Launch Season - Sales Page Swipe ... Linkdin and Periscope / Meerkat. We will discuss your launch...

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Transcript of Launch Season - Sales Page Swipe ... Linkdin and Periscope / Meerkat. We will discuss your launch...

  • Launch Season - Sales Page Swipe File

    Learn How To Launch and Sell Out Your Next Program

    While Increasing Your Impact And Influence, Changing More Lives With

    YOUR Message And Being Rewarded Financially In The Process!

    Register In Launch Season

    Read this entire page NOW to learn how you could sell out your next

    program, help change the lives of your clients and leverage your

    message including coaching from me personally to bring your launch

    from the small league to the global stage within THIS YEAR.

    This training will provide you with the steps to strategically and

    effectively create one of the most lucrative campaigns on the planet

    to sell out your next program.

    Launch Season provides you with the templates, scripts, frameworks,

    step-by-step proceeds and training so that you not only create your

    own highly lucrative launch campaign to share your message but also

    see a multiple return on your investment every time you use this.

    You'll learn the TACTICAL steps to create a launch campaign that

    magnetically attracts clients to your program which generating tens of

    thousands of dollars in the process.

  • Imagine the impact you could make in the world by launching your

    program exactly like the leading experts, brands and gurus do. What

    would it do for your business, your branding and your credibility?

    Think about the ease of your life knowing that your programs and

    launches are bringing in revenue again and again and you don’t have to

    worry about if you’ll sell out or not.

    Imagine reaching 50,000 people with your program launch.

    Imagine the opportunities that could open up including joint ventures,

    endorsements deals, speaking gigs, additional product lines not to

    mention constant stream of new clients and traveling the world.

    This entire training is based on what has been working in today’s short

    customer attention based and noisy marketplace.

    It breaks down exactly what I’ve done to successfully launch well over

    a dozen programs but also how I’m able to generate customers online

    in over 70+ industries

    Here is an overview of the entire

    Launch Season Curriculum:

    -- Module #1: Prepare To Launch - Monday November 9th:

    Learn what it takes to launch and sell out your next program from a

    strategic point of view. We will be clarifying your marketing messaging

    with a series of templates and exercises.

  • Along with walking you through what NOT to do during a launch and

    the 10 launch phases. Finally you'll be handed a step by step system for

    creating, measuring and tracking goodwill within your marketplace.

    -- Module #2: The Launch Blueprint - Friday November 13th

    Begin copying the famous Launch Blueprint that has been used to sell

    out programs back to back.

    This is where we begin planning your launch goals and talk about what

    needs to be in place from a brand point of view in order to hit them.

    We dive into content marketing for a launch, the full cycle of launch

    starting from day 1 and even discuss multiple 'launch themes' that you

    can leverage.

    -- Module #3: Marketing Essentials - Monday November 16th

    Lay the foundation for a world-class marketing campaign that elevates

    your brand and spreads your message.

    This is where we get techy. I'll be showing you all the systems and

    setups that are required for a launch along with giving you insider

    discounts and free access to several programs for your next launch. We

    also talk about how to test your idea before you launch and how to

    avoid a failed launch. Then then finish off by walking you through the

    mindset of a successful launch so that you don't self sabotage

  • -- Module #4: Warming Up The Market - Friday November 19th

    Begin to generate excitement about your brand and your up coming

    program while generating profit and an influx of leads.

    I'll walk you through the concept of foreshadowing during a launch and

    will even show you how to earn a bulk of sales and reach new clients

    before you launch your program. From there I'll be showing you several

    whisper campaigns that you can deploy leading up to your launch.

    Finally I'll be giving you the keys to what may be the most powerful pre-

    launch campaign, the Market Disruption sequence.

    -- Module #5: Establish Value And Brand Expansion - Monday

    November 23rd

    Move your brand into the spotlight through a pre-launch campaign that

    builds massive, trackable goodwill and allows you to almost double

    your database of leads.

    Here we will be focusing on the most powerful traffic platforms to drive

    your launch numbers through the roof. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram,

    Linkdin and Periscope / Meerkat. We will discuss your launch branding,

    the type of sequence you should be using, launch interaction and

    engagement along with creating virality within your Placemark

  • -- Module #6: Opening The Flood Gates - Monday November 30th

    Begin collection payments and start moving towards a complete sell

    out of your next program by focusing on the sales copy, sales video,

    sales email, sales traffic and whole sales sequence.

    I'll show you many sales leavers that you can pull during your launch to

    amplify and maxamise sales. These include several sub campaigns and a

    series of carefully crafted and deployed messaging that can result in big


    -- Module #7: Post-Launch Optimization - Monday December 7th:

    Finalize the remaining spots of your program and close any lagging

    leads through a series of sub-launch campaigns innovated by myself.

    These include the underground 'over the shoulder sub launch'

    campaign along with the a very personal campaign that almost

    generates 100% interaction every time we deploy it.

    -- Module #8: Hidden Profit - Friday December 11th

  • Generate another influx revenue (sometimes more than your actual

    launch) through deploying a sequence of campaigns that allows for

    more sales to be made.

    I'll then be showing you how to do a launch debrief to ensure that your

    NEXT launch is bigger and better. You'll also receive a final launch

    checklist and an official Launch Season calendar to help you implement

    everything that was covered within Launch Season

    Step By Step Modules Designed As Bite Sized Chunks

    The problem with other book marketing training programs is that

    they’re built theory or more commonly, little to no results. They also

    provide you with too much information that it’s almost guaranteed to

    get overwhelmed and not know how to implement….

    Other marketing courses tend to justify their lack of results with the

    amount of information or so called value that is added. Would you

    agree that information is not value, results are valued.

    One of the most important parts of Launch Season is how it’s been


    I have intentionally broken this training down into 5 weeks — and each

    week you learn a new step with accompanying strategies on how to

    successfully launch and sell out your next program.

  • My goal is to have your launch ready for January 2016 so that you can

    sell out your program and generate $30,000 or more in revenue while

    spreading your message, growing your brand and moving to higher

    levels of success

    We are literally growing your business, your brand and bringing your

    launch campaign to life every week as you go through this program.

    It's Not Hard To Get A Return On This Investment.

    How much would it be worth to you if you could spread your message

    and reach people all over the world?

    How much is it worth for you to finally be seen as an in demand

    industry leader with consistent sell-out launches and waiting lists for

    your next program?

    What would it be worth to know exactly how to earn tens of thousands

    of dollars every time you want to launch your program and spread your


    How far your business goes in life comes down to the number of

    actions you take and the size of those actions.

    Whether your mission is to help people change their lives or grown

    their business there is no doubt that knowing how to enroll people

    into your program is an essential skill for achieving your goals.

    I want to help you do exactly this – and Launch Season is the first step

    for us.

    Don’t make waiting for the perfect moment to become a habit.

  • I began my journey at the age of 16 when I dropped out of high due to

    avoiding every speaking situation possible in the attempt to hide my


    I planned for a life of ‘never speaking’ again and commitment to a 3

    year course in I.T. After finishing my 3 years I discovered that every

    employer needed someone who could speak to clients, handle the help

    desk, manage the front of the office and so on.

    My plan had failed, I still had my speaking stutte