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What’s inside Air Liquide: the reference in gases, welding and cutting applications in Canada. Welding Machines & Accessories Cutting Machines & Accessories Filler Metals MNR Gas Apparatus p. 3 & 4 p. 5 p. 6 & 7 p. 7 p. 8 & 9 Safety Accessories Accessories & Industrial Products Abrasives Products Cylinder Gases Offer p. 9-11 p. 12 & 13 p. 14 p. 15 100 100 100 100 yea years years Days of Days of savings savings Days of savings *Air Liquide will match advertised prices from the competition for all items identical to those featured in this flyer. Prices in effect from April 1 to July 10, 2011 Online Banking Some products in this flyer might not be available at all locations, please contact us for details. 1-800-817-7697

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Transcript of Layout 3 (Page 1) ang spring 2011.pdf · Spoolmate 200 MIG gun Highly reliable and economical spool...

  • Whatsinside

    Air Liquide: the referencein gases, welding and cutting

    applications in Canada.

    Welding Machines & AccessoriesCutting Machines & AccessoriesFiller MetalsMNRGas Apparatus

    p. 3 & 4p. 5

    p. 6 & 7p. 7

    p. 8 & 9

    Safety AccessoriesAccessories & Industrial ProductsAbrasives ProductsCylinder Gases Offer

    p. 9-11p. 12 & 13

    p. 14p. 15

    1100100100100 y

    ea years years

    Days of Days of savings savings Days of savings

    *Air Liquide will match advertised prices from the competition

    for all items identical to those featured in this flyer.

    Prices in effect from April 1 to July 10, 2011 OnlineBanking

    Some products in this flyer might not be available at all locations, please contact us for details. 1-800-817-7697

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    Prizes showed are for illustration purposes only and may or may not be available, visit the for more information.See rules and regulations on-line.

  • $895Regular price: $1,278.60


    Miller Maxstar 150 S

    Get maximum portability and performance in the most compact Stick package in the industry.

    Miller Millermatic 140 Auto-SetMIL-907335

    $719Regular price: $1,015.36

    The simplest Millermatic to set-up and start welding.For Light Industrial Applications.

    $865Regular price: $1,230.07


    Miller Millermatic 180 Auto-Set

    All-in-one wire welder that welds 24 gauge - 5/16 in.(0.8 - 7.9 mm) mild steel.


    $1,069Regular price: $1,503.02

    Miller Millermatic 211 Auto-Set

    All-in-one wire welder that welds material from 24-gauge to 3/8 in. thick in a single pass.

    Miller Millermatic 212 Auto-SetMIL-907405

    Welds material from 22 gauge to 3/8 in. thick in a single pass.

    $1,709Regular price: $2,416.47

    For more information on all Miller Machines visit 1-800-817-7697 3

    Bobcat 250MIL-907211 & MIL-907212

    $3,779Regular price: $5,333.94

    MIL-907211 / Kohler engineMIL-907212 / Subaru engine

    Rugged welder/generator is great for Stick and Flux-Cored welding and designed for maintenance/repairoperations, construction, farm, ranch and generator use.


    Welds material from 22 gauge to 1/2 in. thick in a single pass. Highest output in its class.

    $2,329Regular price: $3,258.35

    Miller Millermatic 252


    Miller DIVERSION 180

    Comes complete with Weldcraft LS 17 TIG torch, Argon regulator and flowmeter, hose, RFSC-RJ45 remote foot control TIG Welding for Dummies book and operation DVD.

    $1,849Regular price: $2,472.50

    Perfect for the personal user, this AC/DC TIG machine upgrade has both 115V and 230V input power capability.


    Miller DIVERSION 165

    Millers most affordable and easy-to-use AC/DC TIG machine that was designed specifically for the personal user.

    $1,349Regular price: $2,001.60

    Comes complete with Weldcraft LS 17 TIG torch, Argon regulator and flowmeter,hose, TIG Welding for Dummies book and operation DVD.

    Miller Machines & Accessories


    Storage case included With MVP (115 V or 230 V)

    Input power: 115 V AC 90 A @ 20 % duty cycle

    Input power: 230 V AC 135 A @ 30 % duty cycle

    Dual voltage input

    Compatible with Spoolmate 200 (see p. 5)


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    Rated CC DC Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle: 100/24/100 %, 145/25.8/30 %

    $439Regular price: $545.10

    95S Stick & 95S TIG Package

    Contents Thermal Arc 95 S Inverter welding power source Tweco WeldSkill style electrode holder with 10 lead Tweco WeldSkill style ground clamp with 10 leadVersatile, multi-process Stick/TIG capability

    High 95 Amp welding output

    Excellent, smooth & stable arc performance


    Simple & easy, ready to weld package


    $299Regular price: $373.75


    Output Output 20

    Certified to CAN/CSA E60974-1 20 Amp adapter plug & cable Operating manual Quick set-up DVD 4 general purpose stick electrodes

    THA-W1003210THA-W1003209Stick Package Stick-TIG Package

    LIN-K25351 & LIN-K25352

    Precision TIG 225 Ready-Pak

    LIN-K25351 With Cart LIN-K25352

    $2,279Regular price: $2,583.00

    $2,569Regular price: $2,909.00

    $835Regular price: $975.00

    $1,129Regular price: $1,314.00

    LIN-K26051 & LIN-K26061

    Invertec V155-S

    Input Output

    TIG Ready-PakLIN-K26051 LIN-K26061

    Shown: LIN-K26061 Ready-Pak


    $249Regular price: $255.00

    Magnum 100 SG


    Wire Feeder

    $2,749Regular price: $3,207.00



    Outback 185

    Input: Engine driven - Kohler

    Portable Engine Driven Welder / Generator

    Engine-Driven, Lincoln Outback 185, Kohler Engine

    $4,359Regular price: $5,066.00


    Ranger 305G

    Welding Machines & Accessories

    Includes PTA-17V TIG Torchand easy-store suitcase

    $1,985Regular price: $2357.00

    The Precision TIG 225 gives you the Power to Perform, for automotive/motorsports, vocational schools, home/shop, and general fabrication.

    Rated CC AC Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle: 90/23.4/100 % Rated CC DC Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle: 90/23.4/100 % Output Range: 5-230 A AC, 5-230 A DC

    Input Output

    Rated CC DC Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle: 305/29/100 % Rated CV Output Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle: 300/29/100 % Output Range: 20-305 A DC, 40-300 A Pipe, 20-250 A TIG, 14-29 V CV

    Rated Output

    Engine Specifications Type of engine: Kohler OHV Command CH23S Cylinders: 2 HP & Speed (RPM): [email protected] Generator Output: 10 500 watts peak,

    9 500 watts continuous

    The NEW Invertec V155-S offers much morethan you would expect from a welder this size.

    Affordable spool gun solution for precise and reliable aluminum welding 130 A @ 30% duty cycle Weight: 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) Comes with a 3 m (10) harness

    Portable Industrial Wire Feeder Input voltage: 15-110 V Integrated gas solenoid and flowmeter Wire feed speed range: 1.3-17.7 m/min (50-700 in/min) Weight: 16 kg (37 lb)

  • 1-800-817-7697 5


    $1,120Regular price: $1,561.25

    Maximum cutting capacity 10 mm (3/8)


    30 A plasma cutting system

    $1,680Regular price: $2,347.49

    Maximum cutting capacity 19 mm (3/4)


    45 A plasma cutting system


    $275Regular price: $532.45

    $299Regular price: $573.85

    Air-Cooled Q-GunsSemi-Automatic

    Q-Guns with Centerfire consumables with Miller plug style4.57 m (15) cable. Fixed, medium 45 QT3-45 neck

    300 A curved handle, standard trigger1.2 mm (0.045) T-045 Centerfire, contact tipBER-Q3015AR8EM

    300 A curved handle, standard trigger1.6 mm (1/16) T-062 Centerfire, contact tipBER-Q3015AR8IM

    400 A curved handle, standard trigger1.6 mm (1/16) T-062 Centerfire, contact tipBER-Q4015AR8IM

    Q-Guns with eliptical contact tip also available


    Spoolmate 100 MIG gun

    Reliable and economical direct-connect spool gun with 3.7 m (12) of cable reach and accessibility for smooth feeding of aluminum wire.

    For use with Millermatic 140 & 180

    $259Regular price: $289.93


    Spoolmate 200 MIG gun

    Highly reliable and economical spool gun with excellent feeding to weld aluminum. For use with Millermatic 212 Auto-Set, and 252. 6.1 m (20) cable.

    $739Regular price: $816.50


    Goose Neck-Style Guns air cooled gun is designed tobe used with the XR-S/D Control, XR AlumaFeed,or Millermatic 350P as part of a push-pull system.

    4.6 m (15) cableMIL-300000

    7.6 m (25) cableMIL-300001

    $1,765Regular price: $2,395.85

    $1,898Regular price: $2,575.39

    Cutting capacity32 mm (1 1/4)


    85 A plasma cutting system


    $2,599Includes air filter kit and metal filter cover

    $3,364Includes air filter kit and metal filter cover

    Cutting capacity25 mm (1)


    65 A plasma cutting system


    Maximise your investment by buying one of these package!

    Welding Machines & Accessories

  • LA 18 PLUS

    An Outstanding



    For over half a century, Air Liquide has beenknown for its expertise in low-hydrogen coated electrodes. While our 7018 is the reference on the Canadian market and meetsmost welding needs, several new trends areemerging that have specific requirements.

    Material Test Reports (MTRs), sometimes called actuals,are being requested more and more often. However, thistype of end-customer requirement can be quite expensive,since we must weld test plates with the customers specificlot of electrodes, send the welded plates out for machiningand mechanical testing, as well as perform chemical analysis and diffusible hydrogen testing. This does noteven take into account the extra time involved.

    To address this need, two years ago, Air Liquide introducedthe LA 18 PLUS COMPLETE, an electrode supplied with lottest certificates (MTRs) available online at any time in the Certificates of Conformancesection.

    The development of low temperature service applicationsdemands more stringent requirements in terms of toughness values. Our LA 18 PLUS COMPLETE electrodeoffers impressive performance at -46C. It also allows workto be done on parts that will subsequently be submitted tostress relief.

    The industry is also seeking gains in productivity. For astandard electrode, regulations require that a re-bakingprocess be performed after four hours in the open air. Theformulation of our LA 18 PLUS COMPLETE offers lowmoisture pick-up and retains its low-hydrogen contentproperties longer than the conventional 7018.

    In addition, we now offer a choice of two lengths in themost requested diameters. While longer electrodes allowthe operator to stop less often, it is sometimes advisable touse shorter lengths for optimal precision of movement. The welder now has the possibility to choose, depending on the application.

    LA 18 PLUS COMPLETELow Hydrogen Electrodes

    * Applicable surcharges are not included in the prices.

    18 Plus Complete - AWS E7018 - 1 - H4R / CSA W48 E4918 - 1 - H4

    2.5 mm (3/32) -- 4 x 4.5 kg -- 300 mm (12) BLU-32971906

    2.5 mm (3/32) -- 4 x 4.5 kg -- 350 mm (14) BLU-32971907

    3.2 mm (1/8) -- 4 x 4 kg -- 350 mm (14) BLU-32971908

    3.2 mm (1/8) -- 4 x 4 kg -- 450 mm (18) BLU-32971909

    4.0 mm (5/32) -- 4 x 5 kg -- 350 mm (14) BLU-32971910

    4.0 mm (5/32) -- 4 x 5 kg -- 450 mm (18) BLU-32971911

    5.0 mm (3/16) -- 4 x 5 kg -- 450 mm (18) BLU-32971912

    6.0 mm (1/4) -- 4 x 5 kg -- 450 mm (18) BLU-32971916

    The technical specifications of the LA 18 PLUS COMPLETE are also available at in the Certificates of Conformance section.

    Certification, compliance, precision, performance . . . Air Liquide has been listening to your needs for 100 years.


  • 1-800-817-7697 7


    Specialty Welding Electrodes for Maintenance and Repair.

    If it can be welded, our BLUESHIELD MNR products will meet the challenge.

    X-TREM (High Alloy Steel)

    0.5 kg (1.1 lb) Tube -- 1.6 mm (1/16) BLU-53212016 $52.74/kg0.5 kg (1.1 lb) Tube -- 2.5 mm (3/32) BLU-53212025 $43.26/kg0.5 kg (1.1 lb) Tube -- 3.2 mm (1/8) BLU-53212032 $41.31/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 2.5 mm (3/32) BLU-53212525 $40.28/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 3.2 mm (1/8) BLU-53212532 $38.35/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 4.0 mm (5/32) BLU-53212540 $38.23/kg

    TRI-CAST (Cast Iron)

    0.5 kg (1.1 lb) Tube -- 2.5 mm (3/32) BLU-53460025 $132.92/kg0.5 kg (1.1 lb) Tube -- 3.2 mm (1/8) BLU-53460032 $130.22/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 2.5 mm (3/32) BLU-53460525 $129.30/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 3.2 mm (1/8) BLU-53460532 $126.60/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 4.0 mm (5/32) BLU-53460540 $123.60/kg

    4X4 (Mild Steel)

    0.5 kg (1.1 lb) Tube -- 2.5 mm (3/32) BLU-53111025 $13.34/kg0.5 kg (1.1 lb) Tube -- 3.2 mm (1/8) BLU-53111032 $12.36/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 2.5 mm (3/32) BLU-53111525 $9.90/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 3.2 mm (1/8) BLU-53111532 $9.05/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 4.0 mm (5/32) BLU-53111540 $8.95/kg

    REBEL (Alloy Steel)

    5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 2.5 mm (3/32) BLU-53207525 $31.88/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 3.2 mm (1/8) BLU-53207532 $30.44/kg5 kg (11 lb) Box -- 4.0 mm (5/32) BLU-53207540 $28.61/kg

    ERASER (Cutting and Chamfering)

    2.5 kg (5 lb) Box -- 2.5 mm (3/32) BLU-53262325 $15.45/kg2.5 kg (5 lb) Box -- 3.2 mm (1/8) BLU-53262332 $14.94/kg2.5 kg (5 lb) Box -- 4.0 mm (5/32) BLU-53262340 $14.77/kg2.5 kg (5 lb) Box -- 5.0 mm (3/16) BLU-53262350 $14.45/kg

    The BLUESHIELD Advantage Excellent bead appearance and tie-in Minimizes slag and spatter for easy

    postweld cleanup and painting High tolerance to mill scale and rust Improved sidewall fusion

    ApplicationsThin-walled tanks, sheet metal, thin plate pipe, structural steel and earthmoving equipment.

    Mild Steel Metal CoredWire LA C6 LS (Low Silicate)

    20.4 kg (45 lb) Spool --1.2 mm (0.045) BLU-37965263 $6.19/kg20.4 kg (45 lb) Spool --1.4 mm (0.052) BLU-37965264 $5.99/kg20.4 kg (45 lb) Spool --1.6 mm (1/16) BLU-37965265 $6.52/kg27.2 kg (60 lb) Coil --1.2 mm (0.045) BLU-37965233 $7.25/kg27.2 kg (60 lb) Coil --1.4 mm (0.52) BLU-37965234 $7.59/kg27.2 kg (60 lb) Coil --1.6 mm (1/16) BLU-37965235 $5.90/kg

    Filler Metals

    1.2 mm (0.045) -- 15 kg (33 lb) Spool BLU-37964173

    1.4 mm (0.052) -- 15 kg (33 lb) Spool BLU-37964174

    1.6 mm (0.62) -- 15 kg (33 lb) Spool BLU-37964175

    1.2 mm (0.045) -- 27.2 kg (60 lb) Coil BLU-37964133

    1.4 mm (0.052) -- 27.2 kg (60 lb) Coil BLU-37964134

    1.6 mm (0.62) -- 27.2 kg (60 lb) Coil BLU-37964135

    ALEN all-position Flux-Cored Wire

    ALEN is a general-purpose single or multi-pass, all position flux-cored wire designed to weld carbon steels with mechanical properties down to -30C (-20F) when using CO

    2or Ar/CO

    2shielding gases.

    ALEN is a superb choice for welding where a minimum tensile strength of 490 MPa (70 000 psi) is required.

  • Stainless Steel - BLU-DRA522SS Stainless Steel - BLU-DRAX523SS

    BLUESHIELD Outfits

    UNIVERSAL / Cutting, Welding & BrazingMedium-Duty applications Cuts up to 150 mm (6) * Welds up to 30 mm (1-1/4) *Includes: FIRESTORM torch handle & cutting attachment Oxygen & acetylene regulators with rubber

    booted gauges Welding/brazing tip, cutting tip, Grade R twin-hose,

    flint lighter & goggles Rugged toolbox

    BLU-UNI410 $269

    Regular price: $312.44

    PRODUCTOR / Cutting, Welding & BrazingHeavy-Duty applications Cuts up to 200 mm (8) * Welds up to 38 mm (1-1/2) *Includes: DRAGONFIRE 322 torch handle &

    522B cutting attachment Redesigned 104/114 oxygen & acetylene regulators

    with 2.5 brass gauges Welding/brazing tip, cutting tip,

    Grade R twin-hose, flint lighter & goggles Rugged toolbox

    BLU-PRO410 $549Regular price: $828.63*when using appropriate tip.

    Manual Cutting Torch / Heavy Duty BLUESHIELD

    Cuts up to 30 cm (12) steel* Excellent flow capacity Ease-on cutting oxygen flow Compatible with all popular fuel gases Spring-loaded fuel valve provides smooth torque control and

    anti-backlash for precise flame control.

    Naval Brass - BLU-DIA499B Stainless Steel - BLU-DIA499SS

    For all your heavy and extreme-duty applications!

    $199Regular price: $277.68

    $229Regular price: $315.95

    *when using appropriate tip.


    $379Regular price: $523.42

    The ideal choice when portability and convenience are important!

    Lightweight less than 15 kg (32 lb)

    Cuts up to 127 mm (5) thick and welds up to 12.7 mm (1/2)

    Ideal for maintenance, general repair or any application where portability is key

    *Gas not included.



    Brass - BLU-DRAX523BBrass - BLU-DRA522B

    $169Regular price: $227.00

    $179Regular price: $230.57

    $159Regular price: $214.95

    $149Regular price: $209.52

    Heavy-Duty Torch Handle

    All-silver-brazed construction for strength, rigidity, and safety

    CGA HOSE CONNECTIONS: B - Size (9/16 - 18 RH/LH)


    $169Regular price: $219.43

    BLUESHIELD Dragonfire 322 Torch Handle & 522 Cutting Attachment

    BLUESHIELD Single Stage Regulators


    BLU-HPR56C540 Oxygen 540 $139 (reg. price: $195.51)BLU-LPR56A410 Acetylene 410 $139 (reg. price: $194.14)BLU-LPR114A410 Acetylene 410 $169 (reg. price: $219.79)BLU-HPR104C540 Oxygen 540 $169 (reg. price: $215.39)

    Gas Apparatus

    Extra Heavy-Duty Cutting AttachmentsUniversal fuel gas compatibility just install the appropriate tip

  • 1-800-817-7697 9


    $69Regular price: $103.63

    $85Regular price: $127.29

    Cutting attachment Brass torch head Three in-line tube configuration Silver-brazed tube joints for leak integrity Three-seat, tip-mix design for safety

    and multi-gas compatibilityBLU-FIR512B

    Torch handleSturdy, ribbed brass handle Tube-within-a-tube handle design with four O-ring seals for safety and

    easy maintenance Forged brass rear body Large, ribbed control valves, for ease of adjustment Teflon valve packing provides long

    service life Stainless steel ball-tip valves seal tightlyBLU-FIR312

    BLUESHIELD Firestorm 312 Torch Handle & 512B Cutting Attachment - Medium duty


    Sludge Sucker Maintenance Kit


    A versatile, all-in-one kit. It includes a Nitrogen regulator with a delivery pressure up to 400 psi for pressure testing an AC&R system for leaks. It also includes many accessories for cleaning condensate drain lines and blowing off coils and an air chuck to fill up tires.

    VIC-03872103 & VIC-03872004

    Victor Single Stage Regulator

    The D250 regulators are designed for medium applications to large cylinders

    Oxygen 540, 80 PSIGVIC-03872001

    Acetylene 510, 15 PSIGVIC-03872103


    Victor CutSkill - Heavy / Medium Duty, 350-510 OutfitVIC-03842646

    Cuts up to 19.1mm (3/4 ) or152.4mm (6) with optionaltips. It welds up to 3.2mm(1/8) or 76.2mm (3) withoptional nozzles.


    Victor Argon Flowmeter Regulator VIC-07812743

    Specs:Single stage piston design Maximum inlet pressure: 3000 PSIG 10 hose included

    Design/construction:Machined Brass body Teflon seat 5/8 - 18 RH outlet connection 1-1/2 gauge

    $129$2.39Regular price: $3.50

    StandardLeather PalmLarge


    Work Gloves

    $8.99Regular price: $12.16

    Mechanics GlovesSoft, pliable, oil and weather resistant, washable.

    Pigskin Leather

    Large BLU-102660LX-Large BLU-102660XL

    $9.49Regular price: $12.28

    Tiggers (TIG Welding Gloves)Cowhide Leather,Split-leather back


    Pipeliner Welding GlovesBack Double Leather

    Left-Hand Small BLU-04732705Medium BLU-04732706Large BLU-04732707X-Large BLU-04732708X-X-Large BLU-04732709

    Cowhide Grain Leather, Right-Hand Medium BLU-04732711Large BLU-04732712

    $12.99Regular price: $15.00

    BLUESHIELD Welding Gloves

    $49Regular price: $72.38

    Twin pack, torch, model GGIBE-61622602070

    $54Regular price: $78.15

    Twin pack, regulator, model DGNIBE-61622604099

    GG Model shown

    IBEDA Flashback Arrestors

    $229Regular price: $452.55

    The air/acetylene Twister is themost popular air/gas flame toolfor the plumber.


    Twister Kit


    HT44 Twister


    This hand torch solders up to 3 pipes and brazes up to 1 pipes withpropane / FLAMAL gas iT is self-igniting, has a flame tube that swivels360, a swirl combustion tip and trigger lock. The pistol grip handle is ergonomically designed for comfort.

    Gas Apparatus & Safety Products

  • Extra-Large BLU-04736030

    Extra-Extra-Large BLU-04736035



    $69Regular price: $89.50

    BLUESHIELD Econoweld Welding Jackets

    $43Regular price: $59.64

    Extra-Large BLU-04736031

    Extra-Extra-Large BLU-04736041



    BLUESHIELD Welding Bib

    500 mm (20), blueBLU-04731080

    711 mm (28), blueBLU-04731090

    $11.99Regular price: $15.66

    $17.99Regular price: $22.96

    BLUESHIELD SleevesBLU-04739020

    610 mm (24)Comes in pair $20.99

    Regular price: $29.92

    Sellstrom Emergency Fire BlanketSEL-97450

    Fiberglass High Temp Fabric in Emergency Access Bag

    5 x 6 heat resistant blanket that is used to either cover the fire, cutting off the oxygen supply; or to wrap around a person whose clothes are on fire.

    $79Regular price: $138.63


    $239Regular price: $281.75

    $239Regular price: $304.75

    Performance, CustomVariable shade 8-1397 mm x 47 mm(3.85 x 1.85)MIL-250532

    Performance, BlackVariable shade 8-1397 mm x 47 mm(3.85 x 1.85)MIL-232035

    $329Regular price: $373.75

    $359Regular price: $408.25

    Elite, InfernoVariable shade 8-1397 mm x 60 mm(3.85 x 2.38)MIL-222669

    Elite, BlackVariable shade 8-1397 mm x 60 mm(3.85 x 2.38)MIL-241975

    $179Regular price: $205.85

    $179Regular price: $205.85

    Prohobby, Blue HeatVariable shade 8-1297 mm x 40 mm(3.85 x 1.57)MIL-250366

    Prohobby, Red FlameVariable shade 8-1297 mm x 40 mm(3.85 x 1.57)MIL-231408

    See in store for our specials on all other Miller Helmets.

    Autodarkening Welding Helmet

    Auto DarkeningCartridgeVariable shade 8-12SEL-27403

    Fixed frontC/W 114.3 x 133.4 mm(4 1/2 x 5 1/4)Ratchet gearSEL-244010002

    Lift frontC/W 51 mm x 108 mm(2 x 4 1/4)SEL-293410002

    $46Regular price: $81.81

    $39Regular price: $73.86

    $99Regular price: $228.19

    Sellstrom Welding Helmets

    BLUESHIELD Welding Leather Jackets

    Safety Products

  • 3M Safety Glasses

    3M N95 Particulate Respirator

    Ideal for grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging and otherdusty operations.3MC-8210

    To use when welding, brazing, soldering, torch cutting, and metalpouring, as well as grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging and other dusty/hot operations.With CoolFlow exhalation valve.3MC-8515

    Ideal for grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging and otherdusty/hot operations.3MC-8511

    $26.99Regular price: $32.21

    $13.89Regular price: $18.94

    $16.99Regular price: $21.12

    $66.99Regular price: $80.53

    *Sold per package.

    This respirator is designed for applications such as welding, soldering and other operations inwhich metal fumes may be present.3MC-8214



    3M Disposable Ear Plugs

    Uncorded foam ear plugsHearing conservation 11003MC-1100

    Corded ear plugsHearing conservation 11103MC-1110

    $0.10Regular price: $0.13

    $0.25Regular price: $0.36

    3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

    6000 Series Provide protection against particulates and a wide variety of gases and vapors when used with approved cartridges and filters.



    Large3MC-6300 $11.55

    Regular price: $13.14

    Peltor Ear Muff

    DeluxeProvides excellent attenuationHeadband style, NRR 27 dB PEL-H7A

    Low Series Recommended for noise levels upto 95 dBANRR 21 dB CSA Class BPEL-H6AV

    Behind The Neck StyleNRR 19 dB PEL-H6BV

    $19.99Regular price: $22.55

    $18.79Regular price: $21.46

    $14.49Regular price: $16.54

    1-800-817-7697 11

    P100 particulate with nuisance level Organic Vapor, 2/pkg.


    3M Filters

    $8Regular price: $9.66

    3M Virtua Sport Clear anti-fog lens3MC-113840000020

    Clear Hard Coat Lens3MC-113850000020

    Gray lens (10 pr/bx)3MC-113860000020

    3M Metaliks SportsClear, 10 pr/bx, 2 bx/case3MC-113431000020

    Gray, 10 pr/bx, 2 bx/case3MC-113441000020

    $7.45Regular price: $8.88

    $7.75Regular price: $9.34

    3M Privo

    Black frame/orange accent,temple tips, clear, anti-fog lens.3MC-1226100020

    Black frame/orange accent,temple tips, gray, anti-fog lens.3MC-1226200020

    Black frame/orange accent,temple tips, indoor/outdoormirror lens.3MC-1226400020

    $4.95Regular price: $5.87

    $5.75Regular price: $6.57

    $6.55Regular price: $7.71

    $1.85Regular price: $2.58

    $1.55Regular price: $2.12

    $2.35Regular price: $2.76

    3M Safety Glasses

    9100X ADFShades 5, 8-133MC-06010020

    9100XX ADFShades 5, 8-133MC-06010030

    100V ADFShades 8-12Black3MC-07001231BL

    $329Regular price: $483.53

    $399Regular price: $580.43

    $269Regular price: $289.92

    3M Speedglas9100 & S100 Welding Helmets

    3M Safety Products

  • Bernard Electrode HolderBER-40B

    400 A,Ball point connector $23.49

    Regular price: $42.00

    Arcair Extreme K4000 TorchARC-61082008

    Rated at 1,000 Amps, it uses compressed air between 5.6 and 7.0 kg/cm2 (80 and 100 psi) and between 0.85 and 0.99 m3/min (30 and 35 cfm).

    Supplied with a 2.14 m (7) long cable

    $249Regular price: $346.94

    BLUESHIELD Gouging Carbon Electrodes

    DCCC pointed, 50/pkg

    4.8 mm (3/16) x 305 mm (12) BLU-28977512 $14.99 (reg. price: $23.17)6.4 mm (1/4) x 305 mm (12) BLU-28977516 $16.99 (reg. price: $30.14)7.9 mm (5/16) x 305 mm (12) BLU-28977520 $18.99 (reg. price: $36.85)9.5 mm (3/8) x 305 mm (12) BLU-28977524 $24.99 (reg. price: $54.01)

    BLUESHIELD Ground Clamps

    500 A - BLU-28800102300 A - BLU-28800101

    $29.99Regular price: $50.00

    $38.99Regular price: $64.46

    Alerco Style300 A - BLU-28800104 500 A - BLU-28800105

    $12.99Regular price: $21.57

    $10.99Regular price: $18.30

    Parweld WP-17 Style TorchPAR-AWP17VFX25R

    TIG torch with flexible head and gas valve

    150 A DC, 115 A AC @ 60% duty cycle

    Air cooled

    Comes with a 7.6 m (25) one-piece rubber power cable

    $99Regular price: $124.90

    Parweld consumables kit with thepurchase of a PAR-AWP17VFX25R.



    $4.59Regular price: $7.26

    Solvent-based, 473 ml (16 oz)


    BLUESHIELD Anti-Spatter Gel

    $2.59Regular price: $5.34

    $4.89Regular price: $9.96

    Curved handle,stainless steel wireBLU-1777SS

    Curved handle, steel wireBLU-1777

    BLUESHIELD Wire Scratch Brushes

    $3.99Regular price: $5.22

    Three flint - SHU-4501Round, single flint - SHU-3001

    $2.49Regular price: $2.58

    Shurlite lighters

    $139Regular price: $158.74

    Machine cart suitable for Lincoln small machines and size 16 cylinderMET-RV130ALRED

    Machine cart suitable forsmall machines and size 16 cylinderMET-RV130AL


    $32.49Regular price: $53.51

    300 A, 254 mm (10)TWE-91101103

    200 A, 215.9 mm (8 1/2) TWE-91101101

    250 A, 243.9 mm (9 1/4)TW-01101102

    $29.49Regular price: $48.57

    $27.49Regular price: $44.76

    Tweco Electrode Holder

    Accessories & Industrial Products

  • 1-800-817-7697 13

    WALTER Grinders

    MINI-GRINDER4-1/2 Angle Grinder10 000 RPM, 8 AWAL-30A161

    SUPER 55 Angle Grinder10 000 RPM, 8.5 AWAL-30A150

    $179Regular price: $268.12

    $209Regular price: $321.96

    Makita Angle GrinderMAK-GA5020

    Premium offer for Air Liquide's customers only!

    Makita GA50205 Angle Grinder with SJS Specifications:Grinding Wheel 5 Wire Cup Brush 3-1/2 Sanding Disc 5 No Load RPM 11,000 AMPS 10.5 Spindle Thread (11 UNC) 5/8 Overall Length 14 Net Weight (lbs.) 4.8Makita GA5020 5 Angle Grinder

    $149Includes three 5 grinding wheels, MAK-741407 and a carry bag.

    Makita Cut-Off SawMAK-2414DB

    355.6 mm (14), 15 A, 3800 RPM, 25.4 mm (1) arbor.

    $229Regular price: $343.20

    Makita Cut Off WheelsMAK-A938595

    355.6 mm (14), pkg of 5 $39.99

    Regular price: $56.43

    Century Pro Grip / Welding Extensions Cord

    7.6 m (25) CWC-D19005087

    15.2 m (50)CWC-D19005088

    $119.99Regular price: $311.58

    $64.99Regular price: $132.45

    $12.99Regular price: $21.19

    $7.59Regular price: $12.12

    40F, femaleBLU-28800042

    40M, maleBLU-28800044

    40, male/femaleBLU-28800040

    BLUESHIELD Cable Connector

    $8.99Regular price: $14.17

    Spring loaded for easyopening and closing.



    $16.99Regular price: $21.01

    $15.99Regular price: $18.87


    279 mm (11) with Swivel PadsSTN-PR115S

    Welding C-Clamp Pliers

    V-PAD Extender Block

    $74.99Regular price: $96.09

    16.5 - STN-UM165C3

    $69.99Regular price: $85.59

    $89.99Regular price: $111.01

    20.5 - STN-UM205C312.5 - STN-UM125C3

    4-in-1 Utility Clamp

    Stronghand 4-in-1 Utility Clamp

    Cone and cross chisel,long neck wood handleALT-WH20

    Cone and cross chisel,Long neck wood handleALT-WH30

    Cone and chisel,standard wood handleALT-J

    Cone and cross chisel,steel HandleALT-HCP

    Cone and chisel,steel HandleALT-H

    Chipping Hammer

    $4.99Regular price: $10.87

    $5.99Regular price: $13.46

    $7.99Regular price: $17.78

    Industrial Products

    Heavy duty lighted extension cords (50 A - 125 V / 250 V) designed to bring the needed power from the power outlet to your working area.8/3 STW

  • blueshield.ca14


    Flap Discs

    ENDURO-FLEX Flap Discs

    No need to discard the disc when the flap overhang is worn down to the backing.

    EAZY-TRIM backing for longer life and flexibility.

    114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 5/8-11 40 Grit WAL-15R454 $9.63 (reg. price: $13.74)114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 5/8-11 60 Grit WAL-15R456 $9.63 (reg. price: $13.74)114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 5/8-11 80 Grit WAL-15R458 $9.63 (reg. price: $13.74)114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 5/8-11 120 Grit WAL-15R462 $9.63 (reg. price: $13.74)127 mm (5) X 5/8-11 40 Grit WAL-15R504 $11.34 (reg. price: $16.18)127 mm (5) X 5/8-11 60 Grit WAL-15R506 $11.34 (reg. price: $16.18)127 mm (5) X 5/8-11 80 Grit WAL-15R508 $11.34 (reg. price: $16.18)127 mm (5) X 7/8-11 120 Grit WAL-15R512 $11.34 (reg. price: $16.18)

    Zip+ Thin Cut-Off WheelsZIPCUT

    These wheels feature an integrated rib design for better rigidity, cooler cutting and straighter cuts.

    114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 1.6 mm (1/16) X 22.3 mm (7/8) WAL-11T453 $3.29 (reg. price: $4.67)127 mm (5) X 1.6 mm (1/16) X 22.3 mm (7/8) WAL-11T252 $3.41 (reg. price: $4.84)127 mm (5) X 1.6 mm (1/16) X 22.3 mm (7/8) WAL-11T503 $3.63 (reg. price: $5.15)152.4 mm (6) X 1.6 mm (1/16) X 22.3 mm (7/8) WAL-11T603 $4.89 (reg. price: $6.94)

    WALTER Lubricants

    SLAPSHOTSpray, 500 mlWAL-53C502

    SPATTER BLOCKSpray, 500 mlWAL-53F002

    $6.93Regular price: $9.34

    $7.63Regular price: $10.29

    114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 1.9 mm (5/64) X 22.3 mm (7/8) WAL-11T842 $3.46 (reg. price: $4.67)127 mm (5) X 1.9 mm (5/64) X 22.3 mm (7/8) WAL-11T852 $3.82 (reg. price: $5.15)152.4 mm (6) X 1.9 mm (5/64) X 22.3 mm (7/8) WAL-11T862 $5.15 (reg. price: $6.94)

    These tough cut-off wheels can bear the force of lateral pressure to allow the operator to light grind/deburr inthe safest way. They can also be used for notching, root passcleaning and even chamfering.

    High performance cutting and deburring all in one.

    High performance cutting and deburringCOMBO ZIP

    114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 1/4 X 7/8 WAL-08H450 $4.50 (reg. price: $6.07)127 mm (5) X 1/4 X 7/8 WAL-08H500 $4.81 (reg. price: $6.49)152.4 mm (6) X 1/4 X 7/8 WAL-08H600 $6.15 (reg. price: $8.29)177.8 mm (7) X 1/4 X 7/8 WAL-08H700 $7.16 (reg. price: $9.66 )

    These wheels will not only get the job donefaster and last longer but they are also easier to control.

    With angle grinders for steel and stainless

    Depressed Center Grinding Wheels 1/4 ALLSTEEL XX

    ENDURO-FLEX Flap Discs

    The one-step finishing disc that offerssmooth, vibration-free grinding and sandingfrom start to finish.

    114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 5/8-11 40 Grit WAL-06B454 $9.28 (reg. price: $13.25)114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 5/8-11 60 Grit WAL-06B456 $9.28 (reg. price: $13.25)114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 5/8-11 80 Grit WAL-06B458 $9.28 (reg. price: $13.25)114.3 mm (4 1/2) X 5/8-11 120 Grit WAL-06B462 $9.28 (reg. price: $13.25)127 mm (5) X 5/8-11 40 Grit WAL-06B504 $10.95 (reg. price: $15.62)127 mm (5) X 5/8-11 60 Grit WAL-06B506 $10.95 (reg. price: $15.62)127 mm (5) X 5/8-11 80 Grit WAL-06B508 $10.95 (reg. price: $15.62)127 mm (5) X 5/8-11 120 Grit WAL-06B512 $10.95 (reg. price: $15.62)152.4 mm (6) X 5/8-11, Steel 40 Grit WAL-06B604 $14.32 (reg. price: $19.31)152.4 mm (6) X 5/8-11, Steel 60 Grit WAL-06B606 $14.32 (reg. price: $19.31)152.4 mm (6) X 5/8-11, Steel 80 Grit WAL-06B608 $14.32 (reg. price: $19.31)152.4 mm (6) X 5/8-11, Steel 120 Grit WAL-06B612 $14.32 (reg. price: $19.31)

    Flap DiscsENDURO-FLEX Spin-On

    Abrasives Products

  • $229ONLY*

    *Cart not included



    MINITOP TMThe portable ready-to-usecylinder with integrated regulator valve.

    ALTOP is the first ever cylinder to feature a fully integrated regulator combined

    with a quick ON/OFF lever. ALTOP is the ultimate choice in performance and safety!

    Buy one cylinder





    Receive a $50 credit for your regular cylinder on a purchase of a new MINITOP cylinder.Certain conditions will apply.

    Visit for more information.

    Nowavailable in







    Helium for you




    We have

    Helium for you


    and get a $20 gift card.

    Cylinder Gases

    1-800-817-7697 15


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