' collaboration needs? teacher role? 2. Analyze and take position
  • 5. Showcase technology that is up and coming' but with pedagogical perspective Provide referential frameworks exquot; Collaboration can go from one &to&one' all the way to completely public Show examples of what don(t want' and if available exemplary models Throw in some indirectly related )wow* to inspire 3. Expand techno-pedagogical mindset
  • 6. Data Data Tasks Problems Cognitive Social Investigations constructivist constructivist Projects Role playing Teams Data Tutorats Collaboration Exercises/activities Data Conferences Simulations Evaluation Tutorial Learning Quiz Learner Mentors resources support Peers Sequences Books/Documents Time line Scaffolding Articles/notes Instructions Strategies Links Procedures Templates Case studies News Heuristics Presentations Data Data Produce instructional design Inspired dby Oliver et Harrington, 2001 and Dennis et Maguire 2005
  • 7. Preliminary design Tests Prototype Evaluation Adjustments Final design 5. Test, prototype, evaluate, adjust