Le Chevalier - Knights of Columbus Council #12164 Volume 5 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2019 p.3 St

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Transcript of Le Chevalier - Knights of Columbus Council #12164 Volume 5 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2019 p.3 St

  • Volume 5 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2019 p.1

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Grand Knight’s Message WGK Martin Perez My Dear Brothers:

    I want to begin by thanking you for being so supportive and making my transition as

    smooth as possible. We had a very busy month with a number of different activities. We have a lot of momentum and I look forward to working with all of you to serve and showcase the excellence of our Knights to the Parish community. I am very pleased to announce that Chris Smith has accepted the responsibility to be our council’s Faith Director. Please congratulate Chris and make it a point to support him in our Faith In Action activities. We have many opportunities to make a difference in our parish community by engaging and supporting our Faith in Action programs. I strongly encourage each Knight to take an active role in one of the programs (Faith, Family, Community and Life) for which you have a passion. Each of you brings unique skills and Experiences, so please volunteer and help make a difference.

    We have many upcoming activities in August including our annual Ice Cream Social on August 24

    th and

    this year’s Installation of Officers ceremony on August 17th. Please plan to participate with your family and friends. It will be a great way to kick off our new fraternal year and show our Parish that we want to make a difference. There are a number of other upcoming activities which will require a focal point such as the Arizona Rosary, Silver Rose, and Knights at the Ball Park. Please reach out to one of our FIA Directors or contact me if you would like to volunteer or coordinate that activity. I again remind each of you to reach out to a Catholic Gentlemen who is not a Knight and invite him to join us. It is a rewarding experience and provides Catholic men with another way to be a role model to their families and a contributor to our Parish community. For those of you looking to advance within the Knights of Columbus, we have another 2nd /3rd Degree Exemplification coming up in September. Please take advantage of this opportunity if you are a 1st degree member. In addition, there will be a 4th Degree Exemplification in September for those of you wanting to attain your Patriotic degree. Please visit our website (kofc12164.org) to get the latest news and calendar of our events. Trevor Mahan has done a great job building our Council’s website and it is a positive reflection of our Council activities and the Knights of Columbus. I welcome your input and suggestions so that we can continually improve upon our contributions to the Parish community. I continue to ask you to pray for me as I hope that God will provide me with the insight and knowledge to serve you in the manner you deserve. God Bless you All. Vivat Jesus, SK Martin C Perez Grand Knight

    St. Bernadette

    Council 12164


    Scottsdale, AZ

    Inside this issue:

    Grand Knights’ Report 1

    Knight of the Month 2

    Family of the Month 2

    Birthdays 2

    Saint of the Month 3

    Food for the Poor 4

    “I’m in Awe of You” 6

    Leica and the Jews 7

    Pictures 9

    Calendars 10

    Coming Events 11

    Good of the Order

    Prayer List 12

    Contacts 12

    The Assumption 13

    Le Chevalier

  • Volume 5 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2019 p.2

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    August 2019 Gene Arvizu

    Bob Bolin

    Christopher Butcher

    Dale Lewis

    Louis Matthews

    Terrance Miller

    Ken Minniti

    Nikolas Nikas

    Charles Polizzi

    George Shatto

    Dominic Svorinic

    Brian Weber

    Jerry Wood

    Trevor Mahan

    Knight of the Month

    July 2019

    The Morano Family

    Family of the Month

    July 2019

    Installation Dinner The Installation of the 2019-20 Officers will take place

    on August 17, 2019, right after the 5:00 PM Mass in the

    Church. If you plan to enjoy dinner and the ceremonies

    that follow in the Parish Hall, please RSVP to PGK

    Richard Welp as soon as possible. We’d love to have the

    whole Council and the Knights’ wives and children there

    for this event. $10.00 adults; children free

    August 17, 2019 right after 5:00 Mass

  • Volume 5 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2019 p.3

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Saint of the Month Saint Mary MacKillop

    (January 15, 1842 – August 8, 1909)

    Saint Mary MacKillop’s Story

    If Saint Mary MacKillop were alive today, she would be a

    household name. It’s not that she sought the limelight. On

    the contrary, she simply wanted to serve the poor wherever

    she found them in her native Australia. But along the way,

    she managed to arouse the ire of some rather powerful

    churchmen. One even excommunicated her for a time.

    Born in Melbourne in 1842, to parents who had emigrated

    from Scotland, Mary grew up in a family that faced constant

    financial struggles. As a young woman she was drawn to

    religious life but could not find an existing order of Sisters

    that met her needs. In 1860, she met Father Julian Woods,

    who became her spiritual director. Together they founded a

    new community of women—the Sisters of St. Joseph of the

    Sacred Heart, also known as the Josephite Sisters. Its

    members were to staff schools especially for poor children, as

    well as orphanages, and do other works of charity.

    As the congregation grew, so did Mary MacKillop’s problems.

    Her priest-friend proved unreliable in many ways and his

    responsibilities for direction of the Sisters were removed.

    Meanwhile, Mary had the support of some local bishops as

    she and her Sisters went about their work. But the bishop in

    South Australia, aging and relying on others for advice, briefly

    excommunicated Mary—charging her with disobedience—

    and dispensed 50 of her Sisters from their vows. In truth, the

    bishop’s quarrel was about power and who had authority

    St. Mary MacKillop, oro pro nobis!

    over whom. He ultimately rescinded his order of


    Mary insisted that her congregation should be governed by

    an elected mother general answerable to Rome, not to the

    local bishop. There also were disputes about whether or not

    the congregation could own property. In the end, Rome

    proved to be Mary’s best source of support. After a long wait

    official approval of the congregation—and how it was to be

    governed—came from Pope Leo XIII.

    Despite her struggles with Church authorities, Mary

    MacKillop and h