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Causes, Effects and Solutions for Land Pollution

Transcript of LAND POLLUTION


2. WHAT IS LAND POLLUTION ? ? ? Land pollution may be understood asthe deterioration of the earths landsurfaces, often directly or indirectly asa result of mans activities. 3. CAUSES OF LANDPOLLUTIONTOPIC # 1 4. DEGENERATIVE ACTIONS Include a lot of human actions, like deforestation, overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, desertification, mining , inefficient and / or inadequate waste treatment, landfill, litter, etc. Many of these are unavoidable; however, definitely the severity of these actions in terms of the effects they have on the land can be reduced by taking appropriate and adequate 5. MISUSE OF LAND Mainly refers to cutting trees to clear land for agriculture, as well as processes like desertification and land conversion. Desertification is when effectsof human development orother actions convert a pieceof fertile land into desert-landor dry-land. Land onceconverted to desert-land cannever be reclaimed by anyamount of correctivemeasures. 6. INEFFICIENT USE OF LAND Inefficient use of land as such is notgoing to cause land pollution.However, inefficient use of landamounts to wastage, and henceshortage of land; and it is preciselyduring such conditions that man has toresort to measure such as deforestationand others to meet his needs. It is anindirect cause of land pollution that isoften largely neglected. 7. SOIL POLLUTION When the top-most soil layer of land is destroyed orpolluted. Soil pollution is again another cause ofland pollution that affects not only the land, butalso a lot of other things such as forest cover of aregion, productivity of land in terms of agriculture,grazing etc. Soil pollution is also caused by wrongagricultural practices, such as overuse of chemicalfertilizers and pesticides. 8. LAND CONVERSION When a piece of land is converted from itsindigenous form to a form used for either agricultureor infrastructure. Land conversion is especially agrowing problem that we possibly do not have agood solution for. Using a piece of land to itsmaximum potential is the key to eliminate many ofthe causes of land pollution, such as this one. 9. OTHER key causes of landpollution include -urbanization, improperwastedisposal, industrialactivities, nuclearresearch, chemicalsreleased by all sorts ofheavy industries, coal-fired powerplants, metalsproductionindustries, etc. 10. EFFECTS OF LAND POLLUTION TOPIC # 2 11. EFFECTS ON CLIMATE Land pollutions leads to loss in the forest cover ofEarth. This is in turn going to affect the amount ofrain. Less rain mean lesser vegetation. The effect ofall different kinds of pollution will eventually lead toproblems like acid rains, greenhouse effect, globalwarming. 12. EXTINCTION OF SPECIES Species are pushed towardsendangerment and extinctionprimarily by two processes. Habitatfragmentation is the fragmentationof the natural habitat of anorganism; cause primarily by urbansprawl. Habitat destruction, on theother hand, is when land clearingadversely affects animals specialsuch that their natural habitat islost. Both the actions can causesome species to go extinct andothers to become invasive. 13. BIO MAGNIFICATION Process in which certain non-biodegradablesubstances go on accumulating in the food-chain.The most common example is of methyl mercury infish and mercury in eagles. Not only does biomagnification put the particular species at risk, itputs all the species above and below it at risk, andultimately affects the food pyramid. 14. EFFECTS ON BIODIVERSITY Species extinction and bio magnification isgoing to overthrow the balance of naturevery significantly. The main reason for this isdisturbance created in the food chain. Togive you a very simple example - onaccount of bio magnification of mercury ineagles, they might go extinct in thesubsequent years. However, we knoweagles prey on snakes. Less (or no) eagleswill then result in more number of snakes! 15. PREVENTION OF LANDPOLLUTIONTOPIC # 3 16. PERSONAL LEVEL As you may have realized, land pollution is indeedgoing to affect a lot more things than we thought itwill. Hence, I leave you with some correctivemeasure you can take on a personal level toreduce land pollution. Encourage organic farming - buy organic food. Proper garbage disposal - separate your garbagebefore you give it to the garbage collector; andstrictly say NO to plastic. Encourage recycling - buy recycledproducts, notebooks, paper, etc. Restrict use of herbicides and pesticides - they arenot only used in farm, but in your own backyard aswell. 17. DISPOSAL OF WASTES Proper waste management is the most importantthing to do for the prevention of land pollution.Several steps should be taken to ensure that thewaste gets disposed in the most harmless way, i.e.produces less or no toxins. 18. DISPOSAL OF WASTES One of the ways of doing this is by separating dryand wet waste. Dry waste should be recycled or itcan be burned. On the other hand, wet wasteshould be decomposed. 19. DISPOSAL OF WASTES This decomposed waste should be further dumpedin pits so that it can be converted into compost andused for agriculture. When disposing of waste, theauthorities should treat it with various kinds ofchemicals, so that it has a very low level of toxicity. 20. RECYCLING AND REUSE People should buy and use products that havebeen recycled. For instance, plastic bags should begiven up; instead, jute bags should be used.Reusing old items is another good way to reducethe stress on various resources.Clothes, paper, glass, everything should berecycled and reused, as far as possible. 21. BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS People should buybiodegradableproducts. Go organic- thats the mantra foravoiding landpollution. Organicfarming, lessening theuse ofpesticides, buyingorganic fruits andvegetables and otherproducts, will keepland pollution incheck. 22. GROW MORE TREES Initiative should betaken to grow moretrees. Researchesshow that trees canactually fertilize thesoil. This means thatby growingtrees, soil willbecomefertile, agriculturewill get boostedand land pollutionwill greatly reduce. 23. EFFICIENT USE OF RESOURCES There should be minimal wastage. There should beno littering. Oil and petrol should be usedjudiciously. So should all the other products andresources made from glass, plastic, metal andpaper. 24. SOME MORE Both individuals and authorities have to makepositive changes in the way they conductthings. Spreading awareness, amongst thecommon people, to useorganic, biodegradable products and toefficiently use resources, should be taken upseriously by the government. The industries tooshould follow proper procedures of industrialwaste disposal. In addition to this, trees shouldbe saved and more plants should be grown. Allthese initiatives are mandatory for any projecton the prevention of land pollution, to besuccessful. 25. CITATION