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Overview of the key Leadership Blind Spots as identified by Malandro and how to overcome them!

Transcript of Leadership: identifying leadership blindspots

  • 1. Leadership:Overcoming Blind Spots Kurt Nelson, PhD
  • 2. Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 3. Fearless Leadership The courage to take a bold stand, actdecisively, and engage with others in an extraordinary way. Malandro
  • 4. FEARAre you a fearless leader?
  • 5. Loretta Malandro wrote a great book on fearless leadership One of her key insights was that we all have Blind Spots
  • 6. Blind SpotsThis was my 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia it was a great car!
  • 7. Blind Spots Howeverit had a number of blind spots that hidthings (i.e., cars, people, dogs, etc) from your view
  • 8. Blind Spots Howeverit had a number of blind spots that hidthings (i.e., cars, people, dogs, etc) from your view
  • 9. Leadership Blind SpotsUnproductive behavior that undermines business results and working relationships. Malandro
  • 10. Malandro identified 10 Blind Spots Lets see what they are
  • 11. Going it alone
  • 12. Symptoms Not asking for help Not accepting help Not talking about stressNot including others in decisions Malandro
  • 13. Being insensitive to your impact on others
  • 14. Perception We judge others on their behavior butexpect them to judge us by our intention. Malandro
  • 15. Having an I knowattitude (Im right)
  • 16. ArrogantHaving an answer for everything, rigid and fixed views, lack of intellectual curiosity, not listening,diminishing what others have to say, arguing with everyone who does not agree with your point of view, refusing to explore alternatives and options Malandro
  • 17. Avoiding difficult (crucial) conversations
  • 18. Crucial ConversationsUnderstand that you make the situation worse for others when you dont have those crucial conversations when the crucial moment happens Vital Smarts
  • 19. Blaming others or circumstances
  • 20. AccountabilityBeing personally accountable for business results and your impact on people, even when others accept zero accountability. Malandro
  • 21. If you use these two wordsYeah, but...You might need to take more accountability
  • 22. Treating commitments casually
  • 23. Symptoms Not keeping commitments Not fulfilling promises on time Always maintaining an escape hatchNot providing a clear commitment or non commitment
  • 24. Conspiring against others
  • 25. Minnesota Nice When Im angry at someone, I dont let them know. I just smile pleasantly to his or her faceand then proceed to talk about them behind their back. Urban Dictionary
  • 26. Withholding emotional commitment
  • 27. Hearts and Minds When an organization can capture both the hearts and minds emotional andintellectual commitment people engage and focus energy on implementing change. Malandro
  • 28. Not taking a stand
  • 29. IndecisionAn indecisive leader cripples a group or organization by sapping the energy and drive of people. Malandro
  • 30. Tolerating good enough
  • 31. AccountabilitySettling for the status quo is never reaching for greatness. Unknown
  • 32. Removing The Blind Spots
  • 33. Truly Blind If I told you what blind spots you have,you would deny them, or you would argue, debate, and defend why you do what you do. Malandro
  • 34. What can youdo to identify your blind spots?
  • 35. 1. Find people who can help you identify your blind spots and ask them to help? Must be people who feel comfortable telling you the truth
  • 36. 1. Find people who can help you identify your blind spots and ask them to help? Must be people who feel comfortable telling you the truth that is the hard part
  • 37. 2. Empathy practice take 10-minutes to look back at the last few hours of your day. Write down your specific behaviors (like it was avideo that showed only the actual behaviors) and actively look to identify any of the 10 blind spots.It is hard to do this without some self-editing / bias but try to be brutally honest about it it really can help
  • 38. Create an Action PlanWhat is your Action Planfor identifying your blind spots and taking bold action to do something about them?
  • 39. Ultimately who is accountable? Insert Your Name Here
  • 40. We should wear this badge everday
  • 41. 100% Accountable PledgeI will fully and completely take charge of my own actions. I will not accept lessthan the best from myself or my team. Iwill hold myself accountable for both my own and my teams results. I will onlymake commitments that I can make and that I intend to keep. I will not make excuses.
  • 42. I cannot change anyones behavior but my own so I will focus on how I canchange to achieve success. I will ask for help when I need it. I will gladly accept help when it is offered. I will be open to insights that others have and listen to their ideas, thoughts, and opinions without bias. I will search outinformation on my blind spots from those who work with me. I will not blame others or circumstances for not meeting commitments. I will engage 100% in everything that I do.
  • 43. I will play to win and not play to not lose. I will take bold action whennecessary. I will speak the truth. I will not tolerate good enough. I will face difficult situations and hold crucial conversations when necessary. I will actively examine how my behavior is impacting others. I will not make excuses.I will strive to be a fearless leader whomakes a difference everyday. I will holdmyself accountable to all these things.