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This is a free sample of Lady Yum issue "January 2016" Download full version from: Apple App Store: Magazine Description: Lady Yum magazine is a lifestyle magazine for women, lesbians and transwomen who are real adults with real lives. Articles are for entertainment, enjoyment and education. You can build your own iPad and Android app at

Transcript of Lady Yum - January 2016

  • January 2016 Volume 2

    Issue #1

    Visualize Your New Years Resolutions

    Our Modern Family Bunch

    Aftermath of Gay Marriage

    First Contact: Close Encounters Of The Shy Kind

  • Happy 2016 and welcome to the future! Or, more properly, the future is now!

    So, here we are as we start a new year. What do you wish for this year? And what are you going to do to make your dreams reality? A lot of people find that visualizing their lives with the applied changes helps create a personal environment for themselves that makes the dreams materialize for themselves. In this months Change Your Life col-umn, Visualize Your New Years Resolutions, we cover this concept. And I hope your dreams come try for you this year!

    Lady Yum has chosen to change with the times and is unveiling a brand new masthead concept. Personally, I really like it because it makes our page design pop even better than the previous model and Im hoping you all will like it better as well.

    2015 was a momentous year for many in the LGBT community. Marriage equality became the law of the land. For many states, this has only been the law for a year or less. Jane Doe Liberal, a close friend of mine, lives in Washington State, which proud-ly became the ninth state in the Union to offer marriage equality in December 2012, after our voters ratified it. In the three years since, shes seen a big attitude change in the LGBT community towards marriage as a result, which she discusses in The United States Of Gay Marriage.

    Im one of those who became legally married as a result of that as well. Marriage equality is only a part of the whole picture of married life. There is a whole family that comes with it as well and I wrote about my experiences with blending established families in Our Modern Family Bunch. In my experience, its a little like The Brady Bunch and a little like Modern Family. For those of you wondering, Im Cam and my wife is Mitchell.

    I have to admit that as I wrote the piece about the technology in the original Star Trek, it was a bit triply to be discussing how dated the technology is in a show about the future, which is now long in our shared past, but for an issue in a year which hasnt happened yet. Yes, I know that sounds a bit confusing, but think about it: I was writ-ing the article in 2015, for publication in 2016 about a show which takes place three centuries from now, but was on television 50 years ago.

    I hope you check out this months Herstory profile, Lady Bird Johnson, a fascinating woman whom many have forgotten much about already, even though she was First Lady only 50 years ago.

    I hope 2016 brings much joy and happiness to you!

  • January 2016Volume 2, Issue

    In This Issue:

    Feature Articles 7 Herstory Profile of the Month: Lady Bird Johnson21 Once Upon A Time: Goddess Jana24 First Contact: Close Encounters Of The Shy Kind 32 My Two Cents: Aftermath of Gay Marriage Equality38 Our Modern Family Bunch45 Change Your Life: Visualize Your New Years Resolutions48 Life On The Gritty Streets: Being A Pofessional Driver50 Poetry Corner: Love For A Night

    In Every Issue:2 Letter From The Editor4 Lesbian Life Video : The Six Lesbians Youll Date Before You Die5 Herstory 31 Vintage Video : Debbie Reynolds If I Had A Hammer51 Obligatory Cat Video: Ultimate Dogs vs Cats Compilation 52 The Way To A Woman's Heart: Amish Cinnamon Bread 53 The View From The Couch: Our Future Is Better Than Star Treks 59 The View From The Couch EXTRA: 2015s Best Movies63 The Lido Deck69 How To Become Featured Lady Yum Artist70 About The Publishers/Writers72 Bookshelf

  • Lesbian Life

    The Six Lesbians Youll Date Before You Die

    Weve all been there and weve all made these mistakes. My wife says I shouldnt sterotype, but then again, shes the

    one that found this video in the first place...

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  • Samantha Starr


    Her story.

    Now before you start rolling your eyes and begin thinking weve segwayed into a college Womyns Studies class here, I want to make it really clear thats not what this section is about at all. This section is simply to talk about powerful, interesting women that simply dont get talked about much. Or, time, and more properly history has lied about what they really were like.

    Thats part of the problem about history. When you break the word up to its two parts, his story, the problem becomes clear. History for the most part has become the story about what the guys have done through the ages and the girls get left on the sidelines. Most, unless they were truly incredible and extraordinary, most of them get eventually erased by later generations and even then, most get eventually forgot-ten and pushed aside by the boys. Think about it like foot-ball players vs cheerleaders. The football game is about what the guys are doing on the field. Sure, the girls were there too, but nobody remembers them or anything they did on the sidelines.

    And that is the problem in a nutshell. How many women can you name off the top of your head that are major figures in history? Now, how many men can you name? So many womens contributions have been usurped by men or com-pletely forgotten as the fact that women had anything to do with them.

    Personally, I love history. I am a history geek, and proud of it. If you can get beyond the quantitative crap you had to learn to demonstrate on your tests in high school, history is really interesting. The problem in the way it is taught is that the only way most people can figure out if you learned the material was to ask you the dates that things occurred on.