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LACRIMAL GLAND , TEAR FILM, AND DRY EYE SYNDROMES 2 Basic Science and Clinical Relevance
David A. Sullivan Darlene A. Dartt
Michele A. Meneray
438 .
1 J. Daniel Nelso n
Lacrimal Gland : Cellular and Molecular Biology
2. Influence of Gender, Sex Steroid Hormones, and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis on the Structure and Function of the Lacrimal Gland 1 1
David A. Sullivan, L. Alexandra Wickham, Eduardo M . Rocha , Robin S . Kelleher, Lilia Aikawa da Silveira, and Ikuko Toda
3 . Androgen-Regulated Transcription in the Epithelium of the Rat Lacrimal Gland
4 3 F. Claessens, H . Vanaken, I . Vercaeren, G . Verrijdt, A. Haelens ,
E. Schoenmakers, P. Alen, A. Devos, B . Peeters, G. Verhoeven , W. Rombauts, and W. Heyns
4. Gene Cloning of BM 180, a Lacrimal Gland Enriched Basement Membran e Protein with a Role in Stimulated Secretion 49
Anil C . Asrani, Angela J . Lumsden, Rajesh Kumar, and Gordon W. Laurie
5 . Sensory Denervation Leads to Deregulated Protein Synthesis in the Lacrima l Gland 55
Doan H . Nguyen, Roger W. Beuerman, Michele A. Meneray, and Dmitri Maitchouk
6. Acinar Cell Basal-Lateral Membrane-Endomembrane Traffic May Mediat e Interactions with Both T Cells and B Cells 63
Austin K . Mircheff, Tao Yang, Jian Zhang, Hongtao Zeng, J . Peter Gierow, Dwight W. Warren, and Richard L . Wood
7. Tissue Expression of Tear Lipocalin in Humans
69 Catherine Ressot, Herve Lassagne, Jean-Louis Kemeny, and
Anne-Marie Francoise Gachon
33 . Soluble Mucin and the Physical Properties of Tears
22 9 John M. Tiffany, Jyotin C . Pandit, and Anthony J . Bro n
34 . Characterization and Origin of Major High-Molecular-Weight Tear Sialoglycoproteins 23 5
Robert A . Sack, Bruce Bogart, Sonal Sathe, Ann Beaton, and George Lew
35. Detection and Quantification of Conjunctival Mucins
239 James E . Jumblatt and Marcia M. Jumblatt
36 . Mucous Contribution to Rat Tear-Film Thickness Measured with a Microelectrode Technique 24 7
Philip Anderton and Sophia Tragoulia s
37 . Structural Analysis of Secreted Ocular Mucins in Canine Dry Eye
253 Stephen D . Carrington, Sally J . Hicks, Anthony P. Corfield ,
Renee L . Kaswan, Nicki Packer, Shirley Bolis , and Carol A. Morri s
38 . Corneal Epithelial Tight Junctions and the Localization of Surface Mucin
265 Henry F. Edelhauser, David E . Rudnick, and Ramzy G . Azar
39. Breakup and Dewetting of the Comeal Mucus Layer : An Update
273 Ashutosh Sharma
Meibomian Gland and Tear Film Lipids: Structure, Function, and Contro l
40. The Meibomian Glands and Tear Film Lipids : Structure, Function, and Control 28 1
Anthony J. Bron and John M. Tiffan y
41 . Tear Film Interferometry as a Diagnostic Tool for Evaluating Normal an d Dry-Eye Tear Film 297
Marshall G. Doane and M . Estella Lee
42. Human and Rabbit Lipid Layer and Interference Pattern Observations
305 Donald R . Korb, Jack V. Greiner, Thomas Glonek, Amy Whalen ,
Stacey L. Hearn, Jan E . Esway, and Charles D . Leahy
43 . Abnormal Lipid Layers : Observation, Differential Diagnosis, and Classification
309 Jean-Pierre Guillon
44. Association of Tear Lipid Layer Interference Patterns with Superficial Punctat e Keratopathy 31 5
Aoi Komuro, Norihiko Yokoi, Yoko Takehisa, and Shigeru Kinoshit a
45 . Meibomian Secretions in Chronic Blepharitis
31 9 James P. McCulley and Ward E . Shine
46. Androgen Regulation of the Meibomian Gland
32 7 David A. Sullivan, Eduardo M . Rocha, M . David Ullman ,
Kathleen L. Krenzer, Jianping Gao, Ikuko Toda , M. Reza Dana, Dorothy Bazzinotti, Lilia Aikawa da Silveira, and L. Alexandra Wickham
47. Delivery of Meibomian Oil Using the Clinical Meibometer®
33 3 John M. Tiffany, Anthony J. Bron, Federico Mossa, and Shabtay Dikstein
48 . Volume of the Human and Rabbit Meibomian Gland System
339 Jack V. Greiner, Thomas Glonek, Donald R . Korb, Amy C . Whalen ,
Eric Hebert, Stacey L . Hearn, Jan E. Esway, and Charles D . Leahy
49 . Effect of Meibomian Gland Occlusion on Tear Film Lipid Layer Thickness . . . . 345 Jack V. Greiner, Thomas Glonek, Donald R . Korb, Stacey L . Hearn ,
Amy C . Whalen, Jan E . Esway, and Charles D . Leahy
Tear Film Stability, Evaporation, and Biophysic s
50 . Meibomian Gland Lipids, Evaporation, and Tear Film Stability
34 9 William D. Mathers and James A . Lane
51 . Surface-Chemical Pathways of the Tear Film Breakup : Does Corneal Mucu s Have a Role? 36 1
Ashutosh Sharma
52. The Biophysical Role in Tear Regulation
37 1 Alan Tomlinson, Jennifer P. Craig, and Gerald E . Lowther
53 . Longitudinal Analysis of Precorneal Tear Film Rupture Patterns
38 1 Etty Bitton and John V. Lovasi k
54. The Role of Tear Proteins in Tear Film Stability in the Dry Eye Patient and i n the Rabbit 39 1
Ronald D. Schoenwald, Sangeeta Vidvauns, Dale Eric Wurster, and Charles F. Barfknecht
55 . Relationship between Pre-Ocular Tear Film Structure and Stability
40 1 Michel Guillon, Cecile Maissa, and Elaine Style s
56 . Association of Precorneal and Preconjunctival Tear Film
407 Yoko Takehisa, Norihiko Yokoi, Aoi Komuro, and Shigeru Kinoshit a
57 . Age and Gender Effects on the Normal Tear Film
41 1 Jennifer P. Craig and Alan Tomlinson
58 . The Kinetics of Lid Motion and Its Effects on the Tear Film
59 . Hydrodynamics of Meniscus-Induced Thinning of the Tear Film
Ashutosh Sharma, Sanjay Tiwari, Rajesh Khanna, and John M. Tiffany
60. Computer-Assisted Calculation of Exposed Area of the Human Eye
433 John M. Tiffany, Bryan S . Todd, and Mark R. Baker
Cytokines, Growth Factors, Proto-Oncogenes, and Apoptosis
61 . Cytokines: An Overview
44 1 James T. Rosenbaum, Beatriz Brito, Young Boc Han, Jongmoon Park, and
Stephen R. Planck
62 . Gender- and Androgen-Related Impact on the Expression of Proto-Oncogene s and Apoptotic Factors in Lacrimal and Salivary Glands of Mouse Model s of Sjögren's Syndrome 447
Ikuko Toda, L. Alexandra Wickham, Eduardo M . Rocha , Lilia Aikawa da Silveira, and David A . Sullivan
63 . Apoptosis in the Lacrimal Gland and Conjunctiva of Dry Eye Dogs
453 Jianping Gao, Tammy A. Gelber-Schwalb, John V. Addeo, and
Michael E . Stern
64. Cytokines and Tear Function in Ocular Surface Disease
46 1 Keith Barton, Alexandra Nava, Dagoberto C . Monroy, an d
Stephen C . Pflugfelder
47 1 Kazumi Fukagawa, Kazuo Tsubota, Shigeto Simmura, Hirohisa Saito ,
Hiroshi Tachimoto, Akira Akasawa, and Yoshihisa Oguch i
66 . Molecular Basis and Role of Differential Cytokine Production in T Helper Cel l Subsets in Immunologic Disease 479
Andrea Keane-Myers, Vincenzo Casolaro, and Santa Jeremy On o
67. Presence and Testosterone Influence on the Levels of Anti- an d Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines in Lacrimal Tissues of a Mouse Model o f Sjögren'sSyndrome 48 5
Eduardo M . Rocha, L. Alexandra Wickham, Zhiyan Huang, Ikuko Toda , Jianping Gao, Lilia Aikawa da Silveira, and David A . Sullivan
68. Infiltrating Lymphocyte Populations and Cytokine Production in the Salivar y and Lacrimal Glands ofAutoimmune NOD Mice 493
Christopher P. Robinson, Janet Cornelius, Denise I. Bounous , Hideo Yamamoto, Michael G . Humphreys-Beher, and Ammon B . Peck
69. Do Cytokines Have a Role in the Regulation of Lacrimal Gland Acinar Cell Io n Transport and Protein Secretion? 499
R. William Lambert
70 . The Rat Exorbital Lacrimal Gland as a Site of Synthesis of EGF-like Growth Factors 505
Herve Marechal, Helene Jammes, Bernard Rossignol, and Philippe Mauduit
71 . The Distribution of FGF-2 and TGF-ß within the Lacrimal Gland of Rabbits . . . 51 1 Joel Schechter, Dwight W. Warren, and Richard L . Wood
72 . Tear Fluid Changes after Photorefractive Keratectomy
51 5 Minna Vesaluoma and Timo Terv o
73 . Time Course of Apoptosis in Lacrimal Gland after Rabbit Ovariectomy
52 3 Ana Maria Azzarolo, Richard L . Wood, Austin K. Mircheff, Eric Olsen ,
Zuo Ming Huang, Ramin Zolfagari, and Dwight W. Warren
74. Co-Expression of BCL-2 and CD44S in Basal Layers of Human Ocular Surfac e Epithelia 527
Andrew J. W. Huang, Cheng-Hui Li, You-Wei Chen, and Lilly Y. W. Bourguignon
75 . Alterations of Ocular Surface Gene Expression in Sjögren's Syndrome
53 3 David T. Jones, Dagoberto Monroy, Zhongua Ji, and Stephen C . Pflugfelder
76 . Growth Factor Interaction with Contact Lenses : Evidence for and Possible Effects of Storage of Basic FGF in Contact Lenses : Preliminary Results . . 53 7
G.-B. van Setten and N. Zengin
Inflammation and Immunity
77 . Neural, Endocrine, and Immune System Interactions : Relevance for Health and Disease 54 1
Jan A. Moynihan, Barbara Kruszewska, Gary J . Brenner, and Nicholas Cohen
78 . Inductive Sites for Rat Tear IgA Antibody Responses
55 1 Deanne M. Ridley Lathers, Randall F. Gill, Nancy L. O'Sullivan, and
Paul C . Montgomery
79. Anatomy of Mammalian Conjunctival Lymphoepithelium
55 7 James Chodosh, Robert E . Nordquist, and Ronald C . Kennedy
80. Binding of a Cytopathic or an Invasive Strain of P. aeruginosa to Cytoskeletal, Basement Membrane, or Matrix Proteins of Wounded Cornea Is Similar and Does Not Rely on Interaction with Actin Filaments 567
Linda D. Hazlett and Sharon Masinick
81 . Secretory IgA Responses on the Human Ocular Surface
57 5 Aize Kijlstra
82 . A Method to Study Induction of Autoimmunity in Vitro : Co-Culture of Lacrimal Cells and Autologous Immune System Cells 58 3
Harvey R . Kaslow, Zhijun Guo, Dwight W. Warren, Richard L . Wood, and Austin K. Mircheff
83. Rat Lacrimal Glands Contain Activated and Resting Mature T Cells, Recen t
Thymic Emigrants, and Possibly Extrathymic Populations 59 1
Nancy L. O'Sullivan, Cheryl A . Skandera, and Paul C. Montgomery
84 . Immunohistochemical Examination of Lacrimal Gland Tissue from Patient s with Ocular Sarcoidosis 599
Janine A. Smith, Chi-Chao Chan, Charles E . Egwuagu, and Scott M. Whitcup
85 . Immunoglobulin Levels in the Tears of Patients with Corneal Grafts an d Transplant Rejection 603
Andras Berta and Zsolt Lampe
Tear Film Components and Influence on the Ocular Surfac e
86. Tear Fluid Influence on the Ocular Surface
61 1 Stephen C . Pflugfelder
87 . Effects of Lacrimal Gland Removal on Squirrel Monkey Cornea
619 Dmitri Y. Maitchouk, Roger W. Beuerman, Ray J . Yarnell, and
Lia Pedroza-Schmid t
88 . Lacrimal Gland Growth Factors and Receptors : Lacrimal Fibroblastic Cells Are a Source of Tear HGF 625
S . E . Wilson, Q . Li, R. R. Mohan, T. Tervo, M . Vesaluoma, G. L. Bennett , R. Schwall, K. Tabor, J . Kim, S . Hargrave, and K. H. Cueva s
89 . Clusterin May Be Essential for Maintaining Ocular Surface Epithelium as a Non-Keratinizing Epithelium 629
Kohji Nishida, Satoshi Kawasaki, and Shigeru Kinoshit a
90 . Effects of Chronic Hypertonic Stress on Regulatory Volume Increase and Na-K-2C1 Cotransporter Expression in Cultured Corneal Epithelial Cells
637 Victor N. Bildin, Hua Yang, Jorge Fischbarg, and Peter S . Reinach
91 . A Unified Theory of the Role of the Ocular Surface in Dry Eye
643 Michael E . Stem, Roger W. Beuerman, Robert I . Fox, Jianping Gao,
Austin K . Mircheff, and Stephen C . Pflugfelder
92 . Human Tear Film Components Bind Pseudomonas aeruginosa
653 Nancy A. McNamara and Suzanne M. J . Fleiszig
93 . Small-Volume Analysis of Rabbit Tears and Effects of a Corneal Wound on Tear Protein Spectra 659
Ray J. Vamell, Dmitri Y. Maitchouk, Roger W. Beuerman, James E . Carlton , and Anthony Haag
94. 3 1 -27 kDa Caseinolytic Protease in Human Tears
665 Miki Sakata, Ann R. Beaton, Sonal Sathe, and Robert A . Sack
95 . Tear Protein Levels following Punctal Plugging
669 E. Ian Pearce, Alan Tomlinson, Jennifer P. Craig, and Gerald E . Lowther
96 . Characterization of Cells Shed from the Ocular Surface in Normal Eyes
675 Carolyn G . Begley, Jie Zhou, and Graeme Wilson
97. Healing Effect of Sodium-Sucrose-Octasulfate and EGF on Epithelial Cornea l Abrasions in Rabbits 68 3
Sven Johansen, Steffen Heegaard, Kirsten Bjerrum, and Jan Ulrik Prause
98 . A Novel Approach to Resolve Cellular Volume Responses to an Anisotonic Challenge 687
Pavel Iserovich, Peter S . Reinach, Hua Yang, and Jorge Fischbarg
Artificial Tears and Contact Lenses : Impact on the Tear Film and Ocular Surfac e
99. Classification of Artificial Tears : I : Composition and Properties
69 3 J . Murube, A. Paterson, and E . Murube
100. Classification of Artificial Tears : II : Additives and Commercial Formulas
70 5 J . Murube, A. Murube, and Chen Zhu o
101 . The Ocular Surface, the Tear Film, and the Wettability of Contact Lenses
71 7 Carol A . Morris, Brien A. Holden, Eric Papas, Hans J . Griesser,
Shirley Bolis, Philip Anderton, and Fiona Carne y
102 . Conjunctival Permeability and Ultrastructure : Effects of Benzalkonium Chlorid e and Artificial Tears 723
John L. Ubels, Eric M. Woo, William J . Watts, Lisa K . Smith, Uko Zylstra , Jonnell Beaird, and Mitchell D . McCartney
103 . Preservative Effect on Epithelial Barrier Function Measured with a Novel Technique 73 1
Jerry R . Paugh, Alan Sasai, and Abhay Josh i
104 . Video Biomicroscopy of the Tear Film
73 7 P. Noel Dilly, Michel Guillon, and Lucia McGrogan
105. Patient-Dependent and Material-Dependent Factors in Contact Lens Deposition Processes 74 5
Brian J . Tighe, Lyndon Jones, Kathryn Evans, and Valerie Frankli n
106. Effectiveness of Bion Tears, Cellufresh, Aquasite, and Refresh Plus fo r
Moderate to Severe Dry Eye 753
Peter C . Donshik, J . Daniel Nelson, Mark Abelson, James P. McCulley, Cliff Beasley, and Robert A . Laibovitz
107. Ocular Residence Time of Carboxymethylcellulose Solutions
76 1
Jerry R. Paugh, Ronald C. Chatelier, and Joseph W. Huff
108. Vitronectin Adsorption in Contact Lens Surfaces during Wear : Locus and
Significance 769
Brian J . Tighe, Valerie Franklin, Christopher Graham, Aisling Mann, and
Michel Guillon
109 . Effect of Tears and Tear Residues on Worn Etafilcon and Polymacon Disposable
Contact Lenses on the Adhesion of Pseudomonas aeruginosa 77 5
Miguel F. Refojo, Fee-Lai Leong, and Marta Portole s
110 . Hyaluronan in Dry Eye and Contact Lens Wearers
Monica Berry, William K . Pastis, Roger B . Effingham, Louise Frost ,
Anthony P. Corfield, and David L. Easty
Classification, Diagnosis, Clinical Features, and Epidemiology of Dry Eye Syndromes
111 . Epidemiology and Classification of Dry Eye
79 1
Michael Doughty, and Keith Gordo n
113 . Sensitivity and Specificity of a Screening Questionnaire for Dry Eye
Neal L . Oden, David E . Lilienfeld, Michael A. Lemp, J . Daniel Nelson, and Fred Ederer
114 . Use of a Questionnaire for the Diagnosis of Tear Film-Related Ocular Surfac e Disease 82 1
Maurizio Rolando, Angelo Macri, Trillo Carlandrea, and Giovanni Calabri a
115 . Importance of Conjunctival Epithelial Evaluation in the Diagnosti c Differentiation of Dry Eye from Drug-Induced Epithelial Keratopathy . . . 827
Norihiko Yokoi and Shigeru Kinoshita
116 . The Size of Corneal Epithelial Cells Collected by Contact Lens Cytology from Dry Eyes 83 1
Graeme Wilson and John Lauren t
117 . Optimum Dry Eye Classification Using Questionnaire Responses
83 5 Charles McMonnies, Arthur Ho, and Denis Wakefield
118 . Diagnostic Value of Tear Film Abnormalities in a New Syndrome Affecting the Neuroendocrine and Immune Systems 839
Janos Feher
119 . Low-Tech Detection of Tear Film-Related Diseases of the Ocular Surface
84 5 Maurizio Rolando, Salvatore Alongi, Angelo Macri, Marco Schenone, an d
Giovanni Calabri a
120 . Using LIPCOF (Lid-Parallel Conjunctival Fold) for Assessing the Degree o f Dry Eye, It Is Essential to Observe the Exact Position of That Specifi c Fold 85 3
Frank Schirra, Helmut Höh, Christina Kienecker, and Klaus W. Ruprecht
121 . Use of the Tearscope Plus and Attachments in the Routine Examination of the Marginal Dry Eye Contact Lens Patient 859
Jean-Pierre Guillo n
122 . Evaluation of Schirmer Tests by Two Types of Tear Clearance Tests
869 Masafumi Ono, Yukiko Yagi, Eiki Goto, Hao-Yung Yang, and Kazuo Tsubota
123 . Fluorescein Dye Concentration as a Factor in Tear Film Fluorescence
87 5 Victor M. Finnemore, Donald R. Korb, Jack V. Greiner, Thomas Glonek, an d
John P. Herman
124. A New Method for Measuring Human Basic Tear Fluid Osmolality
87 9 Pierre L . Emond and Christopher J. Corbett
125 . Micropachometric Quantification of Tear Assessment Tests
88 3 Hans W. Roth and Rolf Marquardt
126 . Use of Corneal Thickness Changes to Compare the Efficacy of Conventional Eye Drops with Supracutaneous Treatment of Dry Eye 887
Hans W. Roth
127 . Sjögren 's Syndrome : Pathogenesis and New Approaches to Therapy
89 1 Robert I . Fox
128. Reflex Tearing in Dry Eye Not Associated with Sjögren's Syndrome
903 Kazuo Tsubota
129. Cytokine mRNA Expression in Labial Salivary Glands and Cytokine Secretion in Parotid Saliva in Sjögren's Syndrome 909
Philip C . Fox, Margaret M. Grisius, Debra K. Bermudez, and Di Sun
130. Age-Related Decrease in Innervation Density of the Lacrimal Gland in Mouse Models of Sjögren's Syndrome 91 7
Benjamin Walcott, Nidia Claros, Alp Patel, and Peter R. Brink
131 . Aberrant Expression and Potential Function for Parotid Secretory Protein (PSP) in the NOD (Non-Obese Diabetic) Mouse 92 5
Christopher P. Robinson, Denise I. Bounous, Connie E. Alford, Ammon B . Peck, and Michael G . Humphreys-Beher
132. Survey of Canine Tear Deficiency in Veterinary Practice
93 1
Renee Kaswan, Christopher Pappas, Jr., Keith Wall, and Susan G. Hirsh
133. Lacrimation and Salivation Are Not Related to Lymphocytic Infiltration in Lacrimal and Salivary Glands in MRL lpr/lpr Mice 94 1
Hiromi Fujita, Tsutomu Fujihara, Tsutomu Takeuchi, Ichiro Saito, an d Kazuo Tsubota
134 . The Sjögren Syndrome and Tear Function Profile
Management and Therapy of Dry Eye Syndrome s
135. Cytokines May Prove Useful in the Treatment of Sjögrens Syndrome (SS) Dry
Eye 953 Norman Talal, Tom Nakabayashi, John J. Letterio, Liping Kong ,
Andrew G . Geiser, and Howard Dang
136. The Now and Future Therapy of the Non-Sjögren's Dry Eye
Gary N . Foulk s
137. Dry Eye Treatment with Eye Drops that Stimulate Mucin Production
965 Takashi Hamano
138. A Dose-Ranging Clinical Trial to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion in Patients with Keratoconjunctiviti s Sicca 969
Joseph Tauber, for the Cyclosporine Study Group
139. Oral Pilocarpine for Symptomatic Relief of Dry Mouth and Dry Eyes in Patient s with Sjögrens Syndrome 973
A. S . Papas, M . M. Fernandez, R . A. Castano, S . C. Gallagher, M. Trivedi , and R. C. Shrotriy a
140. Oral Pilocarpine for Symptomatic Relief of Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca in Patients with Sjögren's Syndrome 979
J . D . Nelson, M . Friedlaender, R. P. Yeatts, R. Yee, M. McDermott, S . Orlin , S . C. Gallagher, R. C. Shrotriya, and the MGI PHARMA Sjögren' s Syndrome Study Group
141 . Supracutaneous Treatment of Dry Eye Patients with Calcium Carbonate
98 5 Donald L . MacKeen, Hans Walter Roth, Marshall G. Doane, and
Patricia D . MacKeen
142. Preclinical Safety Studies ofCyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion
99 1 O. Angelov, A . Wiese, Y. Yuan, J. Andersen, A . Acheampong, and B . Brar
143 . Conjunctival Impression Cytology from Dogs with Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca: Pre- and Post-Treatment with Topical Cyclosporine 997
Denise I . Bounous, Kathleen L . Krenzer, Renee L . Kaswan, and Susan G. Hirsh
144 . Cyclosporine Distribution into the…