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FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATIONS. L.A.D. Launch Event. Team Building Skills Enhancement L.A.D. Awareness & Understanding. Role Playing : Training as Cultural Change Communications. TOWN HALLS. Voices Heard Efforts Recognized. SCRUM Team Lunch-With-My-Manager(s). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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L.A.D. Launch Event

FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATIONSTOWN HALLSSCRUM Team Lunch-With-My-Manager(s) Voices Heard Efforts Recognized

Role Playing: Training as Cultural Change Communications Team Building Skills EnhancementL.A.D. Awareness & Understanding

#HCA Information Technology & Services - Copyright 2010

Hi-Touch staff testimonials addressing: a) first doubts about using L.A.D. , specifically mentioning Waterfall vs. L.A.D., b) how they plan to or did overcome barriers. B-roll voiceover addresses concerns, delivers key messages

The L.A.D. Channel(Hi-Touch Video)Brand all video content as The L.A.D. Channel programming. The channel will be housed on the LCoE Team Room sight. Home page (as Sharepoint functionality and design resources permit) mirrors HBO or Cinemax type site. Program segments target Hi-Touch audiences and be 3-5 minutes in length. Launch programming will revolve around two programs.In 60 Minutes style, reporter walks viewer through the L.A.D. process using Job Role profiles, eventually featuring staff who comment on tasks, challenges , and the SCRUM .

Journey Into the UnknownWorking It: My L.A.D. Role#HCA Information Technology & Services - Copyright 2010

Role Playing: Training as Cultural Change CommunicationsRecruit early L.A.D. adopters, who are likely to be more outgoing, to perform in video and live L.A.D. role playing exercises. Invite volunteer trainees to participate much like Improv Theatre. #HCA Information Technology & Services - Copyright 2010Hi-Touch Communications PromotionsPromotions #1: (1 x per week)

Personalized, role specific informational e-mails

Promotions #2: (2 x per month)

L.A.D. Radio and The L.A.D. Channel programming promos recorded by Senior Management

Promotions #3: (1 x per month)

Gift Give-Away Tables set up in high traffic areas where IT&S staff can stop by, get a gift and learn about whats new on L.A.D. Radio, The L.A.D. Channel, Recent Success story one-sheeters and sign-up to be cast in a radio or t.v. episode. Just being visible and seen as proactive supports:Lean is here to stayWe want your participationWe want you to be informed

#HCA Information Technology & Services - Copyright 2010