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Learning Community. BRMS Staff Norms Research/Data Take Risks/Action Researchers Continuous Learners Observe colleagues Collaborate Flexible/Open-Minded All decisions based on what is best for children. Identifying Need / Best Practice. Liaisons EE:STW Visit Pioneer Middle School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Learning Community

  • Learning CommunityBRMS Staff NormsResearch/DataTake Risks/Action ResearchersContinuous LearnersObserve colleaguesCollaborateFlexible/Open-MindedAll decisions based on what is best for children

  • Identifying Need / Best PracticeLiaisonsEE:STW VisitPioneer Middle SchoolParent Group

  • Identifying the need/Instructional TeamShould grades be a secret?Should only students be privy to their assignments?How can students take more ownership of their learning?Do students understand how each teachers grading system works?What would happen if students and parents could intervene in a more timely manner?Would this lead to more of a partnership with parents?Would this motivate students?Would this increase student advocacy/dialogue with teacher?

  • List and discuss worriesParents comparing teachersIncreased e-mails, conferences, callsIncreased work Students and Parents obsessing gradesIncrease student anxietyTimeliness of posting gradesParents questioning types of assessments and assignments

  • To what extent are you checking your childs grades on-line?Parent Survey

  • To what extent do you feel that on-line grading has motivated your child to take more ownership of his/her learning? (90%)Parents

  • To what extent has on-line grading improved communicationbetween home and school? (92%)Parents

  • Since the onset of on-line grading, to what extent have the below increased/decreased?

    Same or Decreased: Conferences 81% E-mail 73% Phone Calls 87.5% (Nature)

  • TeachersHow have parents responded to any mistakes that you have maderelative to any grades and assignments that you have posted?

  • TeachersDo you feel that on-line grading is making an impact on student learningor motivation to learn? (81.5%)

  • StudentsTo what degree does knowing your current grade motivate you to learn?

  • Because your grades are online, do you talk to your parents more about your grades/assignmentsstudents

  • Do you feel like you can take more ownership of your grades and learningsince they are posted on-line?students

  • OutcomesWeighting and Philosophy - HomeworkCreating AssessmentsCommon AssessmentsFormative AssessmentsRe-takesAveraging Grades

  • SampleKealey anitaryan1995