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Rocket Arabic Premium is a new course that teaches you how to master Arabic in the shortest period of time possible.

Transcript of Learn Arabic quickly with Rocket Arabic Premium

  • 1. This system Was created by Amira Zaki

2. Is an online course 3. The site Vkool.com provides a detailed review of Rocket Arabic Premium at: http://vkool.com/rocket-arabic-premium/ 4. This language learning system will get you speaking and understanding Arabic like a native fast! 5. The system put the fun into learning Arabic 6. so you will never feel bored with your language learning 7. This language course will help reduce your learning time by up to 50% 8. The system consists of many helpful techniques in Arabic learning that shows you how to improve all 4 language skills 9. such as listening 10. speaking 11. reading 12. and writing 13. The program focuses on 3 important elements for learning 14. such as the content 15. the learner 16. and the environment 17. By combining the three scientifically proven theories of learning, and taking advantage of advances in e- learning and technology, the author has developed an effective way for you to speak and understand Arabic, and retain it forever 18. Rocket Arabic Premium also includes a writing section, where you can watch easy-to-follow videos that show you how to write Arabic characters yourself 19. You can also listen to embedded audio clips, to hear what each character or word sounds like 20. You will get step-by-step written explanations of how to read and write Arabic 21. You will even learn about the fascinating history of the Arabic writing system. 22. The system provides you with lots of extra Arabic vocabulary in the audio tracks 23. The system contains: Real life conversations about useful real world things 24. Conversations that you can actually use 25. Conversations designed to get you speaking Arabic right from the very first lesson 26. Bonuses Rocket Arabic Advanced MegaCards Rocket Arabic Beginners MegaCards Rocket Arabic Premium Survival Kit 27. Price Online access costs $99.95 20 CD Pack costs $299.95 28. Customer support at: support@rocketlanguages.com