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  • It is not our intention to omit any name from the birthday and anniversary lists. If you have a birthday or anniversary in December and are not listed, please stop by the Lamplighter Village office to update this information.

    Lamplighter Village Activities – Upcoming Events President: Jeff Akers 614 – 314 – 1724 Vice-President: Sue Allen 258 – 8186 Treasurer: Joanne Ryan 600-4826 Director: Donna Conner 890-7976 Secretary: Sophia Theofanous 676-2585 December, 2017 Sat 2 Christmas Party Benefiting Children 7:00—10:00 pm $2.00 plus a gift C Wed 6 Activities Meeting 10:30 am C Sat 9 Holiday Get Together 7:00—10:00 pm $4.00 C Sun 10 Golf Cart Parade 2:00—4:00 pm C Thurs 14 Manager’s Christmas Brunch 10:30 am $4.00 C Sat 16 Breakfast 8:30—9:30 am $4.00 C Wed 20 Ladies Luncheon—11:30 am C Thurs 28 Ice Cream Social 6:30 pm $2.00 C Sun 31 New Year’s Eve Party 8:30—12:30 pm $15.00 C January, 2018 Wed 3 Activities Meeting 10:30 am C Sat 6 Potluck 6:00—10:00 pm $4.00 C Thurs 11 Manager’s Luncheon 11:30 am $4.00 C Sat 13 Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet 6:00—8:00 pm C Wed 17 Ladies Luncheon—11:30 am C Fri 19 Cal-Am Dinner & Dueling Piano Show 6:00—10:00 pm $10.00 C Sat 20 Breakfast 8:30—9:30 am $4.00 C Thurs 28 Ice Cream Social 6:30 pm $2.00 C Sat 27 A Night on Broadway 6:00—10:00 pm $6.00 C February, 2018 Sat 3 Senior Olympics—all day event, with dinner & awards 6:00—10:00 pm $6.00 C Sun 4 Super Bowl Party 3:00—10:00 pm C Wed 7 Activities Meeting 10:30 am C Annual Meeting & Election of Officers Sat 10 Valentine’s Dinner & Dance 6:00—10:00 pm $12.00 C Fri 16 Cal-Am Dinner & Mardi Gras $10:00 C Sat 17 Breakfast 8:30—9:30 am $4.00 C Wed 21 Ladies Luncheon—11:30 am C Thurs 22 Ice Cream Social 6:30 pm $2.00 C

    1 - Paul Sanderson 2 - Karen Kowcenuk, Jane Schreiner, Allan Hartshorn, Jim Banks 3 - Pierrette Ahearn 5 - Norman Sperber 7 - Raymond Bussiere, Maureen Imperato, Margaret Braswell 8 - Darren Dooley, Diane Dixon 9 - Florence Wright 10 - Christy Merritt, Emily Bopp, Richard Marot, Richard Davis, Pat Wolfe, Dan Ryan, William Mullinax, Robert Neener 11– Jane Luba, Denise Higgins, Gloria Figueiredo 12 - Judith McCormick, Cary Billington 13 - Mary Beth Brooks 14– Deborah Belew 15– Michael Warg 16 - Robert Mulzet, Sharon Cassara, Geren Millen 17 - Kay Dawson, Ariadna Falco, Charles Dole 18 - Burton Cline 21 - Patricia Talotta, Gina Gardner 25 - Janice Hayes 26 - Beth Nixon 27 - Beverly Ciampaglia, Ramona Goodman Timothy O’Donnell, Ken Worden 28 - Richard Taylor 29 - Thomas Johnson, Jackie Brown 31 - Roger Hatfield

    December Anniversaries 12/12/1964 Ken & Bonnie Worden 12/15/1962 Phil & Leilani Longbons 12/18/1963 Don & Karen Royer 12/29/2012 Charles & Marlene Moubray

    Like and follow us on Facebook at Lamplighter Village 1. The monthly newsletter can be found at our Facebook site or

    Activity tickets may be purchased from Pat Walker @ 610-8179

    or Donna Conner @ 890-7976 and at the Carriage House

    Lamplighter Village on Youtube.

    Check us out at :

    Birthday’s This Month

    Happy Belated Anniversary Wishes to Bob and Barbara LaRue. They were

    married on 11/15/1969. Check out the center calendar for all of the daily events that take place at Lamplighter Village. Our residents are encouraged to attend these activities or events and become involved. What a great place to make new friends. We look forward to seeing you at one, two, or all of our fun happenings.

    Happy belated birthday wishes to Johnny McGuire (10/3), Irene Brown (11/4), Lenda Jarboe (11/9), Karen Burnham & Sharon McGuire (11/18)


    The Lamplighter Village Veteran’s Club meets the 1st Thursday of each month

    at 9:00 AM in the Carriage House

    To join our Club, please contact one of the following:

    Bill Deitemeyer, President, 407-973-9052,

    Ray Sprague, Vice-President, 585-520-9105,

    Roger Doran, Secretary, 614-338-9538

    And then you say what is that? Euchre is a card game that has been around for a long time, but perhaps more of a Midwestern or Northern game. Many of our residents have enjoyed teaching or learning this new, but old card game. You can learn too and have as much fun as everyone else. New date: Monday evenings in the Carriage House at 6:30 pm. Bring a drink and a snack too!

    Ballroom Dancing—Great Fun!!! Put on those dancing shoes and come dance with us on Wednesday afternoons in the Carriage House. Michael Cassidy, professional dance instructor, provides the necessary instruction for each resident. You will love the excitement while learning those dance steps that will move you around the room. Come see what ballroom dancing is all about. The best part...there is no charge to the residents. Dancing begins at 2:00 pm.

    December 2nd

    7:00—10:00 pm

    Carriage House

    Purchase tickets from Donna Conner @ 890-7976 or

    Pat Walker @ 610-8179

    To Benefit Children

    A Gift for Children’s Party This is a party for our residents

    To benefit underprivileged children

    Admission: $2.00 along with a $7.00—$15.00 wrapped gift

    for a boy or girl age 7—14

    Beer, wine, sodas, and munchies will be available -

    BYOB Also!

    Hosted by Sophia Theofanous Linda & Bill Warfield

    Entertainment: Steve Sheen

    Ceramics Are you new to Lamplighter Village? Perhaps you did not know we offer ceramics to our residents at no cost. Come join the group of nearly 40 resi-

    dents on Wednesday’s at 7:00 pm in the B Building. There are many, many molds to choose from. What a great birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. Or better yet, make something for YOU to enjoy.

    Chair Yoga It’s the “Fountain of Youth” in weight training, aerobics & stretching—while seated. Come join Gigi, the

    instructor, and see how this great exercise will help improve your health. This activity takes place on Tuesday’s at 10:00 am in the Carriage House.

    Aqua Therapy Did you know that through aqua therapy you will learn to focus on improving strength, coordination, flexibility, range of motion, easing joint pain and arthritis to remain

    active and safe in your daily needs. Aqua Therapy at Lamplighter Village is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the pool beginning at 11:00 am. Don’t forget your noodles!

    Did You Know? Lamplighter Village offers nearly 70 activities each month. Cribbage is one of those activities. Cribbage, or crib, is a card game traditionally for two players, but commonly played with three, four or more, that involves playing and grouping cards in combinations which gain points. Come on over to the Carriage House on Friday’s at 1:00 pm to join in the fun. Also check out the inside calendar to see what other activities you may want to participate in.

    Monday, December 4th

    Cookies arrived in America in the 17th century. Macaroons and ginger bread cookies were among the first popular cookies. Today we enjoy: Bar cookies, drop cookies, filled cookies, molded cookies, no bake cookies, pressed cookies, refrigerator cookies, rolled cookies and sandwich cookies. Come enjoy your favorites in the Lamplighter Office on December 4th from 10:00 am—3:00 pm

    Decorate your golf carts, wagons, bicycles and tricycles and come join the parade. All residents are welcome, please bring your children, grandchildren and pets. Meet us at entrance “1” at 2:00 pm where the fun begins. We will tour around the community and return to the Carriage House for refreshments. (no pets in Carriage House). New this year is our Gingerbread House display. Make your own or join in with other residents to show your talents. Please contact Sue Allen at 321-258-8186 for additional information.

    Christmas Golf Cart Parade

    Sunday, December 10th

  • Reserving Tables for Activities Events & Times Doors Open

    Reserved tables are available for activities events to residents of

    Lamplighter Village. Round tables must have all seats filled (8 seats). Long tables

    seat 12 and to reserve these tables you must have at least 10 resident

    reservations. Please be prepared to give a list of those sitting at your table, along

    with each persons house number. To reserve a table, please call Donna

    Conner at 890-7976 NO LATER THAN

    WEDNESDAY prior to the event. **Doors will open 15 minutes prior to

    each activities event****

    ***Note—New Policy*** Activities Ticket Sale

    Tickets to Activity Events are on a first-come, first-serve basis to Lamplighter Village residents and their guests at the actual ticket cost. Tickets are sold every Tuesday from 6:00—7:00 pm at the Carriage House. You may call to reserve tickets prior to the cutoff and it is “your responsibility” to make arrangements to pay for and pickup your tickets by 10:00 pm the Wednesday prior to the event. All tickets are ready for purchase the last week of preceding month and must be purchased by 10:00 pm the Wednesday before the event. These ticket sales include the monthly breakfast.

    Join us at our Activities Meeting