leaning tower Opera House Statue of Liberty Eiffel Tower

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Transcript of leaning tower Opera House Statue of Liberty Eiffel Tower

  • leaning tower

  • Opera House

  • Statue of Liberty

  • Eiffel Tower

  • Mount Fuji

  • Sphinx

  • Man fears Time; yet Time fears the Pyramids.

  • The River Nile

  • The High Dam

  • Abu Simbel

  • How many people are there in the dialogue? Who are they?

    What they are talking about?

    4 people. They are Mr. White, Mrs. White, Pippa and Bob. They are talking about the plan for their trip.

  • visit the High Dam visit the town of Aswango shopping this eveningtake a boat on the River Nile

    peopleTheir suggestionMr. WhiteMrs. WhiteBobPippa

  • We could visit the town of Aswan.Id prefer to do that tomorrow. I dont feel like walking very much today. Id like to take a boat on the River Nile.Id like to do some shopping but not during the day. Maybe we could to shopping this evening.Cant we visit the High Dam?wan fang-fang:

  • What are they doing now when the story happen?

    Where is Abu Simbel temple?

    If you want to go for a walk around Aswan, what youd better take?They are at breakfast, talking about the plan for their trip.Its on the edge of the lake that has been made by the dam Youd better take a hat. The sun will burn you if youre not careful.

  • America: White House Statue of Liberty Disneyland Times Square Hawaii Pentagon China Town

  • Discuss Use these phrase:where to gohow to get therehow long to spend therewhat to do therewhat to take What shall we do on Sunday?(Maybe) We could visit.Id prefer to go to/ visitId like to Cant we?If we go to , we canI think we should Youd / Wed better take

  • the Forbidden City

  • the Great Wall

  • the Temple of Heaven

  • Tiananmen Square Huabiao

  • the Summer Palace

  • The Forbidden CityThe Tiananmen SquareThe Great WallThe Temple of HeavenThe Summer PalaceBeijing University.

  • http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~ancient/index.html http://ce.eng.usf.edu/pharos/wonders/Forgotten/abusimbel.html

  • Finish exercise 2 and 3 on the WorkbookPreview Lesson 90.

    Find more information about the High Dam and Abu Simbel .