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Law Enforcement LODDs. May, 2011- Police Officer Kevin Will was struck and killed as he investigated a hit-and-run accident in Houston, TX. The driver drove around emergency vehicles before hitting Officer Will. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Law Enforcement LODDsMay, 2011-Police Officer Kevin Will was struck and killed as he investigated a hit-and-run accident in Houston, TX. The driver drove around emergency vehicles before hitting Officer Will.March, 2011-While making a traffic stop on Interstate 290 near Buffalo, NY Trooper Kevin Dobson was struck and killed by a passing motorist. January, 2009-Officer Jarod Dean was struck and killed while clearing debris from a previous accident on State Route 8, Boston Heights, OH.

114132008EMT Cheryl Kiefer, Age: 23 Agency: Jackson Community Ambulance, Jackson, MI Cause of Death: Struck at scene

Paramedic Christa Burchett, Age: 33 Agency: Paintsville Fire - Rescue - EMS, Paintsville, KY Cause of Death: Struck at scene

EMS Struck-By LODDs2Oklahoma Double Struck-ByOctober 6, 2002, 4:30 p.m. Paramedics Shawn Skelly, 27, and Michael Gilmore, 32, were treating the driver of a vehicle that had left the roadway during a severe rainstorm on I-35 north of Ardmore near Davis, OK.

As they were preparing to load the patient into their ambulance, a Ford Explorer that had not slowed down, but had gone around traffic that had slowed for the original accident, hydroplaned on the highway, striking all three, killing them instantly.

3Recent Tow Operator Struck-By August 10, 2009Newport News, VA

Operator struck & killed on shoulder of road while loading disabled minivan onto flatbed tow truck

4Dept. of Transportation Struck-by27 year veteran Caltrans worker hit, killedJuly 23, 2009, Lodi, CADriver on weed maintenance crew The Caltrans crew had put up signs to alert oncoming traffic that workers were present.At about 2 p.m., victim got out of his truck, and a passing truck hit him.


If this is how you position apparatus and allow your personnel to operate while working in or near moving traffic.. You will be next on the LODD list!6Sources of InformationMove Over



North Florida LODDsCan we reduce LODDs through Quicker Clearance?8DELETE8TIM Timeline

9Sources of Congestion

10Safe, Quick ClearanceSecond of the three main NUG objectives, it is the practice of rapidly, safely, and aggressively removing temporary obstructions from the roadway. Disabled vehicles

Wrecked vehiclesSafe, Quick Clearance Debris

Spilled cargo11Safe, Quick ClearanceGoalsRestore the roadway to its pre-incident capacity as quickly and safely as possible

Minimize motorists delays though traffic control, lighting, and opening of lanes

Make effective use of all clearance resources

Enhance the safety of responders and motorists

Protect the roadway system and private property from unnecessary damage during the removal process

1212Move Over LawsOnly the District of Columbia has no Move Over Laws

13Driver RemovalFender Bender, Move It, Steer Clear, Steer It, Clear ItMinor, non-injury crashes, drivers exchange information, and move vehicles from travel lanesOften contain a Hold Harmless clauseDispatch should encourage motorists to move the vehicles

14Authority RemovalPublic agencies may clear damaged or disabled vehicles and spilled cargo from the roadwaySerious injury or fatality does not always preclude removalOften contain a Hold Harmless clauseImplemented in half of U.S. states


Lane Designation Terminology1616

MedianOutside ShoulderRight LaneLeft LaneInsideShoulderNorthboundHighway XSouthboundHighway XCommon Response Terminology17

HOV LaneLeft LaneCenter LaneRight Lane18

Non-BufferedHOV Lane19

BufferedHOV Lane20

Left LaneLeft Center LaneRight LaneOutsideRight Center LaneInsideLeft shoulderRightshoulder21

Two Left Lanes22

Two Center Lanes23

Two Right Lanes24

124325Student Activity


UPSTREAMDOWNSTREAMUpstream & DownstreamIf incident is here27

The backup of approaching traffic is the Queue pronounced Q28

Examples include:ON-ramp/OFF-rampService Road/Access RoadDistributor/Collector RoadOverpass/UnderpassCommon Response Terminology29

Highway XHighway YSOUTHNORTHWESTEASTINCIDENT HEREDescribe this location30





Westbound LaneEastbound LaneWestbound shoulderEastboundshoulderRural Roads Response Terminology35

Westbound LaneEastbound LaneRural Roads Response TerminologyEastbound Turn Lane36CommunicationAccurate, clear communication, means responders arrive at the scene sooner and clear the incident sooner meeting quick clearance goals and improving safety for themselves and accident victims.37TIM Timeline

38Federal guideline for all traffic control NationwideIt also covers all workers on all streets, roadways or highwaysThis course addresses what is required to adhere to MUTCD standards

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

Chapter 6-I39

MUTCD also requiresLE, F/R, EMS &T&R establish a Traffic Incident Management AreaThis course addresses the best practices recommended in the MUTCD40DELETE40Student Activity

Arrival on SceneClearance of SceneCommand ResponsibilitiesHazard ControlIncident NotificationInvestigation Patient Care Response to IncidentWindshield Size-Up of SceneTermination of ActivitiesTraffic Management________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________41Lesson Objectives

Recognize incident statisticsRestate NIMS-compliant core industry terminology for each discipline groupList the principle laws that relate to Quick ClearanceRecall the terminology used to describe roadwaysIdentify the principles discussed in the MUTCDArrange the phases of incident response or duties in chronological order as taught in the course