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Latin American Names. By: Katie Frericks. Girls. Here’s a list of some of the most common names for girl in Latin america : Carmen Esperanza Isabella Nina Veronica. Carmen. Meaning: Song Roots: From Latin root Carmina People: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Common Spanish Names

Latin American Names.By: Katie FrericksGirls.Heres a list of some of the most common names for girl in Latin america:CarmenEsperanzaIsabellaNinaVeronicaCarmen.Meaning:SongRoots:From Latin root CarminaPeople:There is an actress named Carmen Miranda, who starred in Latin movies and also sang traditional Latin songs.


Meaning:HopeRoots:Latin root SperantiaPeople:There was a Maria Esperanza in the Spanish/Latin bible, she was 9 when she died. This photo is of the real Maria Esperanza.Isabella.Meaning:God is my oath, or royaltyRoots:From Latin name IsabelPeople:This name once ment god is my oath, but after Queen Isabella the meaning changed to royalty. Queen Isabella was named the catholic queen or queen of law.


Meaning:Little GirlRoots:Latin name, AnitaPeople:While her real name was Eunice Kathleen, she was better know by her stage name Nina Simone.Veronica.Meaning:Bringing VictoryRoots:From Latin name VictoriaPeople:Veronica Varekova has been a model since 1996. Mainly doing Victoria Secrets shoots and magazines.

Boys.This is a list of common names given to boys in Latin America:AntoniaErnestoJoseJuanRobertoAntonio.Meaning:InvaluableRoots:Latin an Italian roots, AntoniusPeople:One of the most famous Antonios would be Antonio Banderes. He is a spanish actor best know in The Mask Of Zorro.


MeaningBattle to death, or serious bussinessRoots:Italian and Latin form of ErnestusPeople:Ernesto Guevara de la Serna studied medicine before teaming up with Fidel Castro to cause major problems in Cuba.Jose.Meaning:(God) shall add (another son)Roots:From of Latin name JosephusPeople:Jose Canseco is a famous baseball player. He is a former out fielder and D.H in the MLB.


Meaning:God is graciousRoots:From Latin JohanPeople:Juan Riquelme is a famous soccer player in Latin America. In 2001 he was named South American soccer player of the year.Roberto.Meaning:Bright fameRoots:From Portuguese RobertusPeople:Roberto Clemente Walker is a famous baseball player with exactly 3000 hits before his death. He died in a plane crash on his way to take supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua.