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  1. 1. Topic 4: How to Learn and Share Career Knowledge on LinkedIn
  2. 2. LinkedIn makes absorbing the knowledge of your network super easy. Read on to discover a wealth of opportunities that could be sitting right under your nose. As a student sizing up your ideal career, do you ever have an inkling you might not be making the most of the abundant networking and learning opportunities all around you?
  3. 3. If youve been following our series youll already be familiar with the many small actions that can help you to get the most out of LinkedIn.
  4. 4. In Topic 1 we looked at the importance of having a fully fleshed out profile, listing your accomplishments, so that you can easily be found by others.
  5. 5. In Topic 2 we looked at why relationships matter when it comes to building a great career. We learned that the secret is to start with your immediate network and watch your connections grow, based on who they know.
  6. 6. Topic 3 looked at how to leverage LinkedIn to find a job. We saw that its all about optimising your profile, asking your connections for assistance and making the most of all the many ways you can search for jobs and info about companies on Linkedins central database.
  7. 7. Here in Topic 4, were going to explore the many ways you can use LinkedIn now and in the future. You can share advice and gather insights that will help you succeed in your career.
  8. 8. Step 1: Learn from your network Have you recently graduated or are you still in university? If so, you have an excellent pool of people who can help you on your job hunt - your fellow students and alumni.
  9. 9. They can give you the benefit of their own experience, and point you in the direction of great opportunities. They might even be able to offer you sound career advice too.
  10. 10. One great place to find alumni and classmates is by exploring your universitys Alumni on LinkedIn. Just go to your University Page to explore the careers of those who graduated from your university and your course. You can see where they now work, and the career path they took to get there. You can check their profiles and even get in touch with them most alumni are happy to share help and insights with students from their old university.
  11. 11. Alumni arent your only networking priority. Why not follow companies too? You can learn lots from best-in-class brands. Many companies post inspiring information related to job opportunities, events, and more, so follow them and get updates directly to your feed. You might also learn about new roles this way!
  12. 12. Ever heard that old saying: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, youll land among the stars? Whether you spend your nights dreaming about working as a data analyst for Capgemini or a marketing exec at LOreal, there are a wide variety of industry trendsetters you can learn from on LinkedIn. Why not have a search for your favourite brands today?
  13. 13. When it comes to carving your perfect career, it can help to get advice from the big guns. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  14. 14. Of course LinkedIn is also a platform for publishing great content one where top industry trailblazers light up your screen with brilliant advice, hints, tips and thought-provoking posts. Why not challenge your thinking and the status quo by following great Influencers like Richard Branson.
  15. 15. Whatever industry youre looking to get into, groups enable you to stay connected with those who matter. Groups are the perfect way for those with like-minded interests to share content, find answers, post jobs and make contacts. You can also grab great insights from others to take with you to job interviews and meetings.
  16. 16. Whats more, people who join groups typically get 5 times more profile views than those that dont!
  17. 17. Thinking you need to join some groups pronto? Well, handily, LinkedIn gives you suggestions of groups you might find interesting based on your profile - or simply type a few keywords into the search bar for more specific results. Why not join a group and ask more experienced members what skills you need to rise to the top?
  18. 18. And when you join a group youre also growing your network. You can see the full profile of those in your group, even if youre not connected if theyre in a relevant field, that could be a great bonus!
  19. 19. Step 2: Share insights and engage with your network Want to establish your reputation further? Sharing ideas, questions, articles and website links will put you at the forefront of your industry whatever level of your career.
  20. 20. Sharing great content regularly proves that you possess the qualities of a top employee. So why not show youre passionate, knowledgeable and collaborative by sharing an interesting post, news or video today? It can take a little courage to showcase your vision but the pay-offs are worth it.
  21. 21. We may have all come from different ships, but were in the same boat. Forward standout job listings onto your fellows because its nice to help others. And who knows? They might return the favour someday.
  22. 22. Taking action keeps the conversation going and builds your reputation as an excellent LinkedIn contact. If you want to be remembered, take the time to like, comment and share other peoples updates.
  23. 23. And there you have it! A 4 step guide to learning and sharing career knowledge on LinkedIn. Remember these key points and youll be growing your network, profile views and opportunities in no time at all: Make sure you connect with your alumni Follow companies and Influencers to stay on top of industry trends and insights Get involved with relevant groups to share knowledge with like-minded people Share status updates and insights with your network on a regular basis to demonstrate passion and enthusiasm