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Slides from our Halsbury Travel case study used at the eBusiness Champions launch event in Leicester

Transcript of Launch event Leicester

  • 1.

2. This evening

  • It is all about you and your business!
  • There are no great secrets, it is all about implementing changes.
  • Whats the big deal?
  • Search = increased traffic
  • Strong linear paths to actions
  • Content
  • Q&A session

3. What is the big deal? Small changes make a big difference Traffic 5 times as much traffic to product pages, pretty much over night.Enquiries Number of enquiries increased on average 50% every month for 2 years.Up to 40 enquiries per day, with average value of 7.000 Conversion Increasing conversion rates. 4. Traffic - Search engine optimisation Every thing was done online, no offline advertising = all down to search and links! Number of pages indexed (Site map, xml site map, internal link structure) Know your phrases. Benchmark against the competition. Code, tags, navigation, title, meta descriptions do they match your phrases.SEO your product pages, so people land on the right pages 5. Strong linear path Make sure people know where to go, both from the home page and from other pages. 6. Show content in context Show other products and testimonials on the product/service page. 7. Converting traffic 3 small changes that increased conversion from 0.4% to 6.4% Showed a from price Added an Enquire now button Added a Request brochure linkAdded a Check availability button These details were already available on the website, we just repeated them in front of the user. 8. Giving a little bit away for FREE Give bits way for free, and maybe try to collect data in the process.

  • Articles / White papers
  • Sample itineraries
  • Trials, look up all the visits and attraction.
  • Workbooks
  • Promotion materials
  • Request brochure = they email you their details
  • Request quote = they give you their details

9. 5 action (thinking) points for the eBusiness Champions

  • Be critical when you look at your own site. Keep an open mind and take on board the new ideas. Remember while you are busy making excuses for why the web isnt working for you the competition is busy getting ahead.
  • Make sure you have something in place to measure your web site performance. We recommend Google Analytics (If you havent got it and need help setting it up speak to us)
  • Look at your traffic levels and conversions, are you happy with them?
  • Look at your site, what do you want it to do? Has it got a clear goal and a strong linear path to the goal(s)?
  • Have you got good content, are you catering for a good landing experience both on the home page and details pages?

10. Questions? Please note, things could change We are using the Halsbury site as the main example, but we implemented the changes across 5 sites. and other site examples used are no longer maintained by me, so they may change in the future. 11. Next events Nottingham 17 thDec Xmas even Cast bar, Playhouse theatre Leicester 26 thJanuary Search event De Montfort University