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Transcript of Laurence Couldrick

  • 1. Payments for Ecosystem Services By Laurence Couldrick - Westcountry Rivers Trust

2. Pressures on the catchment 3. Areas impacted 4. What do we get from our catchments? Agricultural Ecosystem PollinationNatural EcosystemWater regulationTimberPest controlRecreationBiodiversityMeatCropsProvisioning servicesRegulating servicesCultural services 5. Management plans that effect the Tamar 6. Tools used to deliver behaviour changeINCENTIVES Provider is paidREGULATION Polluter paysWIN-WIN Provider saves 7. Paid Ecosystem Services IN THEORY 8. Paid Ecosystem Services IN PRACTICE Buyer - SWW- Estimated cost/benefit ratio - Sold to OFWAT - 65p from bill payers = 9mIntermediary - WRT- Ensure works do not degrade other services - Minimise admin costs - Monitor conceptSeller - Farmer- Instigate works - Change practices 9. Interventions - 1.48m grant against 3m of works 10. OutcomesPP100% up-takeNN 11. Business cost savings 12. Ecosystem Sustainability Meter