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  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts



  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts


    Since its inception in 1978, LandDesign

    has consistently provided a broad range

    of clients with creative project solutions

    delivered by experienced professionals

    skilled in urban design, land planning,civil engineering, landscape architecture,

    and branding. Our talented and dedicated

    team possesses the proven skills and

    knowledge to meet ever-increasing

    demands and challenges on a regional,

    national, and international basis.

    Waterfront ServicesMaritime Markets Analysis

    Real Estate and Financial Assessment

    Waterfront and Upland Facilities Visioning and Master Planning

    Cruise, Ferry and Cargo Terminal Design

    Landscape Architecture and Environmental Graphics

    Facility Simulation and Modeling

    Client Advocacy and Promotion

    Sustainable Destination and Tourism Planning

    One of the great challenges in waterfront development is the active engagement of the waters edge and harbor

    area into the surrounding community. Too often, planning efforts focus on the transformation of adjacent uplands

    and miss opportunities for integration of waterfront activities that support commerce, transport, and recreation.

    Jurisdictional control, project complexity, regulatory hurtles, and limited financial gains are frequently cited as

    primary limiting factors to fully tapping into the waters edge. And the value added through incorporation of

    various waterfront uses is frequently overlooked.

    At LandDesign, waterfront planning and design is not simply a process, but an art form related to creating

    authentic places that are true to their history, environment, and economic and social potential. Our teams

    experience and depth enable us to provide a complete range of waterfront services for communities, ports,

    and industries tied to the waters edge.

  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts



  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts



    The Caracasbaai peninsula is a 267-acre brownfield located along the southwest coast of Curacao andadministered by the islands government and the Curacao Ports Authority. The master plan calls for a balancedredevelopment of the site, committing 40 percent of the area for establishment of an active, economicallyselfsupporting mixed-use waterfront development with the remaining land area established as environmentalpreserve. Developed areas are to offer a host of highly integrated uses, inclusive of hospitality and resort nodes,marina and yachting facilities, a commercial and residential district, andthrough reuse of exiting marine facilitiesa cruise pier and shopping village. The vision plan incorporates a series of low impact development (LID) elementsand other sustainable design features to create a development unique in Curacao and the Caribbean region.

    SIZE267-acres (108 hectares)CLIENTCuracao Ports Authority (CPA) and Government of Curacao

  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts



  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts



    While an extraordinary site certainly contributes to the success of a waterfront project, the creation of a truly unique placerequires the desire to embrace the natural setting and integrate it into a human-scaled setting that engages the senses.This is achieved at National Harbor, an ambitious 300-acre urban mixed-use project perched along the Potomac River inPrince Georges County, Maryland. With the first phase completed, the plan for National Harbor will ultimately encompassnearly 500,000 square feet of office space, 2,500 residential units, 4,000 hotel rooms, a convention center, luxury resortwith marina, and over one million square feet of retail, dining and entertainment offerings aligned with scenic parks, publicspaces and a magnificent collection of public art. National Harbor is oriented toward the river, with the street patternand building placement designed to provide physical and visual access. Significant views and prominent landmarks areframed, including famous monuments around the Washington DC metro area. The public can take full advantage of theriver since the 1.5 mile waterfront is accessed by Harborwalk, a trail that is part of the Potomac Heritage National ScenicTrail, as well as a marina, a beach, an outdoor multipurpose stage area and two public piers.

    SIZE300-acres (121 hectares)CLIENTThe Peterson Companies, LLC

  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts


    San Juan WaterfrontSAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO

  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts


    San Juan WaterfrontSAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO

    The San Juan Waterfront project is an expansive, 100 acre redevelopment of underutilized industrial, port and otherwaterfront properties situated along the northern edge of Canal San Antonio and found within the historic Isleta de SanJuan in Puerto Rico. The project calls for the return of the waterfront to the people of San Juan and Puerto Rico throughcreation of a series of vibrant and diverse neighborhoods supporting commercial, residential, hospitality and civic usesinterlinked by a unique paseo and green park system. Residential neighborhoods will be comprised of an eclectic andvaried product mix. Connectivity and accessibility is a key component of the projects sustainable development approach;residents and visitors will be able to get to and from the San Juan Waterfront by foot, bicycle, car, light rail and water taxi.LandDesign, with project partners 505Design, is also embarking of a series of additional planning efforts for the broaderSan Juan Bay, inclusive of planning for redevelopment of cruise homeport and port-of-call facilities and other attractions.

    SIZE100 acres (40.5 hectares)CLIENTSForest City Enterprises (Washington DC) & The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts


    Zhuhai Qinglv Road CorridorZHUHAI, PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA

    Since Chinas economic reform and opening, the physical and cultural dynamic of Zhuhai, the Pearl River Delta andthe country overall has witnessed an unprecedented 30 year period of expansion and change. For Zhuhai, what wasonce a series of small fishing and trading communities has now emerged as a thriving coastal city, a key participant inChinas economic progress, and a sought after destination for travel and leisure. To ensure Zhuhai, and most notably, itscoastline continues to evolve and promote quality growth, the Zhuhai Municipal Government commissioned LandDesignand a series of other practices to generate creative ideas and a broad vision for the Citys key coastal road corridor andseashore. Our design approach looked holistically at all elements of the coastal road and coastlineactivities by district,development node visions, development controls, vehicle traffic, mass transit facilities, parks, public services, landscape,signage, maritime activities and others. Our comprehensive vision focused design ideas that emphasized communitybuilding at a human scale while at the same time encouraging development nodes that are incubators of commerce andthe next great ideas.

    SIZE33 mile (54 kilometer) CorridorCLIENTSZhuhai Qinglv Coast Construction Company and Zhuhai Municipal Government

  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts


    Washington WaterfrontWASHINGTON, NC

  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts


    Washington WaterfrontWASHINGTON, NC

    Memorable. Historic. Welcoming. Each expression encapsulates the spirit and scale of the City of Washingtonsdowntown and its waterfront presence along the Pamlico River. In the creation of a vision plan and strategy for thisunique small town waterfront, LandDesign along with project partners 505Design, channeled results from a seriesof citizen outreach and charrette gatherings into a focused, unified approach for economically and socially activatingthe Citys waterfront. The plan reinforces and builds upon the strengths of Washingtons waterfront and downtown byenhancing the maritime, commercial and recreational character of the area. To this end, the plan supports the creationof an expanded maritime quarter and marina area providing marina slips and vessel floats, dockmaster area and otheramenities; establishes a broader network of waterfront parks and venues; strengthens connectivity with downtownthrough the opening of street ends and roadway reconfiguration; and introduces strategic new development initiativesinclusive of a new Downtown Hotel.

    SIZE18.5 acres (7.5 hectares)CLIENTCity of Washington and the Citizens for Revitalization Committee

  • 8/12/2019 LDI+Experience+ +Recent+Waterfronts


    MedMarina CommunityLARNACA, CYPRUS

    Situated along the southern coastline of Cyprus, the MedMarina development envisions creation of a mixed-usewaterfront and yachting center supportive of over 150 residential units, a boutique hotel, yacht club, and 180 slipmarina facility. The MedMarina Community draws on the most fundamental principals of town planning. The plancreates a series of compact blocks. It emphasizes public life and spaces at a human scale. Part of the joy of theMedMarina Community is its organization around walkable paths, plazas, and waters edge. Walkable communities aredestinations. These livable neighborhoods and towns are talked about, celebrated and loved for their u