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  • 8/3/2019 Lakeshore Summer Camps


    LakeshoreSummerCampsJune 11 - August 31, 2012

    12 Weeks of Adventure, Exercise, & Fun!








































  • 8/3/2019 Lakeshore Summer Camps


    Day Camps

    Pee Wee (ages 2-4)page 2Drop off program that focuses onlearning, social growth, creativity and

    fun. Please join us for our summercamp edition which includes extra timeoutside, summer camp activities, andswimming lessons everyday.

    Junior Camp (ages 4 & 5)page 3 - 4For our campers who may not be readyfor 5 days of camp per week, the JuniorCamp program is the perfect taste ofcamp. The Junior program has ourhighest counselor-to-camper ratio, andemphasizes safety, group play,movement, and outdoor fun! Parentsmay enroll campers on a daily basis forJunior Camp, or save money with theweekly rate.

    Fun N Sun Camp (ages 5-7)page 3 - 4Fun N Sun campers enjoy a moreimmersive week-long camp experience.With an emphasis on cooperation,

    creativity, friendship, and self-esteem,Fun N Sun campers develop socialskills and character while having afantastic time.

    Adventure Camp (ages 8-11)page 3 - 4Adventure campers are kept physicallyactive and socially engaged allday long. Exploration, competition,sportsmanship, and responsibility arestressed in this program. New this

    year: campers get a choice of whichactivities to join on a weekly basis.

    Specialty Camps

    JR. TENNIS CAMP (ages 5 & 17 )page 7Designed for the novice,intermediate, and accelerated level

    player. Our team of tennisprofessionals and counselors willfocus on improving the childstechnique, movement and knowledgeof tennis strategy. We will offer a mixof instruction, drills, conditioning,games and competitions on Fridaymatch day.

    Jr. High and Hig h School SportsConditioning Camp page 8Focused exclusively on the Jr. highand high school athlete. This camp isdesigned to get athletes sport ready forthe start of their respective season andto impress high school coaching staffswith increased levels of tness andmental preparedness.

    Sox/Bulls Academy(ages 5 - 12) page 9No one can teachbasketball and baseball

    better than the ChicagoBulls and the Chicago White Sox!This summer, learn from the best andlet the Chicago Bulls and the ChicagoWhite Sox teach you how to play likea Champion!

    Fun N Sun, AdventureCamp, and Tennis Camp

    June 11 - August 31, 2012

    Member price Full price Day

    12 weeks $3,500 $586 weeks $1,870 $621 week $330 $66Daily $80 $80

    Non-Member priceFull price Day

    12 weeks $4,550 $756 weeks $2,450 $811 week $430 $85Daily $100 $100* Half day pricing for Tennis Campis half off full price.

    Pee Wee

    Member price Full price Day

    Weekly $180 $363 days $115 $382 days $82 $41Daily $44 $44

    Non-Member price

    Full price DayWeekly $234 $463 days $150 $502 days $106 $53Daily $57 $57

    Specialty Camps

    Bulls CampDate: June 18-22 & July 9-13Ages: 6 - 12 9:00am-NoonMembers: $225 Non-Members: $250

    Sox CampDate: June 25-29, July 16-20Ages: 5 - 11 9:00am-NoonMembers: $225 Non-Members: $250BULLS / SOX COMBO(w/ Half Day Option of Basketball or Baseball only)

    August 13-17 Ages: 5-12Baseball: 9:00 am-NoonBasketball: 1:00pm-4:00pmMembers: $425 Non-Members: $450

    Half DayAugust 13-17 Ages: 5-12Basketball 1:00pm-4:00pmBaseball 9:00 am-NoonMembers:$225 Non-Members:$250

    Sports Conditioning Camp

    August 6-10 1:00pm - 4:00 pmAugust 20-24 1:00pm - 4:00 pm5 days: Members: $295


    3 days: Members:$195Non-Members:$275

    Pricing and DatesSummer Camps

    Prices on page 10

  • 8/3/2019 Lakeshore Summer Camps


    Pee Wee is a drop off program for 2-4

    year olds that focuses on creativity,

    learning, social growth, and fun!

    Themes And dAily sche duleWe will have a different theme each

    week with special activities and

    learning opportunities. Daily

    schedules will provide opportunities

    for children to explore ne art, music,

    foreign language skills, gross motor

    activities, imaginative play, literature,

    and math experiences. The children

    will also spend time everyday exploring

    learning centers and taking part in

    circle time.

    sTAFFOur dedicated staff is highly

    experienced working with this age

    group and is sensitive to children

    who are being dropped off for the

    rst time. All staff members are either

    teachers or education majors who

    have attended training at Lakeshore

    and hold CPR certications.

    swimmingParticipants will have swim lessons

    built in to our daily routine. Safety is

    our number one priority and a lifeguard

    is always present. Swim time is agreat way to help little ones get used

    to being in the water. Lakeshore will

    provide swim belts which each child

    will wear during the entire session.

    Pee wee Run s yeAR Round!Please contact us if you would like to

    try a few days out before the summer

    starts. Contact Angela LoGalbo

    Follat 773.770.2421or,

    please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We understand that this may be the

    rst drop-off program that your child

    has attended. We want to work with

    you to make this a wonderful

    experience for child and parent!

    dat a T June 11 - August 31, 2012

    Monday - Friday 9:00am-12:30pm

    Pee Wee

    WHITE SOX /BULLS COMBO CAMPBoys & Girls Ages 5-12, ultimate camp for the multi-sport kid! Includes

    EXCLUSIVE experience for all participants at U.S. Cellular Field & the United Center.

    This week long, all day camp gives the two-sport athlete the ability to improvetheir offensive and defensive game in both basketball and baseball before

    heading back to school. 6 hours a day, quality instruction in two sports.Children will be divided by age and ability level. Contact Carey Schueler

    for more information at or at 773.770.2441.

    WHITE SOX andBULLSA 2 - 4

    SOXAges 5-6: Intro to the game of baseball.

    Ages 7-8: Throwing, hitting, bunting,elding, pitching and base-running.

    Ages 9-11: This camp will touch onadvanced hitting and throwingtechniques. Team play, advancedbase running and other techniquesthat are used on the eld this season.

    Exclusive U.S. Cellular eld experience!

    Camp participant plus one guest, willhave a parade on the eld and a Q&Asession with a White Sox personality,coach and a current White Sox player!The Top 30 qualiers in each agethroughout the summer will competein the nals on U.S. Cellular Field inSeptember 6 White Sox ticket vouchers*,Academy hat, t-shirt, evaluationreport and graduation certicate will

    be provided. (*Restrictions apply to ticketvouchers. Experience dates are to be determined,premium items subject to change)

    BULLSAges 6-8: Building fundamentals withfun drills to understand the game andimprove their play.

    Ages 9-12: Coaches will work on theteam concept and rening andadvancing the skills for the serious orsoon-to-be serious player. You are sureto improve your ball handling, passing,shooting, rebounding, and footwork!

    Exclusive United Center experience!

    Camp participant plus one guest, willbe invited to the United Center for aQ&A session with a Bulls personalityand a current and or former Bullsplayer! During the camp each playerwill compete in the Bulls SkillsCompetition. At the end of the summer,the top 3 contestants will compete inthe nals on the oor of the UnitedCenter. Each camper will receive a

    Chicago Bulls duffel bag, Bulls indoor/outdoor basketball, t-shirt, evaluationreport and graduation certicate.

  • 8/3/2019 Lakeshore Summer Camps


    &Junior, Fun N Sun,Lakeshore Day Camp offers fun,exercise, and exploration for childrenage 4-11. Based in our 185,000square foot athletic facility, the Campprogram makes use of the surrounding

    neighborhoods parks and people, aswell as many exciting locations in theChicagoland area.

    Sports, swimming, arts n crafts,outdoor games at Jonquil Park,Special Days, and weekly Field Tripsall gure heavily into the weeklyLakeshore Day Camp experience.Every days programming is differentand each week has a new theme.

    Beyond the activities, Lakeshore DayCamp stresses values like cooperation,healthy competition, responsibility,and tolerance. Your camper will behaving too much fun to realize he or

    she is building character!

    Theme Weeks, SpecialDays & Field Trips

    Campers in all Lakeshore Day Campsexperience a great deal of variety inprogramming and activities throughouttheir summer sojourn. Each week, adifferent theme colors the activitiesand projects the campers undertake.

    Once a week, on Wednesday orThursday, the entire camp gathers fora Special Day that reects the weekstheme. Ranging from beach luaus to

    talent shows, Special Days are a timefor everyone to come together for a

    good time. Each Friday, buses arriveat Lakeshore to take campers to someof Chicagolands most interestinglocations. Childrens museums, waterparks, WNBA games, and Foster

    Beach are a few examples of the eldtrips weve offered in the past.

    *A complete list of weekly activitiesand eld trips will be provided to allregistered campers at the Ca