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Transcript of Layou Stt udio Y - Herman Miller · PDF file Layou Stt udio ® Y. Designed for the person,...

  • z Layout Studio®


  • Designed for the person, the landscape, and the world

    It’s easy for anyone to find a home base in Layout Studio. It integrates personalized work tools and storage and can take many forms across the office landscape in both seated and standing heights. Layout Studio’s choices play well with organizations, too. It lets them scale up or down as needed and accommodate local preferences within a global system.

  • Layout Studio

    This benching system can adapt to the needs of any organization and its people. It was designed for the person, to go across the office landscape, and it’s also available around the globe. Offices aren’t static, so furniture inside shouldn’t be either, which is exactly why Layout Studio can be reconfigured as future needs arise.






  • Design Story

    Benching is one of the fastest-growing applications in today’s office. As teams condense into smaller workstations, there’s a growing need for systems that support individual preferences, apply across the landscape, and adapt to meet future needs. Initially developed by our International R&D teams in Europe and Asia, Layout Studio’s design was driven by global research. It is available on six continents and brings harmony to workplaces, wherever they’re located, while allowing each one to maintain its unique local identity.

  • About the Person

  • Layout Studio lets people edit their space in a personal way. Choices for storage and multifunctional work tools allow the individual to fine-tune and adjust each work area as needed. The organization achieves spatial efficiency, and the person maintains a sense of autonomy.

  • At standing height, Layout Studio offers a comfortable perch in this plaza.

  • Across the Landscape

    Available in both seated and standing heights, Layout Studio applies in settings across the office landscape, from individual workspaces to project team tables. Its range of choices and ability to scale up or down means that Layout Studio can be responsive to the needs of individuals and teams and change as those needs evolve.

  • When combined with Ubi™ Work Tools and Tu® Wood Storage, Layout Studio

    creates a flexible and fully customizable workstation.

  • Around the World

    Working styles across the world fully informed the design of Layout Studio. Starting with a universal foundation, the system incorporates subtle changes that make sense for different cultures and countries. The outcome is consistent form and function that translates across the globe.

  • Design for the Environment

    For the latest information on Layout Studio’s sustainable elements, visit

    Layout Studio Doesn’t Squeeze the Individual

    With ample space provided to anyone who uses it, Layout Studio can be tailored to support both assigned and unassigned workers by scaling the amount of boundary, storage, and work tools.

  • Layout Studio works in harmony with the Renew™ Link height-adjustable bench, which

    gives workers even more ways to tailor their space to meet their specific needs.

    Into the Future

    Choices and scalability ensure Layout Studio can change with the needs of an organization and its people. As teams grow and condense, as personal preferences shift, organizations can respond—well into the future—by scaling the system up or down, or changing how it’s arranged.

  • Materials

    Visit to see representational samples of our complete textile and materials offering for Layout Studio.

    White 91

    Aged Cherry HX

    Walnut on Ash LBC

    Metallic Silver MS

    Light Brown Walnut 76

    Dark Brown Walnut LBD

    Graphite G1

    Walnut on Cherry HY

    Medium Red Walnut LBE

    Crisp Linen LBM

    Studio White 98

    White 91

    Light Anigre HP

    Light Brown Walnut 2U

    Price Category 1 Gem 16 Colors

    Price Category 3 Connection 9 Colors

    Price Category 4 Glisten 4 Colors

    Price Category 2 Loom 11 Colors

    Price Category 1 Slant 15 Colors

    Price Category 3 Kira 2 6 Colors

    Price Category 3 Pins and Needles 2 Colors

    Price Category 2 Medley 21 Colors

    Price Category 2 Code 5 Colors

    Price Category 1 Tailored 13 Colors

    Price Category 3 Strands 9 Colors

    Price Category 3 String Plaid 8 Colors

    Clear on Ash LBA

    Clear on Ash ET

    Price Category 1 Chain 9 Colors

    Clear TR – 1/4" thick C3– 3/8" thick

    Price Category 2 Crepe 27 Colors

    Price Category 2 Fish Net 18 Colors

    Price Category 3 Stitches 17 Colors

    Price Category 2 Moire 10 Colors

    Price Category 2 Cord 12 Colors

    Price Category 4 Loft 12 Colors

    Price Category 3 Savannah 12 Colors

    Price Category 2 Twist 24 Colors

    Price Category 4 Quilty 13 Colors

    Price Category 4 Sironetta 11 Colors

    Price Category 2 Frost 10 Colors

    Price Category 1 Resonance 25 Colors

    Price Category 2 Horizon 15 Colors

    Price Category 3 Current 9 Colors

    White Twill LBQ

    Pewter Mesh LBK

    Earthen Twill LBH

    Classic Linen LBN

    Folkstone Grey 8Q

    Oak on Ash LBB

    Walnut on Ash EV

    Dark Brown Walnut 40

    Natural Maple HM

    Oak on Ash EU

    Price Category 1 Crossing 24 Colors

    Opal Etched 5A – 1/4" thick G3– 3/8" thick

    Price Category 2 Grosgrain 9 Colors

    Price Category 1 Silkworm 8 Colors

    Price Category 3 Ground Cloth 10 Colors

    Price Category 3 Glaze 8 Colors

    Neutral Twill LBF

    Steel Mesh LBL

    Graphite Twill LBJ

    Casual Linen LBP

    Sarum Twill LBG


    Patterned Laminate

    Solid Laminate

    Woodgrain Laminate

    Wood & Veneer


    Glass Screen

    For more information, please visit or call 888 443 4357.

    Layout Studio, Tu, z and y are among the registered trademarks of Herman Miller, Inc. Ubi and Renew are among the trademarks of Herman Miller, Inc.

    Printed in the USA. Please recycle. © 2016 Herman Miller, Inc., Zeeland, Michigan O.LS202 All rights reserved.

  • 24,30,36,48,60,72




    20 42,48,54,60,66,72,78,84,96


    36,42,48,54,60, 66,72,78,84,96



    48,54,60 48,60,72,84,96

    48 ,60



    36,42,48,55,60,66, 72,78,84,96


    Layout Studio’s simple set of flexible elements can be configured and reconfigured as an organization evolves.

    Engage Leg Desk End Single

    Engage Leg Desk End

    Engage Leg Intermediate Desk

    Closed Leg Desk End Double

    Performance Rail

    Wire Management Tray

    Closed Leg Desk End Single

    Closed Leg Desk End Standing Double

    Engage Leg Stand End Double

    Return Work Surface, Rectangular

    Meeting End, Rectangular

    Primary Work Surface, 120°Primary Work Surface, Rectangular

    Project Table, Rectangular

    48,60 1


    24,30 1


    48,60 1



    Beams, 120°Beams, Rectangular Surface



    22,24,30,36 36,42,48,60,72,78

    Screen, Delineation Screen, Modesty

    36,42,48,54, 60,66,72,78

    Screen, Desk Up

  • Power and Data

    Access Door Articulated on SurfaceUbi Rail Attached Shelf Access Door Flipped Up

    Frameless Fabric Delineation Screen

    Layout Studio with Ubi Work Tools


    Beams and Cable Trays Performance Rail

    Rail-Attached Flo Monitor Arm